Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sunrise, Sunset, and Life Forever…

When it's pouring outside and i look at that misty glass, trying to figure out what lies beyond, i often go to that Zen moment, where nothing matters and still everything matters.

I stare at the open space, i stare at the sky and then i stare at the computer screen with my finger automatically clicking to open facebook.

I see an update from one of those happy teenagers with "Friends Forever" and i wonder when did i stopped uploading them, why doesn't it feel relevant anymore, why does it feel funny at times now?

May be as i grew up to know we are still friends and we know it is not because we promised to remain "Friends Forever"!

We have one life and it can be as simple as a line drawn on the black board and still it ends up feeling complicated like a painting by toddler, you think it means something but when asked he will only surprise you with what it is supposed to mean!

You think you are in peace with yourself, with your life but often you think that way is not enough for that to last.

One life... and still why should it take us so long to figure it out, to figure ourselves, and sometimes even that does not happen..

And yes relationships.... that make life so interesting.

They make you feel loved, they make you feel drowned, they make you feel useless, they make you feel hated, they make you feel pampered and they can even make you feel like living forever or may be never!

Why do we loose friends?

Why do we fall in love?

Why do we fight with the ones we love?

Why do people break our hearts?

Why relations which don’t matter makes us cry?

Why do we have to pretend at times?

Why do we feel the need to run away some times?

Why do some plans never see the sunlight?

And why do the unplanned take the flight?

May be that's what the LIFE is all about.

Sometimes i am so clueless, and sometimes i know exactly what i want. Sometimes i am so powerless, and sometimes i just go and get what i want.

Sometimes i can see life from outside, just like i am watching a movie. So detached and still attached.

Sometimes i feel i should just live and not think too much... but then would i be machine and not human?

So then i just walk, walk, walk... let the breeze hit my face, listen to my favorite songs, I can't think of anything, and still it feels good living that moment, setting my heart free, not caring what others may feel when they look at you and I can actually feel my heart beating....

May be it's a part and parcel of being a human to be over analytical, or may be it's just a girl thing. Or may be it's just me thing !

Sometimes i think may be i can just turn to Sweets, chocolates..... And may be that was the right answer to all the questions.

And then i feel what ever be the reason for this spring in the summer.... we should just go with the flow... enjoy the rain, enjoy the few sun rays here & there and look at the beautiful changing sky ... one moment flooded with warm sun rays, next race of clouds and magical dance of colors when sun makes love with the clouds!

Life is beautiful.

And Life is complex.

But Life must go one, and it goes on.


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