Thursday, February 28, 2013

Fine Nine.

We are past middle of the working week and i can see weekend already! Cannot wait, as we will be celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary this weekend. No big plans, nothing special, just some lovely family time.

We had my sister and her husband visiting us this past weekend, so home felt more like home with the buzz. Lil Bun had a good time with all the pampering and attention. I was keen to see whether he remembers her aunt from his India visit and how he reacts. He is a champ, didn't react any different or strange. He acted as if he knew her well and didn't feel stranger to her at all. However he tried all the tactics to gain his uncle's attention (as he saw and met him for the first time), from staring to smiling to shouting. And he even tried to get hold of his nose...huh huh!

While they were here we visited CentrO mall in Oberhausen, Germany together. It is advertised as the biggest mall of Europe but we didn't feel it upto the hype. And there is no way it can be the biggest. But what do i know.
I felt we have better malls in The Netherlands... aah and don't get me started on shopping malls in France! We normally like food in Germany, but food we got there in food court was pathetic, not many vegetarian options and what we got we couldn't even get started on it so forget finishing it !

Anyway now that we are done with disappointed part, i liked free parking, and enough of them. Ohh and i liked Gilly Hicks store. Very warm, cosy and summer feeling! Absolutely delight. Loved it.

Ok let me just google a picture for you... so here you go. Now you see what summer feeling was i talking about? It was fun to walk in all the rooms, and not to forget payment counter look and feel. 

Gilly Hicks at CentrO, Germany
Ohh and did i mention our lil Bun turned 9 months this weekend? So 3 quarters gone! It was a special week as we celebrated 9 years of knowing each other and being together and 9 months of having our lil Bun in our hands.
I baked a special pizza to celebrate it. Why pizza? Well because it has a special place in our hearts! ;-) Some good old memories!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Mumbling me.

There are some days when you just look outside window, see some long lying dried yellow-brown leaves flying in a gust of wind and your mind just goes up, up and up.

You wonder what you are doing with your life, what you really want to do with your life. You sip some warm green tea from your mug and see the rays of sun severing through tree branches.
A dog walking on a street and a person trying to make up to him chained with the dog.
Birds are chirping, playing, flying.
And you sit there with that pen in your hand.
Don't know how long it had been.
You don't need to know.

Mystery Land

Sometimes it is not a topic you want to write about, it is just a strong feeling from within that you want to write, you want to matter what.
And whenever i write, I am not trying to write something amazing or something different, i am just trying to freeze this moment, so that i can re-live it here in my words whenever i wish.

It is annoying when people try to judge you from what you write and sometimes all they do is sneaking trying to keep count of your life, but same time trying not to acknowledge it.
Then one day there comes a remark, ohhh ya THAT, right?  Read on your blog. But you never leave your foot-print or thoughts for me to ponder upon!

They come, they read, they ponder upon it and leave.
And sometimes you hear on your back, Ohh what's so great about her writing!
Anyone can write such things.

I know.
I agree.
I am what i feel.
I am what i write.
I write what i feel.

I might not be an excellent writer but i want to remember how these wonderful moments of my life made me feel. So there.

Anyway on a side note, on this side of planet, it is a nice pleasant day today. Days are getting longer, today was a bright sunny morning, still cold but good day.

We visited one of our friends this weekend, and they have a daughter almost same age as lil Bun. It is really interesting to see how they try to interact. It is also amazing that gender specific behaviors and interests they display from such an early age. A way before they might know difference of  girl and boy.
These babies are so cute, at times behaves like little devils and yet cute!

On person front, I have been going through mixed emotions lately, mainly my hormones i guess.
When i see lil Bun i feel extremely happy, when i put him to bed and bid a good night, i feel my heart crying. I do not know why!
May be 'coz i already miss him!
Or may be i just feel sad that i have to stay away from him for so much of time! But that is life.

So tell me about you, how have you been?

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Special Valentines' Day to all !

This valentines' day is special and perfect. Of course it has to be as i have two valentines this time.
Celebrations might not be the same as it used to be, but i have never felt so loved ever before in my life.

Our lil Bun has been daddy's boy from the start. At the hint of his papa's voice he jumps and now suddenly he is giving me all the attentions of the world! Could i be happier! (May be he knows that it's valentine week, so thinks let me make mummy happy ?;-) )
It is amazing to see how he understands and knows when we are at home and runs towards us blabbering something which can be easily translated in "Ohh, here you are, didn't you know how much i missed you !!

I love the way he looks at me when i enter the home tired from work, he stops anything he has been busy doing and starts rushing towards me blabbering in his language. And all i can say is "i missed you too baby !!" He jumps in my hand and i shower him with kisses.

He makes us happy and he teaches us we do not need reasons to be happy, being together so much in love is reasons enough.

People say your world changes with the baby and things will never be the same again. That is true, things will not be same ever again, but would we ever want it to be the same? Never Ever. We will never want THIS to change. 

From what we kept hearing it seemed it is natural that our relationship as a couple will change, and it did but it only did for good, it got stronger and better.

I am proud of being married to him; he loves both of us (me and lil Bun) with all our imperfections and makes sure new addition in our lives doesn't mean things change between us (me and him). 
When having his favorite baguettes with aioli, if there is last piece left then in stead of gulping it he asks me to take it and if i deny then he still insists and leaves me half of it ! 

Whenever we manage to go out for our 'alone' time (don't know how can it be alone with two of us together but cannot think in my current sleepy state how to put it otherwise), he doesn't make fuss about missing ten mins of his favorite Man.Utd. vs Real Madrid game. ( That doesn't mean he didn't run in front of tv even before parking car properly or didn't ask if i could park for him !
If one who can be lacking then it can only be me at times but never him. 
He is never demanding and he won't ever miss adding "and to you too" looking at me, every time he kisses lil Bun mumbling love you babbyyyy. :-)
That's our loving man.


So I feel blessed. And we feel complete. 
That's to us, and to you all a very Happy Valentines' day.

I don't think i will manage baking a cake this time, but here is one that i did on one of those times.

Valentine Cake
Recipe... Here.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Lil Bun's Diary # 2, Being Naughty !

There is no formula or date on how and when these little bunnies become little monkeys.

I had a surprise in store this weekend, a shock that this little man can think ahead and can infer the implications.

Our lil Bun has always been fond of greens, not to eat but to hold, break and play with. When he was a little baby, he will be fascinated with plants and leaves and will try to catch it every time we pass by with him in hand.

Now he runs in his walker and crawls on his legs/ feet, he got more freedom to explore so what else can he ask for!

Yesterday i was in the kitchen and as i needed to do something, i put him in his walker for those few minutes. Then suddenly i notice there is no running around, crashing in furniture sound. Everything went quiet (like in those suspense movies before a big wooooosh).

I called his name and no response. 
I walk out of kitchen looking for him and what do i see, he is hiding in a passage. As I walk further near to him I see he is actually eating a leave from the plant standing there quietly. 

Me: Hey what are you doing here??? 

He looks up at me, a naughty smile appears on his face and next moment he starts running... not towards me but in the opposite direction so that mummy can't catch him!

I was amazed, surprised, puzzled all at the same time! 

How did he know that he can hide and do things we say not to do?

When i approached he inferred that he needs to run away if he wanted to keep eating that leaf in his hand!

And he didn't forget to pass me on that heart-melting sweet naughty smile, after which mummy can only smile and can't be angry on lil Bun!

Ohh boy!

My lil Bun is growing and growing naughtier!

Lil Bun is now 8 and 1/2 months old.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Lil Bun's Diary # 1, Being Smart !

My lil Bun is becoming smarter day by day (which he should as he grows otherwise this mamma will be worried). 
He can crawl now, mimics dadddieee apart from his usual bababa dadadada gaga papapa (but no maa or mama or mamma...sob sob), stands up holding on corners of whatever height he can get hold of and what not. (i know i will find out soon on that what not !

Anyway so now with this active Lil Bun, we finally lowered his bed to be on safer side last week. But before we did it, i let him play, sit, stand in his bed (of course under my supervision) and happy he was! He could hold on his bed, stand and look outside window, how nice! 

We still need to buy those safety gates for stairs though, soon...soon.

Yesterday i entered the home after work and he was playing in the hall. He saw me, smiled and immediately started running crawling towards me. You would have seen his speed and his face full of excitement and smiles. These are the moments that makes me feel loved, blessed and worth all the pains of parenting if there are any. touchwood.

He is growing up so fast, some things he does really surprises me. I was amazed this weekend when skypeing with my parents. He wanted to get hold of laptop so that he can press some keys and can shut it close and then open ( his favorite pass time now a days with doors, windows or anything which can be opened and closed).

I kept moving laptop out of his reach. He would crawl, reach there and extend his hands and just then i will pick it up and put it in other direction for him to crawl back.
After a few times he got tired, sat there, thought something and then showed disinterested in laptop. Then a moment later he targeted something which was lying near laptop. While crawling there not even once he looked at laptop and kept his eyes focused. Then he reaches there, looks up, takes a quick turn, smiles and jumps on laptop (must be thinking gottcha). Aaah smart.

But i am his mom. I knew it better; it was gone from there already. Huh.

Gosh, kids these days are smart!

Lil Bun is now 8 Months, 2 weeks.

Monday, February 4, 2013

A quick hello from a DizzyLand.

After my last post, i wanted to record how the actual flight went. But things haven't been that good lately, me being sick when we flew back and then Lil Bun being sick.

It feels like whole world has been up side down. Our lil Bun, who had been sleeping in his own room and bed from the birth, is not doing that more than half a night. First it was teething, waking him up crying at middle of night, and then it is fever and vomiting.
So with that after a few visits to his room, when our sleepy heads can take it no further, we just bring him with us to make it easy for us to keep a watch on him. 

I know that might not be the way it should be, but frankly i do not care. We co-slept with our parents till the time came when we fancied our own room with the interior the way we want, and we did turn out alright. 
Also i keep feeling i am going to miss these days soon when i can just snuggle him and shower him with kisses at my hearts content. Soon he will be running away saying mom, stop it. And soon he will want to go for night-over at his friends. So let me have him, let me enjoy him right now.

Ohh but that was not i was writing about, ya flight. Well while going, it made me cry, and while coming back i was sick and still we smiled!
So a vast vast vast difference. I had him in my hand for almost 10 hours, My hurting back couldn't take it any more,poor thing was tired than he had ever been before. So we both cried. At airport. I have never seen him crying that much ever before. I am happy it is over.

May be it was inconvenient flying hours and inexperienced we. Our first experience with him on a long flight and yet to learn how to handle him on trips. But we knew better while on the way back after being with him 24*7 for full 5 weeks. Also the flight was in the morning and hence better. He could sleep and was in a better mood. So that gives us enough courage to start getting back to our traveling spree and plan more vacations, only if out pocket allows! 

So let's see, what's in store for us. Something sweet, something breezy, something relaxing, something bright and sunny. Let's see.

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