Monday, November 30, 2009

Some things ...

They say, things change with time.... and also say some things never change!

Which one is true.... I do not know....

Seems like I am getting philosophical here.... unlikely to expect from me, seeing at my posts here until now. But then what do I know, or what does anyone know!

Okay thing is that I have to be at Paris for a few days, no not for vacation but from office for work.

When that was asked to me, I felt really happy, a nice feeling you know.... but that lasted only a few minutes and as soon as it sunk in, I didn't feel that good anymore.

Thing is, I remember last year we were at Paris, it was so much fun, one of the most memorable trips and this time it's not with him!

He just returned from Canada and now I have to go. We hardly stayed together this month. I know we live together but I still miss him!

Is that weird? Or may be some things really never change!

Year 2005, When he had to got Singapore for work, I cried for days and days, not because I was not happy but because it was unbearable to live a single day without him.

I didn't feel like eating, I didn't feel like doing anything. All I did was wake up, go to college, attend classes with absent mind, go to internet cafe on the way back, come home, and try to sleep. I remember one week I didn't eat anything for 4 days at a stretch, not because i wanted to prove something but because i didn't feel like... i didn't feel hungry or may be i didn' t feel anything. All what i could feel was that i missed him, i wanted to be with him. I felt empty and constant pain in my heart.

Then looking at me my friends could make it out what was going on ( nice friends, huh ) and they came with me after college and denied to leave until I have something, and that day I had sugarcane juice after 4 days of having nothing.

When he was back, I had all my trousers hanging on me... I know I know that's bad, and I should never do that, but I was immature that time, now I have grown up ;)

But then once he was back after 35 days, I was all happy and it was a wonderful feeling to feel in

I have got better over time; I learned what to do when he had to travel. I learned to manage time in a wiser way and I also learned that it was time to catch up with lots of things I was not getting time for otherwise.

Now after marriage, and as we moved here things are even better, when he has to go somewhere. I don't cry. I do eat properly and I started feeling things change!

But that was only until he was going and I was staying back... until I had to go. Now when I have to go, I feel same again. I don't feel good. Even though we live together I want to be with him.

May be waiting for someone we love is easier than leaving behind someone we love..... but then what do i know !!

So may be some things never change...

Or May be this will also change ... matter of time may be.... who knows!

P.S. I do eat now.... and this is first day here and i had a full meal reaching here. So don't worry guys that way :)

So may be things do change !

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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Auto – Story….

Back home we always called it car !
And at times to be more sophisticated even "four-wheeler" but now after moving to Europe it is called "Auto" …
Of course we would not try calling it back home else in stead of a "four-wheeler" we would be riding in a "Three- wheeler" !!
Yes, our own "auto-rickshaws"we call them "auto’s" with love and in style! ;o) hehe
On the left - World-wide Auto;
On the right - Our version of Auto - Indian Auto !

So while we are talking about Auto's, there is something on my mind these days... Let me start from starting ! After moving here when we bought car here, we used to live in an apartment and we had underground parking. But then a few months later we moved to our own house where we have a private parking space in front of our house. Just a few days and we saw there was a big long scratch on side of car... :o(

Our hearts cried of course, but what can we do right? So we just wondered about what can be the reason; did we park in a wrong way? But that is not possible considering that we parked in front of our house in our parking area, then what?
Again a few days passed and one of our neighbors saw that scratch on our car and commented "ohhh, you got a scratch on car too. I have got same on my car and I know who do that, there are some mischievous teenagers, they do that."
And we nodded, may be... whatever... we don’t know!!

A few days back we were driving back home, Ashu has been to client site whole day and then suddenly he tells me "Do you know what? Today I was at client's place. His car, ohh sorry auto, has got the same scratch as on our car. He saw it and commented that most of the French cars have it as there are some people here who just hate anything French especially French cars and does that, and he had same brand of car as we have"

Now this made me wondering... Is this possible? First of all can this be true? And if that is at some level, does that stop people buying those automobiles !?!?
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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Cam-Day-Dreaming ...

This is a post that has been in my draft box for a few days now!
So today is a lucky day, finally it is seeing a day light of this beautiful day.... Grrrrrr it is a bit grey, raining and no sun... but whatever, at least it's a new day, at least there is some light.

( A new day, new beginning that is what people say right? OK OK trying to sound optimistic in this dull weather that's it, accepted)

17th Oct, Sunday evening
We had a party today at home, One reason as it is next day of Diwali and our New year and other reason we haven't had any parties after we moved in this house. So double reasons!
We had a good time, socializing, eating, singing... and I was trying to take some pictures also in between all this as well.
Now I am sitting, tired, relaxed all at the same time and going through some of the pictures I took during the day and same time wondering, is this time to buy a new camera? May be time to move ahead of P & S and go for SLR!

Next day evening, 18th Oct, Monday
We are at MediaMarkt, and Ashu is looking for something (he is always looking for something there; I guess he can go there everyday, every evening, it is his favorite stop in whole market!)
He is trying to move me ahead from this particular section containing cameras and I am glued there, this guy sees that, comes to us and asks if we need any help.
Ashu... No we are just looking...
Have you done your home work?
At this point, I jump in-between interrupting conversation...
No, but we are just starting to do that.... ummm hmmm which one is better??
19th Oct, Tuesday
Ashu, I want a new Camera.
I want a new camera, Ashu...
Okay which one...
I don't know :o( But i want one !!!

20th Oct, Wednesday
Ashu, I want a new Camera.
Okay you do some research on which one you want.
I have googled everything about it; I want either Nikon D90 or Canon 50D.
Okay, how much it costs?

21st Oct, Thursday
Confusion phase
Whether to spend that much on camera? We are not going to use half of its functions and it will be our first SLR so why not to go for lower configuration?
But then we are not going to buy our next camera very soon, why not to invest in a medium range that will last for few years!

I discuss my confusion even with G at work. (Obviously as that was all, i was able to think about !)

22nd Oct, Friday
All what I can think about is Camera.
Ashu, can we go to MediaMarkt in evening? (As I know, he never says no for that, how smart I am!! hehe)
Ya okay....
One more round to MediaMarkt.

23rd Oct, Saturday
G sends me camera comparisons to make my search for the perfect one easier, but that only adds more to my craziness!

24th Oct, Sunday
Ashu, I couldn't sleep well today,
Why, what happened dear? Are you alright?
Yeah, but all I could think about in my dreams was my new SLR. Didn't let me sleep properly.
Haha you are going crazy
Okay tell me which one?
I don’t know whether to spend this much... but I badly want one.
Make up your mind....

25th Oct, Monday
Morning, while driving to office...
I want DSLR.
Yeah I know...
I really want one...
Okay tell me which one...
But I am still confused this one or something of a bit lower cost range.... Or we can buy camera with lower range lens and then after few months I will buy other lens with higher range so that will save us on budget right now.
Are you sure?
Ya ya whatever, but I want a SLR.
What OK?
Ya, what you just said.

Evening, while driving back from Painting class...
I don't like anything
Why dear, what happened?
I don't know, just....
I want camera
Do you think that will cheer you up and you will feel better?
Ya, I think so...
And how is that?
It is like you feel many times, when you hear about a new phone and want it (about every few months, minimum twice a year), the way you feel, you know? I don't feel so for anything like that normally, but for this I have a similar feeling, now you understand it?
Yeah, got it... so if you get a camera will you feel better, your mood will change?
Ya, I think so...
What OK?
Ya Okay, we will see.


Upon reaching home...
I go to bed and see a covered packet on my bed... and without looking at what it is, I jump....
You got it?
Got what?

*** No reply!!! ***
I look back and find him standing there with that very same smile; I had fallen in love with from the first day....

Open the bag...
Ya??? ohh yeah...

I come out of my trance state and open the bag.....
And there it is !!! My first SLR Nikon D90....

Yeyyyy ….
I hope today you will get a good night sleep.... :o)

And I surely had :o) (Of course only after playing with my latest possession till 2.30am in the night, and that too as i had office next day !)

Love you sweet heart for that and many more wonderful moments you have gifted me ... you are the best :o)
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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Eat, sleep, breathe…dance!

I am not feeling very good, with the fact that I am not able to manage my time properly, I am not able to accomplish many thing on my "to do" list including blogging !
Yes, i can be busy but i have to learn taking out time for things i want to do, right?
Ya easy to say than to do ! But still here i go, with my tries to catch up.... yeyyy ...hehehe

Well one of the reason out of many keeping me busy ( Okay okay not really but contributing a bit ) was this function at TUD. ( TUDelft, Delft University of Technolody )
As i have already blogged, last month was Diwali but it was the bad timing for students studying at TUD, as they were having their exams.
So they postponed the program on 15th of this month, yes this last Sunday.

I participated in one group dance on the song "Bumro Bumro" from a Bollywood movie "Mission Kashmir".
And I am happy that i did, I danced after almost 3 years and it felt so good.

Practice sessions and then that sweet muscle pain when you are dancing after years !
That steroid rush you feel when you step on the stage !
And that lost in the transition feeling while performing, when you don't think about anything else, you don't feel anything else than the lights, the moments and a feeling that THIS IS IT !

There were some other interesting performances taking us back in time, yeah good old days !
Travelling to Delft for practise might would have been a pain, but i am so grateful to Ashu for all his patience and not complaining ever.

I wanted to blog about this post with a video of our performance, but i still don't have it :o(
And i could not wait further to post about it, will update the video when i have it, promise :o)

"Dancing's lots of work. You can't call it work"

"We dance for laughter, we dance for tears, we dance for madness, we dance for fears, we dance for hopes, we dance for screams, we are the dancers, we create the dreams."

( I don't know origin and hence say anonymous, if one knows origin let me know, i will acknowledge and give due credits )

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