Saturday, July 17, 2010

Dear Sun...

When it was winter, we complained how insanely cold it was and how much we wanted you and warmth you offer.When it was Spring, we felt happy that summer is no far. Soon will be having you more.

When summer was delayed, we cried missing you complaining how longest day of year is gone without making us feel summer arrived !

You were moved by all the longings, feeling happy and shining with biggest bright smile and that made us cry with how hot it was, almost suffocating. No sun burns, no sun strokes please.

You felt offended, you didn't know what we wanted anymore. You cried, you wiped, you shouted and all we had was rain, wind and thunderstorms. We complained about bad weather !

I understand it is not possible to make everyone happy and you can't be everywhere, but now as we plan to take our summer vacation, dear sun please forgive us for all the immaturity we shown.
We want you, we appreciate you and i promise you to be thankful, to be happy and not to complain about you, only if you just keep smiling ( Yes, just a sweet smile, not that laugh showing all those brightness with your sparkling teeth ).

If not everywhere, Please be where i will be, at UK.

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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Blogger issue !

And comments are back !
Seems like this issue is resolved.

This post if just to know you all that I am facing this problem with my blog.
It is not i am not replying to comments on my blog, but there is some problem that whatever i reply is not appearing on my blog. When i post a reply, it looks like i posted, i can see them and in a moment they are all gone !
Even some of your comments i received in e-mail notification and they don't appear on my blog and some do ! So it might be appearing same when you post, that you see it's posted but i am letting you know this that when you visit again and look for a reply and can't even see your comment, it is not someone deleted it, but it is just because of this problem with blogger !

Even number of comment it shows on my Blogger Dashboard and Blog page are different as that on Dashboard are including those comments which are not visible on Blog Page and Blog page displays number of comments only which are visible !
Creepy !!!

I wrote to Google Helper and I am receiving comments from other users that they are also facing similar problem but no solution so far !
I hope there is a solution soon.
This is driving me crazy !
Did any of you ever faced similar problem? Please help if you know how to fix it or whom to contact !!

Put me a comment, it will be interesting to see who can post comment and whose comments disappears like mine !
And even if your comments don't appear on blog, don't worry i am getting those on my e-mail notifications, so i will be reading them!


Comment Notification :
Aledys, Lizzy, Invader_Stu... I read your comments on e-mail.... too bad none is appearing here !

Monday, July 5, 2010


This is so difficult to admit.... specially because i don't know how that can be true !
mmm... i mean may be, right?
Okay say it.... mmm may be i am facing a writer's block, with nothing in mind which i desperately want to write about, but i say that is not possible as i am not a writer, right? And i don't write, i just ramble things and thoughts here & there.
Does that means my mind is blank? That's even worse than what i was thinking that it is all because of my busyness ! Or may be laziness acting !

Ohh well, at least now i have somethings to share, i got the blogger meet invitation from Anita from Greetings from Holland last month, i was not sure if i would be able to make it with summer vacation plan but glad i could.

I met some of the beautiful fellow bloggers yesterday and it was so nice.
Thing is i met them for the first time and it didn't feel like it was first time. Through the blogs and reading, it felt like we already knew one another. So nice, lovely and warm-hearted.
Nice food, Anita really worked hard for this and to top it nice weather !
Well i didn't bring my camera with me, so no pictures for me, but i guess others who had the camera clicked a few and they will be sharing them on their blogs.

With the nice weather spell we had in last weeks, everyone is busy here enjoying their share of summer which finally made it's presence felt. Better late than never, right?

Also the FIFA fever ! With Holland winning against one of the world cup favorite Brazil, things are going crazy here with men in oranje !
Final match doesn't look that far, of course we need to win tomorrow's game for that first but some how all around me doesn't want to look that close, so i am happy going with the flow.

Also i was tagged by Amit from Some Sizzling Scintillating Speculations.
Tag - What's in your bag?

I have a reverse story than other people like Amit who from carrying something to started not carrying a bag at all.
For me i used to go office empty handed just with a thin wallet in my pocket and a cell in my hand. Which apparently wasn't very girlie. I used to like appearing kind of tom boy type....hehe
Then in my prev job, it was a manufacturing plant and so there was nothing around the plant if one wants something. So i started carrying a small purse (in case of need to carry something), but it was often empty with just a wallet and cell in it !

After moving here now normally i carry a wallet, my phone, headphones for my iPhone, some chewing gums, my AbnAmro on-line banking instrument (i don't remember what it is called ! ) and a small umbrella (yes, learning from living in Holland) in my purse.
Right now as a result of change of purse and nice sunny weather around i no more have umbrella in my purse at the moment but in stead i have some paper napkins, not because they are handy and useful, i think that's a result of eating while driving !
Ohh and yes, sometimes there are some prints of recipes, i came across internet and couldn't help myself but to print it to try later and sometimes some prints for vacation planning.

This is surprising, no make-up !!! I should be carrying some make-up too, to make my purse have more girlie feeling ! hehe

Ok Now time for you to tell me, what do you carry in your purse / bag?


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