Monday, June 29, 2009

Time...Time.. Time... How that flies... !!

Time...Time... Time... How that flies...!!

The moment which just came, here goes by...
That "Hi" on the way, here turns in a "Bye"...

Time...Time... Time... How that flies...!!

A stranger crossed on the way, now becomes a friend...
The building I walked by y'day, now becomes my workplace...

Time...Time... Time... How that flies...!!

A road so unknown y'day, now brings me to home...
Yes, same house saw y'day, now becomes a sweet home ...

Time...Time... Time... How that flies...!!

I cannot believe that it is now more than one year that we shifted to Netherlands.
So Many things changed in this one and half years.

When 2008 started, I even didn't know when I am going to marry!!! ( But definitely knew this guy whom I was sure to be married with...)
And boooom, exactly in 2 months and 2 days, there was I, happily married !
No more eligible to check that box in all the forms marked "single"!!

I didn't know that time, we are going to move to some European country (Or anywhere away from peace of that known surroundings!!) But here we are in a country, about which I didn't know anything more than Amsterdam and Tulips!! And now I sit here, writing this blog...

When 2008 started, I didn't know soon we will be on the way to start fulfilling my childhood dream of world touring. This is just a start, so many places and countries to be visited. But when I look back at the year we spent here.... it appears unbelievable.

We moved to Netherlands, bought a car, bought a house (aaah such a wonderful feeling, owning a house and making it a home!!), visited cities of Netherlands which stand beside Amsterdam and still so different each stands on its own!!! Visited few cities outside Holland... Brussels & Antwerp in Belgium, Paris in France, Barcelona & Madrid in Spain, Zurich & Lucerne (Luzern) in Switzerland, Luxembourg city and almost whole tiny country, Dusseldorf & Cologne in Germany. Aaah, quite a good coverage, isn't it? So much still to see and visit!

Ohh boy, Miles to go before I sleep!!!

And now is the time to visit back home, back India. I so so soooo miss home, family, friends, and I am so so sooooo excited to catch up with all..... 25 days to go... India here I come!!!

Three weeks vacation and then back all refreshed and positively again back to our world exploration programme!

Friday, June 26, 2009

ME, Yeaahh Me & Me ...

Don't waste your time thinking over relation between this post and title of this post... couldn't come up with something better... !


I ask my friends to read my blogs sometimes (Ohhh ok, don't give me that look... many times alright?) and even to comment on how they feel.
They being so nice & wonderful friends, They all do comment but not on blog...On messenger!! Yes, They will ping me on-line and inform me that they read, liked or this is what they think about it !!!

Why so why?? What do you think, what can be the reason for it?
Hmmm may be I remain too much on-line?
Yeah I thought so too and tried remain off-line (Okay, not off-line but invisible so all think I am not on-line).

But NO difference.

May be as there wasn't anyone to remind them to read!!

Next time when I logged in, with visible messenger status this time.
I came to know that contradictory to my belief, they checked on their own as they commented... ( Aaaah God how happy I am)
But... but.... but...
Yeah, you got it.... again not on blog but directly to me on messenger!!!

Lots of friends are asking me update on last post. ( Yes, so they indeed read this ... and yeah, guessed it right... as usual on messenger, ohh boy i shall really give messenger a break )

Ok so I had that meeting for painting at Cultural centre yesterday.
He was happy with my work. He explained me all different types and level of courses available. According to which level one course is of 2 years (Phase 1 & Phase 2) and then advanced course that is level 2 (advanced).

He said I can join wherever I want. (Yeeeyyyy)

But looking at the experience I have with oils ( ya by that i mean no experience ), I thought how stupid I will look if one has to explain me how to mix or apply them to start with. (And he also agreed, it is indeed stupid)
So I ended up deciding on this course in which is not with any one teacher but there are several teachers from diverse specializations and they show you techniques of different types.
It is a second year of level one class, after this; I can take any advanced course with any specialization.

Let’s see, I hope I get to learn something which I don't already know.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Random ME ...

This one is a random post with random events around me !

- On the weekend we subscribed to unlimited movie scheme... yeeeyy...
We have this scheme at
Pathe theatre; Pay 18 € p.p. every month and watch as many movies as you want.
Considering one ticket costs 9.50 €, if we watch just 2 movies per month, It’s worth it, isn’t it? We have more ambitious plans though, considering how we have spoiled our movie watching records after coming here. Grrrrr
Back home 2-3 movies every week and here???? Aaaaah better we don't talk about that.
Time to catch up and straighten up the record ;)

- My sweet friend Nithya, who reads and comments on my blog regularly, started her own blog.
Some credits to me... hehehehe... Knowing how creative she is, I kept persuading her to have her own blog and finally she gave in.
It's named Rangeen Panne, which means colour full pages; life is colourful, isn't it?
And by the way as her first post she wrote a big thank you post to me...hehehe that's so nice of you Nits :o)

- Me and G keep talking about all Indian food time to time. (Yeah apart from Books as HERE) I keep telling her that whenever I will prepare this or that , will bring for you. But then mostly when I get to prepare it, it happens to be either a weekend or non-working day for her ( As she works 3 days a week). Grrrrr..
It was her birthday yesterday and so my good spirit inspired me to prepare some Indian sweet and bring it for her.

I had bought some carrots for that on weekend but later realised that not enough sugar at home so I asked Ashu to bring it while coming home so that can prepare Carrot halwa.
Now the sweet tooth that he has got..... Naaah not sweet but the sweetest I must say, he couldn’t resist but to bring some more carrots in spite of my mentioning not to ... May be he hoped that more carrots, more carrot halwa.... (Ohh boy, how he under-estimated me!!!).

Aaaah, so after 2 hours of hard work of grating, cooking and stirring standing in kitchen, finally it was ready and incidentally Ashu was half asleep waiting while watching TV.

I shouted from downstairs whether he is still awake, and answer came in some sleepy voice... aaaaahhh ... ummm... almost asleep...
But as I know him, I asked back that sleepy voice further ....

Will you like to taste some carrot halwa now or in morning .... ??
hmmmm ummmm yes a little bit....

Heeee haaa I told you, I know him.... lol

- I love painting (Ohh you still didn't know till now?? You gotta check my other blog buddy, check HERE), but I don't know oil painting so I applied for a course here at cultural centre. They got back to me saying I haven't done a preliminary course (or any course) there and this is advanced level course so they cannot put me in the one I applied for and I shall select some other basic course.


Few days later, as I didn't approach them, they called me again asking what have I decided. I explained them how I already try painting on my own using water colours and acrylics, and how nice will it be of them if they can suggest me a basic course in Oil Painting !! They checked and surprisingly came up with an answer "No". They don't have a basic course available for Oil Painting....

Aaaah then how does the beginners start learning??
And why do I have to learn all basic painting when I am interested just in Oils??

But may be that lady felt my disappointment or anger or surprise or whatever it was, she said she will talk with the teacher and come back to me on what can be done.
Ohm so nice of her!! Now you made me happy! :o)

Yesterday this teacher called me and asked me to meet him with some of my work. He will see it and suggest from where I shall start.

I am so excited about it but same time a little apprehensive. What all I do is that I have learnt on my own without any professional training or guidance based on whatever I learnt in school.
What if they feel my techniques are not that good and soooo amateur? :(
Now I don't mind learning from basics but then starting now and learning for 2 years to take course which I really wanted to, that's too much...
(Come on, I am no more in school or college... Aah getting old it seems !!)
I don’t have that much patience to wait for two year to learn what I want to learn now and I don't think I am that beginner too!!

I hope there is some intermediate course available with which I can start and reach my goal quickly.... Wish me luck.
Who knows, tomorrow I become a great painter, and that time if you are still my friend ( or I am still writing and you are still following my blog and I like you) you can get one free from me as a gift ;)
(Yeah... trying some bribery, now at least wish me luck)

Monday, June 22, 2009

Many happy returns of the day...

Today is Fem's birthday. So this post goes to her. ( Those of you, who don't know who she is, will know by end of this post )

How easy it seems to make friends when we are in college, studying...having fun but not so easy in professional world, at work, especially when we are in a country where language is different and we don't speak and understand that language yet!

When I joined my current job, I was one of those lucky ones who had a job as soon as they moved to this country without knowing a single word of Dutch. After joining here i met many, but also started seeing the difference it makes if you can speak and understand the language. Almost all speak and understand English but still, knowing Dutch surly helps in socialising.

So that was the time, I had just joined the office. Newly married, New country, New people, New office, New culture, New language ... sometimes feeling exactly like Alice in Wonderland.
That is when i saw this Asian looking girl walking around, working on same floor as mine. We never got to talk much apart from exchanging hello on a way to coffee. When i heard her talking i wondered over her accent as it certainly didn't sound much Asian... but then who knows !!

That day I got invitation for Introduction lunch and meeting from HR. I checked the list of invitees and saw her name too. ( In office, we have quarterly Introduction meeting and everyone, who joined during that period, attend this company presentation and small induction meeting followed by lunch as a part of company Induction program )
Seeing her name there made me feel a little surprised, as looking at the way she walked around in the office, confidently, commuting with everyone so nicely i had thought she must have been here for a while. But she hadn't, she was a new joinee too, just that she joined before i did.

On that day of Induction meeting, I went for lunch on scheduled time, but I was not sure where to meet others and I hardly knew anyone there. So I bought lunch from restaurant and when I was standing in line to pay for it, This HR girl spotted me and informed me that I do not need to pay and asked me to join others at a table specially arranged for us. When I went there, almost whole table was already full with all chairs occupied and food was nicely arranged. I could spot only one sit empty nearby and that was beside this girl. She welcomed me with smile to sit beside her. I noticed that like me she also had got her food from restaurant bar and had placed that on side table and so did I.

We started talking a little bit on general things. I come to know that she is from Canada and joined one month before me. Now it happens that me being vegetarian, I am not sure what to eat. There is this typical European lunch there and I took a sandwich from that and she also had something similar. After a while of we started eating, she asked me that how I find this sandwich. Unsure what to say, I just say ya, it's okay. In response to that she made sound something like... hmmm.... and we continued our tries to have lunch !! It seemed that both of us were not feeling very comfortable with the food available on table, so then she quietly picks up her omelet and soup from side table, bought from restaurant and I do the same by picking up my soup from side tray at least to have something in lunch.

When everyone was done with lunch and we started walking towards conference room for our introduction meeting, She asks me again, now tell me frankly how did you find lunch, and I laughed. But still unsure being it my first conversation with her, i just casually replied ya okay type. I asked her the same question and she replied aah, it was terrible, I couldn't finish it.
A laugh together, relieved. I couldn't help but saying ohh thank god, I was not sure what to say... !! hahaha

I think that is how this thread of sharing started and which still continues...

I was truly amused when i found out that her roots are indeed from India but it is just that she has never been there. And a great surprise when i came to know her parents were from as Gujarat.
When asked whether she can speak or understand Hindi, ( in hopes to find someone with whom can talk in own language); the answer was even a bigger surprise as She replied, No, she doesn't but she speaks Gujarati a little bit as her parents do.
I can't express how incredible it felt, meeting someone from the same place as I was, some one who could speak my mother-tongue and someone who had never been to India !!

That felt like a great relief to have someone in this wonderland to talk with, whenever wanted.
From then on, whenever we feel tired of too much Dutch and get frustrated with our little knowledge of Dutch and cultural difference we will share our frustrations in our own language which no one else here will understand and will feel good venting it out !!! hehehehe. Everyone need a venting place, isn't it true?

It's one year in this company and i feel happy how we shared and help each other to sustain and survive in this buitenland !!

I am happy that we met....
Happy Birthday Fem :)

Friday, June 19, 2009

Jimmy and his dog...

I was surfing internet and came through this website.
It is to help you writing a story.... or shall i put it that way that it will write a story for you.
you fill in some data like names and all; Press "write story" button and then it writes a story for you ... hehehe
It must be someone crazy like me to come up with an idea like this.

So I titled story as "Jimmy and his dog "

Ok so story goes something like this ...

"Jimmy and his dog "

Once upon a time there was a young boy named Jimmy.
Jimmy was 10 years old and lived in small town.

While walking home from school one day, a White dog jumped out from behind a tree and tackled Jimmy to the ground. But just when he was about to let out a scream for help, Jimmy realized that the White dog was only licking his face, not trying to bite it off.
At that moment, Jimmy decided to keep the White dog as a pet. And on the way home he decided to name his pet White dog ''Tom.''

When Jimmy and his new pet finally got home, guess who was standing on the front porch? That's right, it was Jimmy's mother, Liza. And boy was she surprised to see a White dog following Jimmy into the yard!

''What in world is that?'' shouted Liza.
''It's a White dog,'' answered Jimmy.

''Dah, I can see that, Jimmy, but what on earth is it doing here?'' said Liza.
''It's my new pet!'' answered Jimmy.
''Oh you think so do you?'' remarked Liza.
''I wouldn't get your hopes up. You know how your father hates White dogs. But, well, I suppose you can keep him until your father comes home.''

And with that Jimmy grabbed Tom by the scruff of the neck and led his new pet into the house--even though he knew his father was probably going to disapprove.

Once in the house, Jimmy and Tom played and played, that is until Jimmy's favourite television show, ''Tom & Jerry,'' started. At that point Jimmy forgot all about Tom having an unsupervised run of the house. That is until half way through ''Tom & Jerry,'' when Jimmy was brought back to reality when he heard his father shout, ''Pheew!! Jimmy! Get your self in the Study room...NOW!!''

With that Jimmy rushed into the Study room to see what all the fuss was about.
When he entered the Study room, there stood his father, John, pointing toward the Table. ''Will someone please explain that?'' asked his father.

Then, as Jimmy followed his father's finger to where it was pointing, he instantly knew what his father was so upset about. There, smack dab in the middle of the Table, was the biggest pile of dog doo-doo he had ever seen!

''I don't EVEN want to know how that got there,'' said John.
''But you had better get it cleaned up now! And you had better get rid of whatever it is that could have done such a thing!''

Well, knowing his father as well as he did, Jimmy knew there was no sense even asking his father if he could keep Tom for a pet.
So without hesitation, Jimmy set out to find where Tom was hiding. After a few minutes of looking, Jimmy discovered Tom crouched beneath the table that Jimmy did his Paintings on.

''Come on, Tom, it's time to find you a new home. And hey, don't look at me that way, I'm not the one who did the dirty deed on the Table!'' scolded Jimmy.
''Thanks to you I'll never get to have my own pet dog!! And with that Jimmy led Tom out of the house and down to the local Animal Planet.

They had a pet section and Jimmy knew the owner would find Tom a good home. So after saying good-bye to Tom, and thanking the owner of Animal Planet, Jimmy walked backed home and attempted to drown his sorrows by slamming down a half dozen Juices.

But Jimmy's pity party came to an abrupt end when his father reminded him about the mess he had neglected to clean up. And low and behold, midway through the clean-up, Jimmy suddenly became thankful that someone else was going to have to do it from now on.

The End.


Image courtesy :

Thursday, June 18, 2009

50% Girly...

I took this quiz on FACEBOOK;
"How GIRLY Are You?"

Noooo... not 'coz i had doubts on me ( so stop grinning) ... But 'coz as always was bored, so it was just some pass time fun to deal with my boredom (as here) .
Results: 50% Girly... *Congratulation!

What????????? 50% Girly?????
Then where did my other 50% go??
Who stole my other 50% ??? Give it back to meee!!!

And wait.... Do i read congratulation???? What was that "Congratulation" for????

Now sure do i doubt on me... !!

Monday, June 15, 2009

I want a sunny day...

I want a sunny day...I want a sunny day... I want a sunny day.... ( Yes, Sunny DAY... and not Sunny Deol )

Aaah.... It was supposed to be a sunny weekend this time but just after a sunny morning on Saturday, it turned all cloudy, it rained and that climate state continues till now.

It reminds me of that old good time…

Once upon a time, in the country named India, there lived a boy and a girl, deeply madly in love with each other.
Boy used to work for a small software company which was looking forward to expand itself. And girl was doing her master studies.
When girl took up her first job assignment in a newly opened office in same area, they were more than happy to be in the same area. But this wasn't it, Boy's office moved to the opposite building of girl's office with a bigger office !! Can they ask for anything more than that ?!?!

In a country like India, specially in a city like where they lived, whenever it is too sunny, obviously it is too hot to be outside. So only in the case one is looking for some serious skin burns, one would be going out; otherwise they will prefer to sit in the office and enjoy the cool breeze originated from Air-conditioners.

So whenever it used to be climate like this, cloudy, natural cool breeze, slow showers..... That time whoever is not that busy to notice the weather will call the other

Hey, look outside
Hmm, what's it?
Just look, it's so romantic!!!
Ohh wow
Why do I have to come to office?
Haan yaar...
I don't feel like working, I feel like going for a long drive.
Ohh yeah, me too. But can’t take leave today :o(
Yeah, same here
Lots of work today... :o(
Yeah, same for me.
Ok, let’s finish it fast.
Yes, and then try to get free early in the evening.
Yes and then we can go for a long drive, hehehe
Yes, okie?
Okie, done :o)
Done :o)

There people used to enjoy days like this, it would rejuvenate everything touching hearts, mind. It would brighten the days.
People would be longing for weather like this.... When it turns cloudy and it rains, there will be romance all around in the air, all would just want to enjoy it and no one would feel like working.

And today is a day in this European country, if one sits at home on a day like this and won't feel like working then most probably one will be hardly going out anywhere or hardly would be working any day!!
In this country, rate of people getting depressed increases in winter due to short and such cloudy days, where you don't see clear sun for days !!

So here... on a day like this, that very same boy and girl sit, waiting for a sunny day so that they can go out on beach and enjoy the sunny day.....but alaaas... it wasn't in the fate this weekend..!!

What will you call this??? Same planet, same boy and girl and the life, full of contrasts.
Aaaah Life !!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Safety Flash...

We got this e-mail today in office addressed to all employees ....

Dear all,
For the second time in the last six months a PC monitor started to smell and develop smoke. We would kindly request and remind everyone to please switch-off your PC Monitor before you go home.

Take this action not only in the office, as well as at your home and educate your kids to do the same.
The IT department has requested monitor manufacture to conduct an investigation to the malfunction monitor.

Please see instruction that better describe where we can find the PC Monitor switch.
You need only to develop this habit, it is really only a very small thing to do, however might make a huge difference in fire assurance. Thank you for your safety and environmental action.

Okay so tell me who didn't know before reading the instructions that where PC monitor switch is???

One of the everyday back home drives ...

Yesterday evening Ashu came to pick me up as usual and on the way told me that we are low on fuel. I didn't pay attention to it as considering his travelling every other day we are.
We were driving towards home... and he took towards a gas station on the way...
We see it across the road..... and then engine stops....

Ohh it’s gone
Ohh over?? Really?
Lets see how long it slides
Ohh ya let it go as long as it can
Ohh we are just across it
Yes, I hope we reach
Lets see
Ya, hope it didn’t stop when we are about to reach outside
What do you think, will we be able to make it?
Hummm... there seems a slide upward slope so we might not, if it would be downward slope then surely we would have
Just cross the fingers that we reach
Ya ya
This is amazinggggggg....
We reached...
Ya and it stopped exactly in front of the counter
This is unbelievable
Can't believe it...
Yeah, Can't believe!!

Can you believe it?

Amazing...can't believe, unbelievable, can u believe, unforgettable, amazing..... blah blah blah.... for the rest of the day...!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Can it be ...

Do you know what is on my mind since yesterday?? Some serious thinking about - Can plants think? Can they feel?

You must be thinking what made me wonder about things like this...right??
Actually what happened is, We celebrated the World Environment Day in office on 5th June. On that occasion after a small presentation we got plants (hortencia’s) to take home.... And as there were extra plants, they said we can even take two as otherwise it will be lying there...such a pity... so I got one with pink flowers and one with purple.... ( cool...huh ) ohh wait but that is not what we were talking about ...

So where were we ...ok ya plants... so we celebrated this day, and as it was last day of week so many of those who had come office early had already left by that time of evening. ( That is the reason why there were extra plants available ) So we took plants for them too and put them on everyone's desk, one for each. (Nice indeed, isn't it?)

So now when we were back to office on Monday... all plants were doing well, fresh and blooming with flowers EXCEPT one.
This one plant didn't survive through weekend... leaving us wondering when all plants were there and all were doing great, why particularly this one died..?!?!.
While we were busy guessing on what went wrong with this particular plant and a flying comment from a colleague touched my wondering mind....

Ohh how poor ... it died... ohh i know why, may be 'cos it felt neglected...
ohh okaaaay .... how?
Ohh when we put that plant on this XYZ colleague's desk, XYZ said that he doesn't want it and is not taking it home, so plant felt neglected that it is unaccepted and it is going to be here at office all the time till it die and so it felt sad and eventually died...

Since then, whenever I look at that desk where that plant stood on that day... I wonder, did that plant really feel that way?

Friday, June 5, 2009

Disorder-ial me...

I think, I have some kind of disorder... may be sleeping disorder... or some kind of mental disorder... no not that way.... come on..... But sometimes I get these weird attacks!!
Like... Whenever I am very busy with all other things but deep inside I know I need to do some other thing.... it won't let me rest.... it is like even if I sleep, in my subconscious mind it will keep going on, I have to do this, I have to.
It is good in a way for not missing my goals, right?
But what do you say when it happens annoyingly spoiling your most precious sleep!!

Ok still not getting me??
Take this instant when I was thinking those days that how much I love painting and why don't I paint any more, why am I not getting time to paint? I kept ignoring this notice from myself to me and it kept banging in my head. Then one day it reached its limits. That day I went to sleep early, and then it started banging in my head. So finally I woke up. Took colours and brushes in my hand and started painting....
YES, I started painting waking up from sleep at mid night. I just could not sleep until I finished that painting!!
So I finished a painting and then slept!! (But I was smart I chose a small canvas, so that I can finish it fast n go back to sleep... hee hee)

Now getting what I was taking about??? Take this other instant.
We were getting lazy that day, We were watching TV in bedroom and so then decided to have dinner also there watching TV. We completed dinner and kept watching TV and I was so tired that I felt asleep. But when I was sleeping it kept banging in my mind that I have to put those utensils in Dish washer... and it kept banging n banging.
So finally I woke up at 2:00 am in the night, went downstairs. Put them in and then came back and slept. Now this is annoying, isn't it?
Ashu was even laughing on me in the morning seeing why had I woke up in the night and what I did that time!!

I think I am watching old episodes of FRIENDS a little too much and getting a bit Monica-ish.... Sheeeesh

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Thanks boss...

Ohh I feel so so happy.... just those little things you know.
Today is birthday of SBN, my boss in my previous job in India. Unsure whether to call or sms to wish him, I decided to sms him and he called me back in response to that!!

In a scenario where seems like phone hardly rings in comparison to when were in India, it was really very very very nice surprise!!
I know he won't be reading this, but still I feel like saying this...Thanks boss, you made my day!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Think about a day...

Think about a day.... you can be as lazy as you want. Sit all the time in the same easy chair... have your favourite cocktail/ mocktail.... watch your favourite TV programmes or movies and have a platter full of fresh warm snacks whenever you feel hungry!! How amazing...isn't it? Who wouldn't love it? Right?

Think about a day.... a nice sunny outside ...not too hot... not too cold.... nice refreshing breeze all around.... you just roaming around casually.... eating on beach-side or that restaurant on top of that hill. How nice it is....isn't it? You would love it, wouldn't you?

Now think about a day.... you have reservations for Badminton court or Tennis court. It is a nice sunny day, a little cool breeze. You play and play, become all sweaty, tired and still you feel fresh from inside and full of energy.... How about that??

Imagine a day... hectic with so much of work and deadlines. After long stressed working hours, you have finally delivered the deliverables. Now as you finish the presentation on same, there stands everyone clapping for you with broad smiles. Your boss comes forward, pats your back and says well done. How does it feel?? Worth everything?

Now take this one... It is raining outside, you cannot go anywhere outside and so you are sitting lazily on your couch, sipping masala tea with piping hot pakodas.... reading your favourite book. How does that feel?? Amazing...isn't it?

So different are these days, and still all stands alone, best in their own ways.... that's what is Life ... Life full of contrasts.


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A weekend with lots of "Finally"...

A three days long Weekend ! A good weekend for my "To be done" list status, with a few of them...FINALLY done /accomplished.

Please find below some edited (censored is the right word, hee hee) pages from my diary, for your reference/ updates on me.
( Yes, ofcourse only if at all you are interested !!)

Day 1, Saturday, 30th May 2009

Scene 1 - Somewhere at the furniture shop.

1:00pm - We enter this shop specializing in couches
1:30pm - Still walking across ... confused and frustrated considering 2 months of couch- selecting exercise and no results yet.
2:00pm - May be this or may be that.
2:30pm - This couch or that couch?
3:00pm - Ok if this, will it fit in our house... size-wise and colour-wise?
3:30pm - (Finally) Decide one,but we need extra sitting tables and main table.
4:00pm - Ok leave main table, we will get from somewhere else. Let’s fix the colour first.
4:30pm - Hmm this one or that one??
5:00pm - Ummm, no that...
5:30pm - Ok, we order this couch but will confirm colours on Monday.

I must admit, Shop Lady was so nice to ask us to take colour & material samples with us so that we can decide at ease and come back and confirm on Monday.
We sign the order and leave. And we notice it is already 5:30pm, and opening time for shop that day was until 5:00 pm only.

As we have seen the directness of people here ( In Netherlands) , i will like to say... lady and shop manager, thanks a lot for your patience with us and thanks that you didn’t ask us to leave saying hours are OFF. That was really nice of you.
(Ya, that is other thing that we gave you a good business too, helping you achieve your day's /weekly target...hee hee)

We walk happily towards the car, thinking what next !! Let’s go to is a bright sunny day. Or lets go to that fair which has come to the city... ok lets do that.

Scene 2 - Somewhere in-between parking and fair.

We go there, search for the parking, park the car and come out.
At the entrance of the fair....
ohh my god, this much entrance fee? That is too much. And there seems like just shops inside.
What to do? (I told Ashu, may be we have to pay here only and shopping inside is free... hee hee. Good one na?? No but he didn't agree! )

So after a long walk, we go back to parking....
At the door it has written "Eerste naar automateparkingkaart then naar uw auto". (Meaning first go to automating parking stand, and then go to car)

Yeah dude we got it... but atleast open so we can go there... but it didn't budge.
So we stand there confused on what to do. Then we decide to walk back and search for some other entrance door, that moment we see a family coming this we stop and wait to see what they do, in the case we were doing some mistake, considering out very little Dutch knowledge!!
Ahhhh, they couldn't enter either!!

So then we all stood there and waited.
We see a couple walking towards door, (Finally) wave at them and as soon as they open the door, we all rush in; thinking let me get in first before we get locked outside again!!

Day 2, Sunday, 31st May 2009

- Found a wall where I can make a hole and place all the boards we bough to create racks for study room, yey ( I tried with hundreds changes in type of screw & type of drill for different kind of structures... like wood, concrete, metal etc etc. But it wouldn’t budge. May be coz of load bearing, so then finally selected this other wall... and conquered it finally!! )
- Could take that platform we bought for study table to second floor, which had created backache even when we tried to move it from out-side store room to inside home.
- Study room looks a bit like going to be a study room!!

Day 3, Monday, 1st July 2009

Scene 1- Morning

I keep complaining, Ashu is not romantic... he proved me wrong today!! (Finally ...!)
He had waked up earlier than me.
- I came out taking bath and I found a red rose with a note in front of mirror. (Ahh, what was written in that?? come on, it was for me, I cannot tell you)
- Went to check my cell and found a violet rose with a note beside it.
- Went to kitchen for breakfast and found a yellow rose with a note.
Ashu, That was so so nice, made my day. Thanks dear, love you.

[ Yeah i know you are angry for not telling you what was written there, but i know you are one of those who respect the private life of public hee hee, and apart from that i don't want to appear as one praising my good self !! hee hee hee. Hope you understand ;) ]

Scene 2- Noon

We went and confirmed the couch colours!! (Finally)
With half and hour this?? No that...ahhh this... no that's better.... But we FINALLY did it... After more than 2 months struggle, not leaving any furniture shop left to visit, from north to south and east to west, exploring all the regions finally we decided and finally we ordered. We did it FINALLY... hurray!!

Such a relief... aaahh

Ok now next is dining table.... start now !! :-/

Scene 3- Evening

Finished working on the study room, racks, table, drawers, chair, all done (Finally). Now what we need to do is, actually use it!! hee haa haa

Quite an eventful and busy weekend, isn’t it? ;)

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