Monday, October 26, 2009

Project SBS !!

Last week we gave a surprise baby shower to one of our colleague :o)

It was so much fun and also how we started with the idea and went on with planning that was also a lots of fun….

One of the days, around 2 weeks back, we went for walk and some snacks in lunch hour.... Me and 2 of my colleagues. And while talking it came up, aren't we giving S a baby shower? Yes we are, but then she is going on leaves in 10 days... not much time left and we don’t know all whom she will like to have there!

While we were discussing our plans and what all can be done, We saw S's man walking ahead of us (he also works in same office, and that is were they cute: o))... so we ran to get hold of him... thought wouldn’t be able to catch him so rang him on his mobile but he kept walking obviously lost in conversations.
Now as we were running shouting his name, we did attract quite a few eyes... (May be people wondering who are this crazy females…. Running, shouting, laughing Hehehe ) I even met one of our new friends who live near our house who was returning picking up her kid from school and sure would be thinking ohhh this is what they do in office... roam out, run like mad and behave crazy and have fun...haha

Anyway finally we could get hold of him, and we asked him for guest list S will like to have and to keep it to him as we wanted to give her surprise. And while discussing we decided there won’t be only females but all interested male colleagues also can be there. And this was fun as no male colleague had ever been to a Baby Shower, some gave a surprising look saying “Isn’t it American?" and some even didn’t know what is Baby Shower !!
Tough task indeed, but later we realized it was good as then no one had any expectations, to have some expectations you have to know what to expect…hehehe

We booked one of the conference halls for extended lunch hour. Delegated work among ourselves and sent out Invitations. (Which also explained what baby shower is, with Wikipedia link not to have many to and fro of e-mails asking questions about it!)

While all this process as we were exchanging quite a few mails for planning, we named it Projects SBS (S’ Baby Shower), so it doesn’t catch attention making our surprise a flop-show! (My idea ;o) hehe )

On that day we all brought our parts preparation, when she went away for some work from her desk we all went downstairs and decorated the room. Then we decided in the lunch time me and N will ask her if she wants to go out for lunch or wants to come down to restaurant and bring her there somehow. Now it happened that her man K asked her to go to Stadshart thinking he will take her down and so when we asked her and she said she is going out with K. Aaaah last minute change in plan…again some mails and K mailed that he didn’t know our plan and thought he will ask her as many time they do… so okay, anyway doesn’t matter, all we want is to have her there…. we went downstairs and joined others in waiting.

After a few minutes they came.... K asked her needs to check something n brought her to Conference room, and …… She wouldn't come in, saying "Niet voor onze" (Not for us) and K almost have to carry him inside saying go, go... and then she realized what it was... looking at decorations and banners.... Aaaah precious expressions, luckily we could catch them in camera :o)

Later on she told us that she saw few finance people and finance manager and thought it was some finance meeting going on there and then she saw all the balloons, and banner and realized it was not!

We had some games for them... To be Mom and Dad had to compete to be Super-Mom and Super-Dad. (K didn’t know anything we planned apart from that there is going o be a baby shower so games were surprise and new for him too)
First one was to prepare milk.... They didn’t know how much milk powder, how much warm water or even what was milk powder and what was milk thickening powder (or what was it? I don’t know what it is called… How am I supposed to know…? Do I have a baby??? hehe ) and so there were lots of R & D and laughter then finally a guy, a new dad himself helped them with what needed to be done…. and K won it... but there was a consolation for S that no prepared milk is going to beat breast milk :o)

Second game was to taste the baby food and guess which flavor was that, of course they were blindfolded so that they don’t guess it looking at color. And this time S won this one.

Third game was to sponge the baby and change dress and diaper.... and it was really nice how they treated the dolls... S was really so careful as she will be with a real baby and so does K but same time he behaved how a dad will... he was quicker but same time was playing with a doll, making voices in try to divert baby's attention so baby don’t cry and making faces and jokes to make a baby smile and it did brought lots of smiles to everyone!

Diaper cake prepared by one of the colleagues :)

We had some snacks, kind of potluck by Project SBS committee, which comprised of four of us. I had brought some Indian snacks... there were some Indonesian snacks and some cup cakes …. ! Everyone had a nice time :o) Worth the efforts put in.

But something I loved the most was expressions and happiness it brought on S' face! :o)

Monday, October 19, 2009

Festivity time...

I know that it has been long and I need to update my blog, i have been so busy to post anything...
First it was Navratri and then Diwali, This is Indian festivity month... some thing or other going on... but i did miss blogging !

We visited Diwali fair at Amstelveen last week on 10th Oct. It was nice seeing so many Indians at one place, but i guess presence out-numbered their estimation !
There was a long queue for entering the tent, long queues at food stalls and it was difficult to watch performances, it being so busy in the tent. It is my guess that only people who were early and lucky to be standing in front could actually enjoy them ! ( but then it is my guess as we couldn't, hehehe )
But I loved it in a way that at least there was something which made us feel in festive mood. I knew there was fireworks too but we left early and missed it. Came to know later that it was really good, and again very much crowded like almost whole town gathered there, we missed it!

Being away from home and missing all local festivals wasn't making me feel very good. ( ya but obvious, who will feel good about it ! ) But this was a nice change !

Then this week was really busy, we did some shopping for lights and candles, finally got our couch delivered. Had nice meals on Diwali nights and had a Diwali party at home yesterday ! And it was fun ! Love it !

It is our New Year today... Wish you all a very Happy Diwali ( though belated) and prosperous New Year with lots of love and happy smiles !

Friday, October 2, 2009

Mind ... again at it's best...

Aaaahhh I was suppose to write this post on Tuesday... but a busy week!
This is about my painting lesson on Monday. This was second lesson (as you might already know looking at how i keep mentioning them) and we were doing 'still painting' in black and white...

Now it happened that this time I didn’t go for coffee break and kept painting.
I wonder why I would need a break in 2.5 hour class, ya I would need if anything else but not when I paint. I can forget to eat or to sleep for hours... and even when I don’t paint for so long there are chances that I lose my sleep even... (Don’t believe? I had written about it here - second para.)

Ok so I preferred continue painting and it happened I was the only one in studio left then!! But what does it matter, right?
After few minutes break when all started getting back to studio, it happened so that many of them came to have a look at my painting then directly going to their Aisle. I felt a little surprised, but then thought it might be out of the curiosity as I was the only one present in studio so may be they wondered what was I upto... !

Soon I was able to guess when at the end f lesson we arranged out paintings in a raw and we started discussing each painting. It was in Dutch and I could not follow everything but then I heard my name and I couldn’t stop myself asking someone standing beside me that what it was about. And she explained me that he said your painting is of advanced and higher level and it will still take time and we have to work hard to reach there, and there I stand confused and embarrassed that why did I ask her !!

Anyway, then came turn of my painting and this time he talked in English ( yeah good, i need to understand everything atleast about my work !)
As he stand there, he looked at me, he smiled... everyone smiled... and the words came out ...
Well.... what can I say Lopa..... you are good. I can already give you the diploma.

Aaaaah can you imagine how I felt? Out of the world... I felt so happy, even in my sleep/ dreams that night I felt so happy.
Even right now remembering that moment is bringing a smile to my face.... yeah i am blushing ;)

But then there was this other day and mind game began....
human mind again at its best!!

Now I feel confused, I had actually gone there for the advanced class, right??? (I had mentioned it here in last para), what I wanted to learn was oil painting, But response was it is an advance course and as I haven't done any course there, I cannot join it directly! After a meeting (Which I mentioned here in later half of the post ), we decided to start with this intermediate course skipping beginner level. Now they say I am on advanced level than them, but then why did I start with this level?

I enjoy painting in any form and anywhere and so I do enjoy my classes too but would I be wasting my time and money with doing something I already can? There are 30 lessons, and out of that only 4-5 contains oil painting basics which I need to go to that advance level I wanted to learn!
I can ask them to shift me to advance class, but then I don’t want to feel stupid not even knowing how to prepare canvas to how to mix oils! So I do want to learn basics, but for that 4 lessons I am taking 30 lessons and that will enable me to attend that level next September, so that means 1 year of waiting!

Ohhhhhhh forget everything it's weekend ... no worries....

Wish you all a very happy, eventful, fun-filled weekend... Enjoy !!! :o)


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