Thursday, November 26, 2009

Auto – Story….

Back home we always called it car !
And at times to be more sophisticated even "four-wheeler" but now after moving to Europe it is called "Auto" …
Of course we would not try calling it back home else in stead of a "four-wheeler" we would be riding in a "Three- wheeler" !!
Yes, our own "auto-rickshaws"we call them "auto’s" with love and in style! ;o) hehe
On the left - World-wide Auto;
On the right - Our version of Auto - Indian Auto !

So while we are talking about Auto's, there is something on my mind these days... Let me start from starting ! After moving here when we bought car here, we used to live in an apartment and we had underground parking. But then a few months later we moved to our own house where we have a private parking space in front of our house. Just a few days and we saw there was a big long scratch on side of car... :o(

Our hearts cried of course, but what can we do right? So we just wondered about what can be the reason; did we park in a wrong way? But that is not possible considering that we parked in front of our house in our parking area, then what?
Again a few days passed and one of our neighbors saw that scratch on our car and commented "ohhh, you got a scratch on car too. I have got same on my car and I know who do that, there are some mischievous teenagers, they do that."
And we nodded, may be... whatever... we don’t know!!

A few days back we were driving back home, Ashu has been to client site whole day and then suddenly he tells me "Do you know what? Today I was at client's place. His car, ohh sorry auto, has got the same scratch as on our car. He saw it and commented that most of the French cars have it as there are some people here who just hate anything French especially French cars and does that, and he had same brand of car as we have"

Now this made me wondering... Is this possible? First of all can this be true? And if that is at some level, does that stop people buying those automobiles !?!?
Picture Courtsey : Internet / google


Swatantra said...

Amazing.. Beautiful post.. I loved reading it... The way you linked the whole post..

Keep it UP!!

nameera said...

didn't read the blog!but ur new dp's awesome :)

nameera said...

aapke auto pe toh scratch daal diya firangiyo ne!

Droomvla said...

I don't know what to say. I mean, who on earth would do that? And what do they have against French cars? I'm sure you are just as puzzled as I am. lol

Love your new profile pic, by the way. You're looking good, Lopa!! :D

~ Lopa said...

@ Swatantra

Thanks Swatantra, one who has lived in India or visited it can only fully understand Indian-Auto ;) hehe

@ nameera

hehehe, thanks re.
haan yaar kya kare inn firangio ka :)

~ Lopa said...

@ Droomvla

Exactly, puzzled enough to post it here on blog ;)
Thanks for the compliment :)

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