Wednesday, January 6, 2010

For someone, i love more with every passing day...

I had written this for him for his Birthday, but being on vacation has it's own disadvantages... So here it goes with a Belated Happy Birthday wish....... which would have been on 1st of January !

Who knew, what started with a "Bye" will end up being a start !
I am glad, I had that bad day, went on to be the most memorable day of my life !

Seeing you for the first time, never felt being a first time !
Time lead us to the directions, we would rather not have gone,
It might would have been darkness, just waiting for the light !
The day you came my way, Never a day seemed like a night.

I am glad, I believed in "mutual responsibilities",
I am glad, You mentioned them !
Thank you for taking me on this ride...

I am glad, I can be myself knowing you always be there..
You make me feel confident, like nothing can go wrong
I get this tingly feeling inside, like forever it's a first date !

Thanks for everything, Thanks for being there, thanks for being with me, love you, love you more everyday...

May you always shine like a star, May there never be clouds !
Wish you all the happiness in the world...
Belated Happy Birthday Ashu ! :)

P.S. Sorry if it doesn't make any sense to those all of you reading it, One day i might simplify it :)

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Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Thanks for the wonderful words :)

you know that i m not very good in showing feeling over blogs (in words) but this was the sweetest of all gifts.

thanks being with me!!!

Droomvla said...
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Droomvla said...

It is written so beautifully. Obviously, it came froom the heart. Well done, Lopa! :D

~ Lopa said...

@ Ashu

Nop, Thank you for being there, love you :)

~ Lopa said...

@ Droomvla

Thanks :)
I know i might would have spent some more time on that and could have fine-tuned it more, but then it wouldnt be so much as it comes from heart !

Nithya said...

The first cut that comes across is the purest of all with immense feelings and sincerity. If you filter/distill it then more than your sentiments and emotions put across it becomes an article... God bless both of you... Ashit-Happy birthday belated.:)

bhumika said...

@LOPA.. .feelings are best expressed in unformatted words!
really touchy!

thamarai said...

Such a sweet, thoughtful gift...Lopa beautifully done..:)..

~ Lopa said...

@ Nithya

We think alike :)
Thanks for the wishes :)

~ Lopa said...

@ Bhumika

Yeah true, sometimes when we read again we feel that we would have presented in some or other way, but then obviously it becomes too thought over thought... and i feel a first feeling is more genuine than that nicely decorated one :)

@ thamarai

Thanks Viji, Come back here soon re :)

Swatantra said...

Hi Lopa.

This one is the most sweetest birthday wish i have read ever.. Your friend is very lucky ...

Unknown said...

Well, I wasn't sure if I should post any comment here - I was afraid of intruding on some real romantic tete-a-tete here! :o) THat was so very sweet, Lopa! Well done!

P.S.: I replied to a comment of yours on my blog - check it out! ;)


~ Lopa said...

@ Swatantra,

Thanks Swatantra :)
Ashu is not my friend, he is my betterhalf and i am as lucky as he is, may be more :)

~ Lopa said...

@ Aledys Ver

Thanks Aledys, and you had no reason to hesitate while commenting as if that is what was exactly on my mind, privacy with no intrusion, i would know this is not the place :)

dipali said...

really very very sweet and romantic birthday gift dil se.......i bet ashu has just fallen for you more than ever......long live your love....

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