Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Fair - Tan

I love noticing things/ differences, specially in how people think and behave.
It is so interesting how perception changes from people to people.

One of such contrast is creams people use !
Oh you don't get it? Let me clear it for you.

If you have been to Asia, you know craze for fairness cream. Craze about how to be what they call "fair"! Craze for a white skin, no doubt why those fairness creams are doing so well there.
When i moved here, walked in a mall for the first time, i noticed that all those fairness creams where replaced with tan creams !

Got the picture now? So creams rule !

Yesterday as i was sitting at my desk, one of my colleague came to discuss something, he was just back from vacation. He was asking me something and suddenly he placed his hand beside mine comparing "i was trying to achieve almost that tone, did i succeed? "
I couldn't help but smile.

So moral of the story wherever you go, people are all the same, only creams they use changes :)

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Life Begins said...

So true..
people are same...color changes and cream changes :P :D


An interesting read and perhaps an interesting observation as well Lopa. I guess thats human psychology. We always long for things we don't have and it just isn't restricted to fairness creams or skin colors for that matter.

Nithya said...

I always knew that people out there in other countries enjoy sun bath to get that Tan but now I know that I can believe it. ahhaha

Talking about the skin colour the only thing I didnt like during my childhood days is the obsession with this fair skin. Thanks to our beautiful dusky heroines making it big on the Big Screen and the changing times people are changing. Though they have not changed completely else these fairness cream industry will be in ruins..hahahahha

Nithya said...

Rajesh so very agree with your thought

S.A.L. said...

The thing is, we always think that the grass is greener on the other side!

PinayinDutchland said...

Lol! this is a very good story Lopa. Makes a dark Asian appreciate his color.

When husband and I first met, we went to a 3-week work assignment on an island. I was on my darkest color after spending the entire time on the beach and under the sun. My color eventually became fairer when I came here and Im desperate to bring back my normal skin tone, medium brown, sun-kissed. And I have to pay a fortune for it because it only means you have to go other countries for the beaches.

Ironically back when I was a kid, I wanted to be so fair because that was the standard of beauty in my country. NL made me so proud of my skin color.

~ Lopa said...

@ Life Begins 
Thanks Bharti for your comment :)
Yeah creams ;) hehe
It's always we want things we don't have !

~ Lopa said...


Yes, Totally agree there. We want things we don't have at the level sometimes we don't value what we have got ! Human psychology !

~ Lopa said...

@ Nithya 

I know, isn't it so naive?
Its ok what one likes but it is definitely not ok how sometimes people ridicule others, i had seen that happening as a kid.

Thanks god, things change !
As a kids we are not even that mature to understand things. But as we grow up we got to believe in ourselves and understand most important thing is to love own self accepting as we are, when people don't do that just based on what people think about it, that's really a pity.

~ Lopa said...

@ Mind Writer! 

Yes always ;)
Like Asians always dreams to spend vacations in Europe, even when they haven't seen their own country / continent properly.
And Europeans dream about vacations in Asia ;)
That's life :)

~ Lopa said...

@ PinayinDutchland 

Haha, i know. Completely can relate there.

I think in Asia, in almost all countries as a kid one wants to be fair and fairer. May be that is because they are developing countries and they look up at developed countries somewhere and unconsciously their color, but if we look into deep it's a kind of inferiority complex isn't it? Wanting something else than what we have. I was like that too.
But it is good that way living here, isn't it? hehe

Alice in Wonderland said...

I was just chatting with a friend about this yesterday. Her daughter and my niece are about the same age, and somehow the conversation turned to "coloured" children.
Now in our little Town, there are no coloured people at all, but my niece asked about how some people have darker sin than we have...a bit like getting a sun-tan, but that was because these children lived where the sun shone everyday. So, she seemed happy with this explanation, she is 4 1/2 by the way, and is full of questions!
In the afternoon, we went swimming, and she met a little Chinese girl, about the same age, but she couldn't speak English...but the two of them were both laughing and giggling, even though they couldn't understand each other, and this all came about because they both had "Hello Kitty" dolls!
This made me wonder, although of their different cultures and backgrounds, children don't let this get in their way!
Hope that you had a great holiday! Sorry about the weather ... but I did warn you to bring a brolly!
Big hugs!

~ Lopa said...

@Alice in Wonderland

Yes, that is so true. I always wonder the way kids bond even when they don't know each other's language, it doesn't stop them from laughing with each other, from having a good time. Wish such virtues of childhood never goes away !

We had really nice holiday, and yes i did carry a brolly as per your advise.
Weather didn't give us any problem, it rained a bit only one day and that too only half a day. We had thought weather to be on a cooler side than here specially in Wales but it was nice, overall nicer than here and it was warmer than what it is here right now :o)

nameera said...

hope my tan proves a plus point there in AmericA..and I don't ahve to spend money on the tan creams.. :P
Wow!Tan rules eh?

~ Lopa said...

@ nameera

Ohh i was talking about europe, don't know about America ;) :P hihi

nameera said...

yes bol deti toh kya jata?
Michigan's cool too...reaches -7 degrees so..hope the same thing rules! ;P

Unknown said...

I love that "people are all the same, only creams they use changes" :D I didn't know that in Asia you could find creams that claim to make your skin look lighter? It's a crazy world we live in, isn't it? We always want what we don't have! FOr the first time in my life now that I live in the NL I don't have to worry about being too light skinned - back in Arg. showing white legs in the summer is a big no-no :D

AmitL said...

hahaha..nice topic-believe it or not, today only,I was at a SM,and noticed tanning creams-was wondering who needs tanning, in weather of 46 deg C?:)
This reminds me,for some reason,of the song'aaina wohi rehta hai,chehre badal jaate hain'..:)Replace'aaina'with 'cream' and 'chehre'with 'cream title'(fairness/tanning,etc...:)

Swatantra said...

People are same!! Only they behave different in different situation!!

Maya said...


ramlakmi said...

Good post..

My Unfinished Life said...

reminds me of one of our professor's amusing talk at college..he used to tell us girls that if we went to italy we would be wooed by men who would be crazy abt our olive color skin and unlike india, fair girls wouldnt have half a chance to hook men there!! made us wheatish girls quite happy hearing that!!....

sagarika said...

omg how did I miss this post..Stupid blogger I am following your blog but didnt receive any notifications :D..nvm twitter is still the best ..haha..

funny post..reminds me of my reaction the 1st time when I saw the chinese people happily having a sun tan in the beach..Used to feel they are wasting their money n time for nothing!...We all wish for what we dn't have ..very true!..thats y in India sun tan creams won't be purchased at high rate.:D...I guess we don't need them at all..given our weather conditions...

~ Lopa said...

@ nameera

haaye, main juth kyo bolu? :P :D

~ Lopa said...

@ Aledys Ver 
haha really?
Yes, there is a big market for fairness cream in India, i don't know it is possible but there are still so many creams claiming so and so many people falling for it crazily !

~ Lopa said...

@ AmitL 
Haha, that's true why would anyone want those tan creams there? May be that's aimed at travellers but they will also get tan automatically coming there ;)
That's a nice creative replacement ;) hehe

~ Lopa said...

@ Swatantra 
Yes that's true. It circumstances / situations that define people else all are same !

@ Uncommon Sense 

Thanks :)

~ Lopa said...

@ ramlakmi 

Thanks. Welcome to my blog :)

@ shooting star 
Hey first time here, right welcome and thanks for commenting.
So nice of you proff to make you feel special. It's those small things, some nice words that's all we need to feel special, isn't it? :)

~ Lopa said...

@ sagarika

I know you missed it as i didn't tweet it, that is why today did to bring you here, lol ;)

I bet, if one comes even with the idea to promote tan creams, he will be stoned, he will be labelled crazy, stupid, fool.... haha :P

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