Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Finally, a visit to the doctor in NL.

There is always a first time for everything, and it was to visit a hospital today in NL for the first time.

Well, it was scary and also totally new experience. I am writing this post right now, which means there was nothing serious involved but still I cannot help with that smile as now and then that tensed and scarred face of Ashu keeps popping up in my mind.

Ofcourse if I compare the experience with back home, India, there is a difference of ... ummm not comparable. You don't have to fill in forms as you are registered in database officially and you don't have to pay at the very same time of being treated.

Medication, that differs again, as when you go to doctor in India, you hardly rarely (may be never) ever come out without a medicine (whatever type it is!) or prescription for the same. Here even after my asking for atleast antibiotic I was denied with wait and watch!

But waiting.... cannot comment on that one as I was expecting with not a long waiting line in reception room and hospital full of patience waiting time would be better, but no... It remains the same! We had to wait even after we had an appointment, we had to wait for hours for getting the tests done and then for doctor to come to us and advice, so that part remains the same.

Life has been busy and I have been hardly getting time to write or read other blogs.

So this was just a drop in to say "Hi". Hope everyone is doing well.

I do miss blogging / sharing !


Life Begins said...

And what happened? All well with you and Ashit??

Nameera Fatima said...

even i miss blogging lopa, its going to be an year i stopped writing...feels sad.:(

~ Lopa said...

@ Life Begins

Yes, all is well. Just some check-ups.
But it was nice that this visit come after 3 years of staying here and also good as now i feel a bit more knowledgeable about this country and how things work here ! hehe

~ Lopa said...

@ Nameera Fatima

Haan yaar, sometimes i don't have time and sometimes don't have an inspiration ! It is getting a difficult life !

But then, it would be nice to read what we write now some years down, so have to try, have to try and that's what i am trying ! :)

Aledys Ver said...

Well, I hope that now that you know how it works, it won't be scary for you the next time!
As for the "wait and see" answer - that's typical, my dear! If you are in pain and you want it to stop and get better NOW, you basically have to.... LIE here in Holland! And insist, argue, put your foot down and say, no, I want something for my pain, infection, whatever...

~ Lopa said...

@ Aledys Ver

Now this is something all have been saying me, but i had a surprise when i was said no for any medicine and given prescription only for a pain killer!
Which i denied (ahem) saying no, i don't have any unbearable pain which needs a pain-killer. That resulted in a brief stare as you would imagine !

But then still it was passed to me in the case i need it then i have a prescription !

But i am going to remember all the tips for any future visits !

dipali said...

hey what a co incidence....i too been to hospital today...but mine was really scary.....had to go thru electromyography....damn doctors were pricking needles and passing currents thru my nerves

Invader Stu said...

I hope everything was alright.

I think I've been lucky so far with all my experiences with Dutch doctors.

~ Lopa said...

@ dipali

Ohh pali, hope everything is well with you ! take care girl !

~ Lopa said...

@ Invader Stu

Yes, everything is alright, thanks :)

Yeah, Dutch doctors are nice ( atleast all those i came across in that half day i spent there !) ... very friendly i must say.

By the way out of 4 which i met yesterday, 3 were females. :)

Anita said...

I have had awkward experiences in the past (wrong vaccine give to one of my kids, for example) but luckily it is all gone now. I learned also not to wait a couple of day when something serious starts, like when I had pneumonia and during the first days was just breathing above a pan with hot water vapour and some mint leaves - you can die in a couple of days from pneumonia and yes, I did received antibiotics immediately in that case. Well, everything is a life experience and I hope this has become one more interesting chapter for your life as an expat ! Be well !

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