Saturday, May 5, 2012

We are expecting...!

After family it was time to inform friends and colleagues. I informed my boss straight away so that he knows reasons for me feeling sick. 

More than me Suz was curious on when do i tell other colleagues, she kept asking me when will i as she wanted her dream to be true in a real sense that i inform the news and she can hug me openly showing how happy she felt ! 

We decided on informing everyone after our first ultrasound so that we know everything is well and good. I had my first ultrasound at 11 weeks and i informed to my department colleagues the very same day, more because Suz was getting impatient! hehe

Next week we invited some of the friends at our home and i baked a cake specially to announce the news to them.

Ashu went by saying "We are going to have a new member in our group; only thing is there will be a big age difference / generation gap". And then we presented the cake which read "We are expecting !!


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