Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Celebration of brotherly love....

Today is “Rakhi” or as we call it in Gujarat “Raksha Bandhan” (‘Raksha’ means ‘protection’ and ‘Bandhan’ means ‘tie’ literally meaning “Bond of Protection”), a festival dedicated to all the brothers and sisters In India, symbolizing the love and emotional bond shared by them. Traditionally there are many things and rituals done on this day, but most important and very common is every sister ties a knot of sacred thread on brother’s wrist praying for brother’s health and prosperity in all aspects and on the other hand brother promises to protect and safeguard his sister from all the hardships, problems, obstacles and evil forces in whatever ways he can. ( And ofcourse brother gives sister some gifts ;) hehehe )

May be this tradition was developed when women used to be not so independent and used to be dependent on male counterparts for many things, and may not appear very relevant today but still I love the essence behind the festival. We so enthusiastically celebrate Valentine’s Day, Friendship day and Mother’s day and Father’s day, so may be this we can take as indianised way of celebrating Brother’s day for all the sisters and Sister’s day for all the brothers.

I remember last year, this day I was as depressed as I can be. I felt homesick, which normally I don’t, considering the fact that last 10 years I was on my own from the day I entered the university, then masters degree and then for career. But then that was the time anyhow I used to visit home at least once or twice a month for a weekend. And never ever I celebrated any festival alone away from family.
And last year it was the time when we shifted to Netherlands and it was just 2-3 months and it was not possible to make a trip to India. So on this day I felt homesick. I missed everyone so much that I almost cried.

Today while tying a knot on my dearest brother Viv’s wrist, I felt so happy and blessed to be with my family this time.


Vani said...

hey, happy raksha bandhan!

Nithya said...

Hmmm I am happy that you are here with your complete family during this occasion. All the best and enjoy.. have loads of sweets dont worry abt the scale going towards right hahahah.. All my brothers are far off... Trying to get my part of gifts hehhehehe wish me luck

Pinay in Dutchland said...

ive always wanted to have a brother, you know someone who will kick the ass of ex boyfriends when they made you cry? unfortunately i wasnt given a chance to have one. i find this celebration of your country sweet.

~ Lopa said...

@ Vani

Hey wish you the same, though its belated now.... but you know, better to be late than never ;)

@ Nithya

hehehe, All the best re, u dont have to ask me in that ;)

@ Pinay in Dutchland

Yes, here brothers literally do that if any boy makes their sister cry ;) And i so so love it...hehehe

vivek said...

had a wonderful rakshabandhan with u this year sis.. luv u.

thamarai said...

Lopa, bhai gave you a nice gift?? hehe..glad that you enjoyed!! :)

nameera said...

We Indian's got our own way of celebrating each relationship..that's what makes India different!!
hope you had fun..and what did Vivek gift u?

Geotacs said...


thanks for sharing!

~ Lopa said...

@ vivek
me 2 bro, love ya...

@ thamarai
being with family itself was the best gift :)

~ Lopa said...

@ nameera
yeah, we indians love all d festivals and celebrations, don't we??? ;)

@ Geotacs

Thanks for dropping by and commenting :)

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