Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Finally....It started...

I finally had my long awaited painting lesson yesterday..... about which I had mentioned here and here.

If I were in India, I might be the eldest in such kind of class (I mean may be), so it was a surprise to me when I entered the class that I was clearly the youngest there!!
Well, the class was in Dutch (pat on my back, please) and I don’t need to mention here that how good I am with it. Hehehe

For the first few minutes I really thought to withdraw my name from lesson but then as I tried to pay attention, I realized I can actually make out what was being instructed! When I went to instructor, and just on hearing my "excuse me" he replied, you want me to translate as well right?? (Funny, I don't say it without a reason that somehow it’s written on my face ;o) hehehe)

Everyone who was there speaks Dutch so it was not possible and even practical but they all were very considerate, whenever they saw me with a point blank look on my face, someone will ask me if I didn’t get it and will explain.
I loved the way even painting lessons they were taking in couple, something I would consider for a dance class, but it’s great when you have same interests with your partner, isn’t it?
When I mentioned this to Ashu, he reacted saying ... so he can take those lessons as well, and we had fun visualizing how he would be standing there with brush in one hand looking at my face in a hope of some help which I won't offer... hehehe... I think he is better with his first love, his work and computers ;o)
Okay back to the class, They thought it was brave of me and must be very difficult to be among them when I don’t speak the language.
But I think I could understand it a bit, and painting is more noticing and practicing than theory explanations, and everyone was so nice to offer me help saying I can ask them whenever I don’t get anything, and I think it’s a bonus as listening to more Dutch will improve my Dutch too, so I think I am going to continue with it! :o)


Archana said...

Ooh sounds exciting! You'll definitely pick up the language better the more you are around it. I'm sure your spoken Dutch & understanding in general will improve. :) And it's always nice to follow a passion or interest. Art's always been my thing, I love it. And I'm sure it would be twice as fun attending a class like that as a couple - heh, though some men are better off left to do the things they excel at. :P

Arunima said...

so, you are improvising on your dutch as well as the painting lessons. ek teer do nishani as they say in hindi. :-)

thamarai said...

yeey! go for the painting class...I have seen your other blog..great paintings...I think I will get to see more in your other blog...:)

Unknown said...

Well, a pat on your back indeed!! It'll be great, if you enjoy painting and you are among such nice and friendly people; PLUS, you'll learn and improve your Dutch. Keep it up, Lopa!! My hat off to you, lady!! :)

Droomvla said...

A friend of mine, Jesusa, blogged (Jesusa's corner) about trying something new and I told her about my yoga classes last year. The teacher was German, who speaks Dutch with a heavy German accent. Hubby and I did it together, and it was fun in the beginning except that others started giving us the look later on because we were talking (he was translating to me the instructions) and giggling (because there were times when I was still doing a postion, and the rest left the room already). LOL

But I guess, in a painting class, it's different because people don't have too do positions with eyes shut, like in yoga. :)

bhumika said...


u know ur lucky... that u cn do what u really wanna do....

i also love painting n many other activities .. bt in india after some age what u r supposed to do is - earn, earn n earn!

happy to know u r improvin with dutch also!
u r really very strong girl!

~ Lopa said...


Yes, I am so excited about it :o)
And yes, whenever we share same passion, it is always so much fun attending class like that as a couple :o)

@ Arunima said...

Yes that's what came to my mind when i was writing last para of my post, ek teer do nishani ;o)

~ Lopa said...

@ thamarai

Thanks Vij, yes you can expect that ;o)
From my trip to India last month, I brought some more of my old school days sketches too ... will upload them too there soon :o)

@ Aledys Ver

You know when i was sitting there thinking about withdrawing my name, i remembered your words here on my previous post, that in future just speak in English not worrying about others around, and that's what i did :o)
Thanks indeed :o)

~ Lopa said...

@ Droomvla

I know what you are talking about, we had same experience when we tried yoga few months back, difference was that it was me and one of my colleague-cum-friend. And she is also struggling with Dutch like me. It was so funny...lol... half of the time we were looking at each other and giggling.
But then later on we searched for some yoga classes in English for some real yoga feel ;o)

@ Bhumika

Ohh Bhumika, that is so nice of you to say that !
Yes i can understand, I was there in India until last year and have seen it.

I used to do other things there as well but it used to get so hectic. That's why i couldn't stop myself mentioning India and comparing at the start of the post. Here it is more relaxing and easier to pursue hobbies...

I always used to paint, even when i was there, but i guess things gets more busy once you have kids :)
Thanks a lot again for those encouraging words :)

Nithya said...

Hey Lopa way to go!!! great!! I am happy that people out there are co-operative and you are all encouraged to learn Dutch better... hey the couple class thing sounds really exciting hehe...I want to some new mesmerizing paintings of yours HERE

Unknown said...

Good, Lopa - like someone says here in the comments, you are a strong girl ;)
And you know what, I think that most Dutch people would really appreciate your efforts when you try to join in and speak their language and the fact that you make mistakes or have an accent is considered by them "schattig" :) (most of the time, I said, right? hehe)

nameera said...

heeehee!Ek teer do nishana!good..what else can I say..How evil!!Poor husband of yours..! ;D

~ Lopa said...

@ Nithya
I am happy too :)
yeah that would be exciting only if my better-half was that much in arts, he sure does appreciates, but working on one...ahhh I have to check...lol

~ Lopa said...


Yes, they appreciate and they are very co-operative. I think they know how difficult this language is, and i see they are so proud of their language, any attempt they will appreciate.

It is just that my tongue starts rolling as i try to speak it ;) hehe
But i am positive, It will happen... One day :)

~ Lopa said...


Oye, me not evil, me very nice, very loving...hehehe

I am so considerate for him that i wont ask him to do something for my excitement ;) lol
and i so much know him, that i can visualise the future if i ask him...lol

Swatantra said...

Good Luck Lopa.. I admire your efforts.. Where there is a a will there is a way.. All the best!!

~ Lopa said...

Thanks :) yes indeed :)

Lizzy said...

Hey Lopa, some expats in Amsterdam are thinking about getting together for a party around Thanksgiving. If you're interested in coming, we'd love to have you.


mittika said...

read your painting experiences some time will share mine

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