Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Random ME ...

This one is a random post with random events around me !

- On the weekend we subscribed to unlimited movie scheme... yeeeyy...
We have this scheme at
Pathe theatre; Pay 18 € p.p. every month and watch as many movies as you want.
Considering one ticket costs 9.50 €, if we watch just 2 movies per month, It’s worth it, isn’t it? We have more ambitious plans though, considering how we have spoiled our movie watching records after coming here. Grrrrr
Back home 2-3 movies every week and here???? Aaaaah better we don't talk about that.
Time to catch up and straighten up the record ;)

- My sweet friend Nithya, who reads and comments on my blog regularly, started her own blog.
Some credits to me... hehehehe... Knowing how creative she is, I kept persuading her to have her own blog and finally she gave in.
It's named Rangeen Panne, which means colour full pages; life is colourful, isn't it?
And by the way as her first post she wrote a big thank you post to me...hehehe that's so nice of you Nits :o)

- Me and G keep talking about all Indian food time to time. (Yeah apart from Books as HERE) I keep telling her that whenever I will prepare this or that , will bring for you. But then mostly when I get to prepare it, it happens to be either a weekend or non-working day for her ( As she works 3 days a week). Grrrrr..
It was her birthday yesterday and so my good spirit inspired me to prepare some Indian sweet and bring it for her.

I had bought some carrots for that on weekend but later realised that not enough sugar at home so I asked Ashu to bring it while coming home so that can prepare Carrot halwa.
Now the sweet tooth that he has got..... Naaah not sweet but the sweetest I must say, he couldn’t resist but to bring some more carrots in spite of my mentioning not to ... May be he hoped that more carrots, more carrot halwa.... (Ohh boy, how he under-estimated me!!!).

Aaaah, so after 2 hours of hard work of grating, cooking and stirring standing in kitchen, finally it was ready and incidentally Ashu was half asleep waiting while watching TV.

I shouted from downstairs whether he is still awake, and answer came in some sleepy voice... aaaaahhh ... ummm... almost asleep...
But as I know him, I asked back that sleepy voice further ....

Will you like to taste some carrot halwa now or in morning .... ??
hmmmm ummmm yes a little bit....

Heeee haaa I told you, I know him.... lol

- I love painting (Ohh you still didn't know till now?? You gotta check my other blog buddy, check HERE), but I don't know oil painting so I applied for a course here at cultural centre. They got back to me saying I haven't done a preliminary course (or any course) there and this is advanced level course so they cannot put me in the one I applied for and I shall select some other basic course.


Few days later, as I didn't approach them, they called me again asking what have I decided. I explained them how I already try painting on my own using water colours and acrylics, and how nice will it be of them if they can suggest me a basic course in Oil Painting !! They checked and surprisingly came up with an answer "No". They don't have a basic course available for Oil Painting....

Aaaah then how does the beginners start learning??
And why do I have to learn all basic painting when I am interested just in Oils??

But may be that lady felt my disappointment or anger or surprise or whatever it was, she said she will talk with the teacher and come back to me on what can be done.
Ohm so nice of her!! Now you made me happy! :o)

Yesterday this teacher called me and asked me to meet him with some of my work. He will see it and suggest from where I shall start.

I am so excited about it but same time a little apprehensive. What all I do is that I have learnt on my own without any professional training or guidance based on whatever I learnt in school.
What if they feel my techniques are not that good and soooo amateur? :(
Now I don't mind learning from basics but then starting now and learning for 2 years to take course which I really wanted to, that's too much...
(Come on, I am no more in school or college... Aah getting old it seems !!)
I don’t have that much patience to wait for two year to learn what I want to learn now and I don't think I am that beginner too!!

I hope there is some intermediate course available with which I can start and reach my goal quickly.... Wish me luck.
Who knows, tomorrow I become a great painter, and that time if you are still my friend ( or I am still writing and you are still following my blog and I like you) you can get one free from me as a gift ;)
(Yeah... trying some bribery, now at least wish me luck)


Unknown said...

Thanks for lovely halwa :) :) :). I can smell it even in my dreams.

Next day when i wake up, i skipped the morning TEA and eat Gajjar Halwa as Breakfast.....

Yaa...thats love ...for both - Lopa and Halwa :)

Unknown said...

Slowly and steadily it seems we are moving towards our NORMAL life...

Our weekdays were starting and ending with Restaurant...Movies...Shopping...Outing...mmmm
(Yes weekdays :) :) :) ) ..

You can never stop Lopa for shopping and outing...
Movies and Restaurant is something which i initiates...but lately i see that she is becoming crazy of HOLLYWOOD films and Eng. serials...

Driving me crazing too :) :) :)

~ Lopa said...

@ Ashu
Hahahaha, Atleast you admit that you started everything by initialising ;)
Yeah but still movie and restaurants remains with you... hehehhe

And you too love all those hollywood movies and eng. soap operas ;)

If not who is the one asking me every evening? hehehe... ya may be we both are crazy...hehehe

Nithya said...

Damn Lopa I wanna have Halwa now... heheheh Well crazy gal that I am for sweets... I shall remind u in prior about my b'day and wedding anniversary.. heheh and also my preferences... hehehe
Thanks for the intro on ur blog :) I have just started need to go a long way till I become a regular "Blogger"
U n a basic course na na ....U will easily get through dont worry at all.. They have not seen your pictures yet... especially "Starry Night" All the best dear...

~ Lopa said...

@ Nithya

hehehehe, come here sweet heart, i will give you as much halwa as you want? How about shifting here? so much fun... huh?? hehehe

I have posted update on my meeting for course in next blog post :)

and btw, i already know your birthday and marriage anniv ;) .. I am a good friend hehehe;)

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