Friday, October 2, 2009

Mind ... again at it's best...

Aaaahhh I was suppose to write this post on Tuesday... but a busy week!
This is about my painting lesson on Monday. This was second lesson (as you might already know looking at how i keep mentioning them) and we were doing 'still painting' in black and white...

Now it happened that this time I didn’t go for coffee break and kept painting.
I wonder why I would need a break in 2.5 hour class, ya I would need if anything else but not when I paint. I can forget to eat or to sleep for hours... and even when I don’t paint for so long there are chances that I lose my sleep even... (Don’t believe? I had written about it here - second para.)

Ok so I preferred continue painting and it happened I was the only one in studio left then!! But what does it matter, right?
After few minutes break when all started getting back to studio, it happened so that many of them came to have a look at my painting then directly going to their Aisle. I felt a little surprised, but then thought it might be out of the curiosity as I was the only one present in studio so may be they wondered what was I upto... !

Soon I was able to guess when at the end f lesson we arranged out paintings in a raw and we started discussing each painting. It was in Dutch and I could not follow everything but then I heard my name and I couldn’t stop myself asking someone standing beside me that what it was about. And she explained me that he said your painting is of advanced and higher level and it will still take time and we have to work hard to reach there, and there I stand confused and embarrassed that why did I ask her !!

Anyway, then came turn of my painting and this time he talked in English ( yeah good, i need to understand everything atleast about my work !)
As he stand there, he looked at me, he smiled... everyone smiled... and the words came out ...
Well.... what can I say Lopa..... you are good. I can already give you the diploma.

Aaaaah can you imagine how I felt? Out of the world... I felt so happy, even in my sleep/ dreams that night I felt so happy.
Even right now remembering that moment is bringing a smile to my face.... yeah i am blushing ;)

But then there was this other day and mind game began....
human mind again at its best!!

Now I feel confused, I had actually gone there for the advanced class, right??? (I had mentioned it here in last para), what I wanted to learn was oil painting, But response was it is an advance course and as I haven't done any course there, I cannot join it directly! After a meeting (Which I mentioned here in later half of the post ), we decided to start with this intermediate course skipping beginner level. Now they say I am on advanced level than them, but then why did I start with this level?

I enjoy painting in any form and anywhere and so I do enjoy my classes too but would I be wasting my time and money with doing something I already can? There are 30 lessons, and out of that only 4-5 contains oil painting basics which I need to go to that advance level I wanted to learn!
I can ask them to shift me to advance class, but then I don’t want to feel stupid not even knowing how to prepare canvas to how to mix oils! So I do want to learn basics, but for that 4 lessons I am taking 30 lessons and that will enable me to attend that level next September, so that means 1 year of waiting!

Ohhhhhhh forget everything it's weekend ... no worries....

Wish you all a very happy, eventful, fun-filled weekend... Enjoy !!! :o)


Apanatva said...

very good post . just loved visiting your blog .

All the best for your painting classes

Swatantra said...

Hi Its nice to know about your painting!! I believe your painting also deserves a picture here.. Good luck!!

Unknown said...

Congratulations, Lopa! Maybe you need to discuss with your teacher after a few more lessons about moving up to a higher level? As you say, even if you enjoy the lessons and feel good with this group, you might be wasting your time and money?
Have a nice weekend!!

Droomvla said...

This reminds me of a little outing with my inlaws. We went to this workshop on making vases. I don't have any background on making vases ... let alone, molding and decorating them. LOL.... anyway, when we were all done, the teacher took a good look at our works and praised my work, saying that I did an excellent job and should enroll in her advanced class.

I did not enroll of course, but I know exactly what you mean here. If I were you, I would ask the teacher for more instructions. List down all possible questions you have and next time you meet, bombard the teacher with your questions. LOL Because although you are in the beginner class, your teacher can still guide you with developing your technique which is advanced already.

Hey,... you should do an exhibit and invite us! hehehehehe

Anita said...

Awesome castles also need a good foundation. The beginning probably is dull but will provide you a solid basis. After said that I must confess I also agree with Aledys: discuss with your teacher the program of the course. Maybe you're misplaced in the level.

thamarai said...

Hey Lopa, don't fret about are good already, you will become super at the end...I can imagine that 30 lessons are a lot, but you can probably ask your teacher to give you a little more advanced topics to paint perhaps?..

btw, I am visiting your other blog to see if you have posted your paintings there, I am waiting..:p

~ Lopa said...

@ Apanatva

Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting... i am looking fwd to check out your blog too :)
Thanks for the best wishes :)

@ Swatantra

Yeah i will remember to take and post a pic next time :)
Otherwise I have a whole separate blog for my paintings, i think you already know, don't you? :)

~ Lopa said...

@ Aledys Ver

Ya i thought same to discuss it with teacher, but now i think to wait for some more lessons and i am trying to be slow so that before i apply knowledge of what i already know, i can fetch more tips on what are the different ways same thing can be done !

@ Droomvla said...

Aaaaah i wish that can be true..... an exhibit and my open invite to you all... hehehe... may be it will come one day who knows !! But ya surely it has to wait as of now...atleast for few years ;)

~ Lopa said...

@ Anita

I think teacher also felt same that he would have given me more tips, and so this time i had more attention from him.
You know it being a start of lessons we haven't remembered everyone's name yet and so does he, but now he knows my name atleast.... hehehe

@ thamarai

Ohhhhh so it disappointed you?? .... visiting my other blog??? hehehe...sorry :)
I am thinking to upload some more stuff there, but don't know how am not able to manage my time quite well now a days... That blog is long due for update...soon... :)

nameera said...

Ah...a bit late,but atleast I can shower Happy weekend to you..
Are u telling us that..u are going to keep doing the same thing fr an year(which u know)just coz u want to qualify in to the next level of learning the art?ahhh...lots of patience ah..

~ Lopa said...

@ nameera
That's a way to go in Europe girl... I am working on that quality,...patience ! :)

Unknown said...

nice post

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