Monday, October 19, 2009

Festivity time...

I know that it has been long and I need to update my blog, i have been so busy to post anything...
First it was Navratri and then Diwali, This is Indian festivity month... some thing or other going on... but i did miss blogging !

We visited Diwali fair at Amstelveen last week on 10th Oct. It was nice seeing so many Indians at one place, but i guess presence out-numbered their estimation !
There was a long queue for entering the tent, long queues at food stalls and it was difficult to watch performances, it being so busy in the tent. It is my guess that only people who were early and lucky to be standing in front could actually enjoy them ! ( but then it is my guess as we couldn't, hehehe )
But I loved it in a way that at least there was something which made us feel in festive mood. I knew there was fireworks too but we left early and missed it. Came to know later that it was really good, and again very much crowded like almost whole town gathered there, we missed it!

Being away from home and missing all local festivals wasn't making me feel very good. ( ya but obvious, who will feel good about it ! ) But this was a nice change !

Then this week was really busy, we did some shopping for lights and candles, finally got our couch delivered. Had nice meals on Diwali nights and had a Diwali party at home yesterday ! And it was fun ! Love it !

It is our New Year today... Wish you all a very Happy Diwali ( though belated) and prosperous New Year with lots of love and happy smiles !


tunahan said...

Nice! so it is Diwali time now.. I should send happy-diwali e-mails to my indian friends then; this post has been a nice reminder on this :)
Happy Diwali by the way!

thamarai said...

Wish you a very happy Diwali and a new year!! :)

thamarai said...

We were half tempted to go and see the festival in Amstelveen, but there is a big celebration in Eindhoven as well on Nov. 7th. So decided against going. I hope this one turns out good...

Droomvla said...

Here's wishing you A VERY HAPPY DIWALI!!!

Samvedna said...

Wish you a very happy and prosperous Diwali and new year ! Lovely pic.

Unknown said...

Happy Diwali! :-)

~ Lopa said...

@ tunahan

Thanks :o)
In India that was a joke that when your sleep is spoiled at mid night by loud noises of fire-works and crackers, you know it is either Diwali or India has won a cricket match.... hehehe
Here it doesnt stand true, so suddenly flooded inbox works as a reminder, hehe

@ thamarai

Thanks Viji :o)
This festival at Amstelveen was pretty big. I saw the pictures of fire works and it was really amazing ! Last year we had attended at TUDelft, but they do on quite smaller scale than this. No idea about Eindhoven ! But whether big or not, you gotta have fun ;) Let us know afterwards, how does it go :o)

~ Lopa said...

@ Droomvla
Thanks a lot :o)

@ Antarman
Wish you the same ! :o)

@ A Touch of Dutch
Thanks Isabella :o)

Archana said...

I really feel like the only Indian that didn't do some kind of Diwali post! Oops, haha, anyway, Happy Belated Diwali! Being outside of India during festival season is always tough, especially where I am, because the government bans fire crackers! Can you believe it? Talk about taking the fun right out of Diwali on the basis of "fire hazard & noise pollution". Aahh well, besides that it was still a good time. :)

~ Lopa said...

@ Archana

hehe ya i believe you,as it's same here... crackers are bannned and for this beautiful fireworks, you need to take permission from city hall, if they find reason good enough then it's permitted for a fixed hour !
And most of the time it is these professionals, who come, do some magicals work and go and we stand and watch ! :)missing fun back home...hehe

Belated Happy Diwali to you too :)

dipali said...

hey saw your snaps of diwali celebrations..they r excellent..happy new year to you also..

Swatantra said...

Nice pictures!!

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