Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Vacation time...

Okay so I will be off blogging for 10 days while we go on Christmas vacation.
( Yeyyyy )

Ya, ya I know that's nothing when compared with frequency of my posts now a day, but deep inside a part of me is always crying to me, urging to me to be regular !
And so I have been trying sincerely to be regular and hence I do not want anyone to point at that gap, so precautions by informing you :o)
(Smart ;o))

So where are we going?

Our Itinerary is something like this...

24th Dec, Thursday early morning we are flying to Prague, Czech Republic.
We will spend Thursday, Friday and Saturday at Prague.

Last week was -15°C there, but now for coming three days forecast is showing Max +5°C to Min -3 °C So I am hopeful, I just wish it doesn't rain that much and we can enjoy one of the most beautiful cities.

Then from Prague we are flying to Rome on Saturday night.

We will be there in Rome for 4 nights exploring Rome and Pizzas ;)
Yeah and not to forget Vatican city :o)

On 30th December, we will take a train to Florence. I have heard so much about Florence and we have a hotel near the river. It has to be good as we are spending New Year there and it's also Ashu's birthday ! So with all the reasons I am very excited !

From Florence, on 2nd January, we are flying back from Pisa.

A few concern areas,

- This is the first time I have done all the bookings for trip, Normally I help in planning and booking remains Ashu's area but this time itinerary, planning, booking everything I have tried and so I am just crossing my fingers that there are no last minute surprises!

- I never knew Rome would be so expensive this time, Hotel rates in Christmas week are triple the normal rates. So for the first time we are going to try Bed & Breakfast at Rome ( at a cost of any 3 start/ 4 star hotels in normal days ) and I have my fingers crossed for that experience as well.

- We are taking train from Rome to Florence, and i have heard it's packed most of the time !

- No booking for from Florence to Pisa airport may be same way we will take train or taxi. We have kept it open for time being, need to take some risk at least.

Last but not the least Weather!!!
This past week has been full of snow, and coming week forecast says rains! I am hoping we have some nice weather at least a few days to enjoy our trip, and it doesn't snow or rain too much in those days. A little snow and rain is expected and accepted ;o)

OK so I am OFF packing now!!
See you soon... Merry Christmas to all of you...

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Unknown said...

Wow! Have a wonderful time! What a wonderful excursion you'll be going away for :-) Enjoy!

Unknown said...

Hi Lopa! I'm back in NL - and apparently, I got back just in time to see you off!
Wow, what a wonderful trip you'll be taking. Say "hi" to my lost relatives in Italy, I hope you have lots of fun and no unpleasant surprises!! Take care and have a very Merry Christmas!

nameera said...

have fun! :)

Droomvla said...

OMG, I am soooooo green with envy! I am stuck here and have gained 100 kilos since December 24, while you are on your second honeymoon. WAHHH! lol

Enjoy your trip and HAPPY HOLIDAYS! :D

Lopa said...

@ A Touch of Dutch
Thanks, it's so beautiful all around, seems like a dream... Hehe
Wish you a very happy new year :)

@ Aledys Ver
Thanks, I have been conveying 'hi' to people in hope one might be your lost relative :)
how was your time back home? How was the Christmas?
Wish you a very happy new year :)

Lopa said...

@ nameera

thankoo thankoo :) Wish you a happy 2010 :)

@ Droomvla
it's not 2nd honeymoon, it's 'n'th honeymoon ;) hehe
Happy Holidays to you too :)

Unknown said...

Lol!! In case you don't speak Italian, you can tell them: "Aledys dice 'ciao'!" :o)
My 2 months in Argentina were great!! and Christmas here in NL was really very nice!

Arunima said...

happy holidays!

S.A.L. said...

That's a very cute post! Belated Merry Christmas, sorry for being late as I just returned from my holidays too!

Hope you're having a wonderful time!

~ Lopa said...

@ Aledys,

Some people from Italy dice 'ciao'to you too :)
I am back now and will try to catch up with blogs i have missed in holidays :)

~ Lopa said...

@ Arunima

Thanx and Happy New Year to you ! :)

@ Mind Writer / Lopa

Thanks re, better to be late than never ! SO what did you do in holidays? Hope you had a great fun :)

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