Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sweating in the cold...

Do you feel sweating in -5 degree C?

I do.
Indeed did today.

I decided i will walk to office today that too wearing my regular office shoes! Yeah i realised my mistake as soon as i was out of my street, i wanted to go back and change but one part of me told me, come-on Lopa, how bad that can be?
Yeah, my adventurous soul ! And so that kept me walking.

When snow is compressed, it becomes a thin layer of "ice" and with this office shoes walking on "ice"... aah it's one hell of a balancing exercise.
It became more difficult as i left main road, at every step i was slipping and balancing trying not to fall down and then i saw beside the walking street "white snow" where there used to be grass, and suddenly it struck to my mind.... aaah that doesn't seem like slippery, that is snow, and i am walking on ice !

So i started walking where in normal days we are not suppose to walk and then i was at least 3 times faster than before.

I think changing shoes might would have made that a bit easier, perhaps, but yeah still not free of balancing exercise !

Anyway walking on snow in stead of ice helped me to reach office in 25 mins, which i thought will take forever considering my speed initially, my estimate was it wont take less than 40-45 mins if i continued at that speed. ( Normally in good condition, it takes me 20 mins and if i am walking really fast 17-18 mins.)
And this post because while i was walking feeling perspiring in -5 degree C cold, ( I actually have to loosen up my scarf) i kept my mind busy thinking about this is an experience i am gonna share !

Ok i admit i did slip, almost falling down to be precise, once when balance didn't work. I looked around if anyone noticed, yes there was someone just in front of me stepping down from a van, but he just ignored me, may be he saw many slipping and falling down incidents that he did not feel it worth attention ! Good for me ;)
But then against that i did balanced almost 25 times while i was about to slip, so not bad, not bad, atleast to me ;)

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Unknown said...

Lol! You made me laugh imagining your walk, trying to keep your balance and make it in time for work.
By now, I'm so used to walking as if stepping on eggs, that when I get inside the house I still do the funny walk :o)

Nithya said...

Lopa what comes to my mind immediately is the cute little gal on the road showing off some tricks n tryng to balance on tht thin little rope.... my granny always had stories of snow n slipping n balancong he hee... n ya i was jut thinking today,, its cold 12 degrees n i am sweating cause i was trying to make rotis at sooper dooper speed... heheh happy experimenting

Unknown said...

The fact you shared this is great :-) Cute cartoons too! It was a challenge enough today for me to walk from the car into the supermarket, only about a 30-meter walk. But you made it all the way to your work!

nameera said...

The balancing lopa should've been this blogs title ;)

dev said...

I agree with the picture Nithya mentions here! :) loved reading it, sweetheart!

~ Lopa said...

@ Aledys Ver
Gosh, I am so happy you laughed reading it, because when I write that is what I actually want to do, to make someone smile/laugh and I am never sure how did I do :)

Yeah it is funny and then everyone is walking and jumping all together :)
But I think a right kind of shoes makes it a bit easier, I see people changing shoes at office when they come to office and when they are leaving and they have to walk a bit, and they were even shocked when they show which shoes I was wearing and made it office… :D

~ Lopa said...

@ Nithya

Funny thing, even when I read or writing that’s what was coming to my mind a cute little gal, but ya not trying to show those tricks on rope but with snow, funny thing that is considering what I wanted was to write my experience and so it should be me, visualising me :D

M’am please parcel some rotis here, you have got sooper doper speed, you can make some more in your daily quota :D

~ Lopa said...

@ A Touch of Dutch

So you know what I was talking about huh ! When it’s main road, so many people have already walked there on so we can see a small path leading us, but when it’s not that crowded area, it’s not cleaned and so so difficult to walk.

I think anything we share, sharing itself is a great feeling :)

~ Lopa said...

@ nameera
Ohh ya, For me titling the post is the most difficult part, hehehe
Why weren’t you the first one to comment? I would have actually changed it to that ! :)

~ Lopa said...

@ dev

Thanks sweets :) and I loved that you read and commented :)

thamarai said...

Hey Lopa, I am glad you made it without falling. I have had several such moments when in Canada. One time, my mother had come and I was extremely nervous about her walking in snow. So I kept asking her to be careful while I magnificently fell down myself..:)...walk on the unwalked terrain in snow..thats the one thing I have learned..:)

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