Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ooops i did it again...

It started with HE saying something like...

Do you know these phone you can buy cheaper in Belgium.
Ya but mine is with subscription.
2 years contract is too much, it should be 1 year.

Blah blah blah
Blah blah blah

Blah Blah Blah continues...

Then i hit it in my genuine attempts of making a conversation.

So where are you basically from?
Me? From *****.
ohh wow and how long have you been here?
## years ( He mentioned a double figure number here)
Ohh wow that's quite some time, so how did you move here?
*** stare ***

( thinking he didn't understand me)

so you moved here with your work?
***stare*** (now accompanied by uneasy smile)

I realise may be i shouldn't be asking too much... so i try to close it with light passing comment and to move on from that topic....
( What? I thought they like those questions, they bombard me with those all the times !)

Or might be girl friend, huh ?? hehehe
*** very uncomfortable stare and unrecognisable expressions***
Did you hear about *********
I stay here with my boy friend.

Full Stop.
Ooops i did it again !


Efrutik said...

Hahahhaha Lopa very random! I'm assuming the purple is you and the blue is a newcomer to NL, with whom you spoke in Dutch? I love random and uncomfortable conversations, I think I'm a magnet myself for those too, lol!

~ Lopa said...


Oh, I don't know why why why always me ? hahahaha
Reading your comment glad though, knowing that i am not the only one " a magnet " hehehe
yes purple is me and blue is him , and we didn't talk in Dutch, we were talking in English :-/

Anita said...

Ach !! I do not know why some gay guys do not say immediately that they have a male partner. What is the problem ????

~ Lopa said...

@ Anita

Ya i thought the same.

My guess is may be he thought i knew it already and my questioning stumped him or may be he thought as an Asian, i might be conservative, i really don't know what, but yes i really felt dumb at the end of that conversation !

nameera said...

what did you do,the last time?

nameera said...

didn't understand the blog,it was only when I read ur comments :P

AmitL said...

hehehe..u handled that very adroitly, though I wish someone had taken ur pic after the last word...must've been a mix of embarassment and humour.:)

~ Lopa said...

@ nameera

i knew it, tum abhi bachchi ho...hehehe kidding.
I think i need to sharpen my writing skills this means, if my posts are becoming not so clear ! :-/

~ Lopa said...

@ AmitL

Ohh ya, i am glad no one was there to click my pic...hehehe
Actually i really felt dumb as the way he used to talk with me i had my doubts, but obviously we don't ask such things and that day, don't know what mood i was in !

sagarika said...

haha nice shock ha....something similar happened with me few months back. Mine is the female version :P. When the person told me about it I gave a " oh-its-common-nowadays" look but deep inside my reaction was totally opposite. haha..Cultural shocks are interesting..

Orangesplaash said...

Heeheee, this one is superb. The same thing also happened with a friend of mine, and she was left smiling too :)

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