Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day !

As they say, there comes pros and cons with everything in life and so does with this life as an expat, living away from homeland. With so many good things, one which tops as a down sides is missing family back home, missing parents!

It is but obvious why suddenly this is on my mind, Yes 20th June - Father's Day !

Well , back in India this occasion didn't mean much, not because it is not celebrated or no one knows about it, ( in fact in recent time if i say there is hardly any day or festival not celebrated in India it will not be an exaggeration. Indians love to celebrate and they need a hint of a reason), but more because of a culture where parents and children relationship is a bit different and even staying together with parents for whole life is also considered a way of life. Then your everyday is a mother's day or a father's day.

Today morning i messaged papa wishing him Father's day and reply came...
" Thank you, but i believe these formalities are not necessary,fir bhee new society rules it's ok. we will also follow the social norms. we miss u."

And i couldn't but smile !

There is no way any of us can thank our parents for all what they have done for us with a single word of "Thank you ". But isn't it still better to express your feelings on a name of one day than to think one day is not enough and then never express how we feel !
So think there comes importance of such days, they give us a reason atleast to express our gratitude or just to acknowledge the fact we know and we will be always grateful for all the love. Wish we can be as you are.

When compared mom and dad, Mom's love always remains more expressive, but still it is dad's is never the less.

I know days when papa would be late from hospital due to some emergency and i will fall asleep before he is home. When back, he will just sit beside me with his hands in my hair eventhough i wouldn't know !

I remember days i used to think that if i am sick and papa will just touch my forehead and i will be alright as he has special power and somehow growing up from a kid hasn't help much with that belief. For most of us as a kid, dad is always a super hero who fixes all our problems in a blink of an eye time.

I remember when i would be angry and sleep crying, he will come to my bed at the midnight as he wouldn't fall asleep. He will sit there beside a sleeping kid promising to make it ok whatever made me cry or angry.

I always knew when you didn't tell me something or gave an opinion about something you didn't like or didn't approve, just because you knew we will never disobey your words and you wanted us to be ourselves, taking our decisions ourselves. Thanks for that wisdom and freedom Papa.

As a part of growing up, understanding/maturity came ( or atleast we thought so ) - me, my sister and brother, we decided that we should be sorting out our silly problems ourselves than any tensions or troubles to parents. Being the eldest I also ordered them to come to me if that need arise than troubling parents with our silly problems. And we all agreed thinking we are mature now.
But alaaas... what were we thinking? Is it ever possible?

From tone of our voice they know what's in our mind. With a glance of our face, our smile will make them know. They have known us longest and there is no one who can know us more !

One of those time while i was staying in a different city for my masters studies and was trying to prove myself more responsible and grown up, not speaking much when in fact i needed them most, i received a call from dad, asking how was i doing and as i replied my usual all well, he told me something which i will never forget ...
Dear, we know you are mature, and we believe in you and all the decisions you take. We know you can take care of yourself and you are strong enough to manage everything but all we want is to be there for you. Let us to be there, let us be the part of your life - of what you are going through. We don't want anything but to support, can you please let us just support?

And there i was, speechless with tears in my eyes! Guess we are never grown up enough when it's our parents.
That taught me - no problem is that big to discuss with parents. May be one day whole world will turn face against me but still i will have them.

Thank you for everything Mom & Dad, thank you for what you are.
I know wherever we are, you are always there as a strongest support / pillar of our lives and values we hold in life today.

Happy Father's Day Papa, I know you will be always there and I promise i will be always there.

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

In peace with green !

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Happy Environment day, Belated !
Why belated? It's all about how environment matters, then why only 5th June? Why not everyday?

"Jai Environment !"
Happy Environment Day everyone, today and everyday ! :o)

At my office they celebrate Environment Day every year, wait i am not sure. I haven't been here that much longer so while i am here, they did last year and they did this year.

They also arrange some kind of competition for this day along with all routine presentation and stuff to make it more interesting. Last year it was to come office on you bicycle and one who covered longest distance was given a prize and this year it was a photography contest on theme "Trees".... to be precise... 'Trees matter to us, Trees matter to nature and Trees matter to animals.'
Last year i couldn't participate as i stay 20 min walking distance from office, and winner travelled more than 20 kms one way. This year I couldn't think of anything related which i can submit and also didn't get time to go out with a camera to participate in that. sad.

But I completely agree with the slogan line ... think about it...

Trees matters to us, that is obvious as where will you pee if you are in the middle of jungle? Ohh forget it, i meant isn't it nicer camping in woods? ;o)
Trees matter to nature, obvious, if not for trees, how will we know when we crossed concrete jungle and entered in to lap of the nature !

Trees matter to animals, obvious, where will they run when they see you?

While we are talking about environment friendly-ness, i would say i love the way in Europe people use bicycle, back home i didn't even think to go to office on bicycle. When you go to college, you want a latest brand vehicle on your dad's expense and here even company MD will come to office bicycling his way, took some time to let everything sink in and accept the different mind -set and appreciate it.
Aaah and that yellow light in housing everywhere, candle-light dinner every night ! Now when back home lighting feels blinding !

Staying here has helped me to realize, one doesn't need to be an environmentalist or socialist or whatever, It's not a difficult mission, It's just about being a bit more conscious about surroundings and about own selves by incorporating small healthier habits in daily life.
For example,
Don't drive always - walk, use cycle when possible!
Don't use those disposable cups, own your own mug, it doesn't take much to wash-clean and re-use !
Take stairs than elevators / lifts for just 1-2 or 3 floors ! (save energy and stay fit !)
Use energy saving lights. (when dimmed they are romantic believe me ;o) )

Aaaah advises, advises ... It doesn't work that way.... Implementation is the key !

I was a very conscious kid you see (may be unconsciously though, hehe ), I have always been contributing in saving environment in my ways.

I stopped writing diary as a kid when i came to know how my writing daily crap on page was contributing slaughter of trees ! (And you thought i was lazy? blahhhh !! )
I would have even stopped writing notes in school, i would have stopped doing school home work and i would have even stopped writing exams, only if everyone was as conscious as me ( yes conscious, not lazy ! ) on saving the trees and agreed with me not forcing me to write exams on paper !
I would say, why don't they cancel all the written exams, there will be only viva and practicals... nice, great contribution towards saving trees. What you say?

Oooops wait, i hear some noise outside... ohhh students !
They are protesting against me, why? Ohh for scaring them with idea of "Don't bluff on paper, bluff on face !"
Ohh come on guys, i am just trying to save environment!!
It's a free world, everyone has right to say what they think, but one is responsible for their free- actions so guys, please cooperate.

Wait, Blogging doesn't effect environment? right? If it does i have to stop here. Do let me know what alternatives can be taken, no pleasure at the cost of environment please.

Where were we? Oh yes Environment Day celebration at my office. So they also give some environment free gifts after a small get together, environment presentation and some tea-coffee-cake.
Last year it was hortencia's plants and this year it is rechargeable battery. Funny thing was as given, people looked at it and put it in pocket, only a few minutes later when everyone was at their respective desks, we got this e-mail.

"Dear All,
The battery you have received after the Pulse Environmental Presentation is a USB-Battery. You can recharge the battery by plugging the battery (see picture below) in the USB-portal of your computer.
For people who are already aware of this fact, this email is not applicable."
Ooops !

Hope you all had a great weekend, you didn't harass environment much, i didn't i spent weekend cycling on the island of Texel !
Be good to Environment. If you love it, it will love you back ! :o)

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Friday, June 4, 2010

And the result of prev. Travel Photos contest post is announced !

It was so nice to feel that adrenaline rush after years... to wait for the result.... to check that result page again and again if the results are announced !
Butterflies in the stomach and finally.... i refreshed the page and this time it lead me to the different page than previous... to a result page.

I won it, i won it, i won it.
I called Ashu the moment i saw my name and then went to twitter, buzzed/ pinged some close friends and finally here blogging about it to share with you all :)

Thank you everyone for your wishes.

Here is a link to result page. - "Travel Photos Contest winners announced"

seems what they liked was how i explained my thoughts while taking those pictures.... so more than pictures its my thought that counts, you see...hehe

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