Monday, July 5, 2010


This is so difficult to admit.... specially because i don't know how that can be true !
mmm... i mean may be, right?
Okay say it.... mmm may be i am facing a writer's block, with nothing in mind which i desperately want to write about, but i say that is not possible as i am not a writer, right? And i don't write, i just ramble things and thoughts here & there.
Does that means my mind is blank? That's even worse than what i was thinking that it is all because of my busyness ! Or may be laziness acting !

Ohh well, at least now i have somethings to share, i got the blogger meet invitation from Anita from Greetings from Holland last month, i was not sure if i would be able to make it with summer vacation plan but glad i could.

I met some of the beautiful fellow bloggers yesterday and it was so nice.
Thing is i met them for the first time and it didn't feel like it was first time. Through the blogs and reading, it felt like we already knew one another. So nice, lovely and warm-hearted.
Nice food, Anita really worked hard for this and to top it nice weather !
Well i didn't bring my camera with me, so no pictures for me, but i guess others who had the camera clicked a few and they will be sharing them on their blogs.

With the nice weather spell we had in last weeks, everyone is busy here enjoying their share of summer which finally made it's presence felt. Better late than never, right?

Also the FIFA fever ! With Holland winning against one of the world cup favorite Brazil, things are going crazy here with men in oranje !
Final match doesn't look that far, of course we need to win tomorrow's game for that first but some how all around me doesn't want to look that close, so i am happy going with the flow.

Also i was tagged by Amit from Some Sizzling Scintillating Speculations.
Tag - What's in your bag?

I have a reverse story than other people like Amit who from carrying something to started not carrying a bag at all.
For me i used to go office empty handed just with a thin wallet in my pocket and a cell in my hand. Which apparently wasn't very girlie. I used to like appearing kind of tom boy type....hehe
Then in my prev job, it was a manufacturing plant and so there was nothing around the plant if one wants something. So i started carrying a small purse (in case of need to carry something), but it was often empty with just a wallet and cell in it !

After moving here now normally i carry a wallet, my phone, headphones for my iPhone, some chewing gums, my AbnAmro on-line banking instrument (i don't remember what it is called ! ) and a small umbrella (yes, learning from living in Holland) in my purse.
Right now as a result of change of purse and nice sunny weather around i no more have umbrella in my purse at the moment but in stead i have some paper napkins, not because they are handy and useful, i think that's a result of eating while driving !
Ohh and yes, sometimes there are some prints of recipes, i came across internet and couldn't help myself but to print it to try later and sometimes some prints for vacation planning.

This is surprising, no make-up !!! I should be carrying some make-up too, to make my purse have more girlie feeling ! hehe

Ok Now time for you to tell me, what do you carry in your purse / bag?



liked the randomness in the post... and the best part is even when you had nothing at all on ur mind, u still ended up writing more than when you write otherwise :)

regarding what I carry to office, I used to carry nothing back in Torrent, but here I carry a lot of things in my bag. I have lunch box, fruits, extra pair of spectacles, 3-4 pens of different colors, my company cap, last 3-4 months salary slips, a novel, cheque book, 2 memory sticks, my visa documents, chewing gums, eye drops, copies of some engineering Australian Standards, etc. The list is endless. But I am sure I carry something which I bet no one else would be carrying to office. I carry a nail cutter as well. Yep I cut my nails outside office because I keep forgetting it when I am at home.


~ Lopa said...

hahaha.... It is something like you know when we have a topic, we have limited knowledge but when we don't have a topic we whole world to talk about !

hehehe... but that nothing on my mind was to justify my not-so- frequent posts now a days ! :)

By the way that's a lot you carry in your bag? How much it weigh? :oD

I am very lazy that way, i hate to carry things.... if i can i prefer not to carry anything, why to carry some weight when we can live without it. I know it's not good in a one way, so then when you have to carry a little bit weight, it gives a shoulder / backache ! :oD


I am sure it must be atleast 4-5 kgs, give or take few grams ;)

well, I dont have to carry it since it stays in my car. So I just carry it when I walk from the parking lot to the desk.

Alice in Wonderland said...

Well, this is what Blogging is all about! Just people writing down their every-day thoughts and what they do. There is always something to write about.
Look at it on an on-line diary or journal. If you forget something, then someone will remind you!
And living in England, I always have an umbrella in my bag!

Unknown said...

You are right, Lopa - it was so nice meeting everybody yesterday! And Anita is such a wonderful hostess - she cooked a lot and everything was heerlijk!!!

As for what to carry in your purse or not to carry one at all - oh dear, I always do, I always take lots of things that I end up not needing and I forget things that I do need... always the same story! :o)

Anonymous said...

We also had Indian blogger's meet in SG on 18th June. Following post describe my take on that meet.
As a group, our strength is already in double digit and hopeful of taking things forward for good.

Efrutik said...

Hi sweetie,

I am glad you wrote something. Welcome back (and that will be said as many times as necessary!). The beauty of blogging is that you write when you write! no pressure it is a perfectly fine process of leaving your blog and coming back to it.

I am glad you met up with a friend of yours. I am also trying to meet a blogger friend today who lives in Amsterdam. She is here visiting for a few days in Washington, D.C. and I can't wait to see her (hopefully we will meet today, at last).

As for the WC, since you brought it up missy. I am very upset that the Dutch won that game. For me the WC is over since Brazil lost. I was very upset, and disappointing and very angry at the Dutch. But fate is fate. I'm waiting for 2014 now. I think the Germans are a well oiled soccer machine of a team. I don't like them personally, but I think they are strong team to beat. I like how you are going with the flow though, lol. That's the way to go!

Hmm in my purse I usually have: wallet, umbrella (a necessity!!!), a cosmetic bag (w/ lotion, lip balm, mascara, and eyeliner), camera!, glasses (reading and occasionally sunglasses), and maybe a planner (including a pen, b/c I like writing random things down).

~ Lopa said...


hahaha, I know, car is behind all this extra carrying, it goes same with us when we are travelling by car, irrespective of whether we will use it, we just carry it in car that it might come handy.

Something similar when we first started using Digi cams remember? Just click it, you don't have to pay for roll and you can delete later if you don't like it, so now we keep clicking all the pics / pics of the things which we wouldn't even consider. :oD

~ Lopa said...

@ Alice in Wonderland 

Yes, that's true. That's why now i call my blog my diary blog... as once upon a time i used to have a diary to pen down my thoughts at the end of the day and now this is the place !

Yes England weather is very much like here, it seems. But back in India i never carried umbrella, so this is a new learning for me after moving here ! :o)

~ Lopa said...

@ Aledys Ver 

hehehe, i saw that on Sunday, how you are always prepared with everything you might need :0)

But then look at the brighter side, you don't have to suffer because you didn't carry something ! :o)

~ Lopa said...

@ krunalc 

That's nice way to network krunal.
I read your post and i liked the way you summed it up ! :o)

~ Lopa said...

@ Efrutik 
Hello sweetieeeee... You are so nice :o)

For us it was one Blogger inviting some other bloggers at her place. So then did you meet that blogger friend yesterday?

If she lives in Amsterdam and blogs, by any chance do i know her blog? hehehe Do write about how did it go. And yes i am so sorry as currently i have not been able to follow any blogs properly, i know i must have a big backlog on your blog and you might already wrote about it ! Will check i out soon ! :o)

About the WC, i think it was only the Dutch happy, else rest of the world upset with the upset ! hehe But then look at the other side, if it is always favourite team winning there won't be as much excitement, it's such upsets which makes WC more interesting providing some uncertainties !
And yes Germans are really playing well, the way they beat another favourite Argentina, it was unbelievable and with that kind of play, truly deserving !

And that's hell of things you carry with you, life would be easier if we were staying near, i would be never worrying about, i might missed something being sure you always will have it...hehe :)

sagarika said...

welcome back busy lady didn't have any in mind?u must be kidding.u perfectly came up with a gd post na...:)...maybe u write well when u dont have anything in mind :P

well in my bag I carry my wallet, lunch box n fruit box(if m going to office),university book,my itouch,extra handphone and compact powder:D...well not very girlie too..P...suprisingly no umberalla(given the fact it always rains in sg)i perfer to get wet in the rain(ya its crazy) :D

Invader_Stu said...

Writers block is a pain but don't worry. It usually passes. I get it a fair amount on and off. The trick I've discovered is not to focus on it too much otherwise you'll put too much pressure on yourself and then that will stop you from being able to write.

Swatantra said...

A book, a lip gloss, a pen and the goggles.

~ Lopa said...

@ sagarika

Oye...what does it mean? //maybe u write well when u don't have anything in mind :P
Hmmmmm ...ohh i don't know how to put an angry smiley here ! :o(

Aree baba, nothing in mind uske liye tha ki itne time ke baad post likhi na... abhi to kuch kuchh tha dimag mein tabhi to likhe...hehe

Yes, i preferred getting wet back home, but not here. It gets freezing cold and here it doesn't rain, it drips drips and drips for days, nothing like those showers of rain !

Now a days me too carry Sunglasses :) Summer (style) effect ;o)

sagarika said...

//ohh i don't know how to put an angry smiley here ! :o(

I am saved ..haha...just kidding yaar...u r spending more time on ur cooking this poor blog got ignored na :D....

I would love to get wet in the snow...that is smething which will nvr happens in SG....mayb its time u carry sme girlie stuff..:P..kuch tho change kar yaar... :P

AmitL said...

Hi,there...thanks for doing the tag so soon.:)And, a big smile at the way you said you've gone reverse from what my case true...hahaha..:)I'd still recommend that you try going 'khaali haath' to work-it's so nice-one less nuisance to keep in the memory-though,of course,you could carry the usual 'ladies necessities'(a la lipstick,etc) in one of those 'bags on belts' that tourists carry.
And,grt reading @ the NBM(Netherlands Blogger Meet)...We used to have regular DBMs(Dubai Blogger Meets) but nowadays, very few people of that group are regular, nee, blogging at there..

thamarai said...

Lopa, just with the sheer number of people who have commented here you can tell how we like to read your stories..:) great going girl!

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