Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Blogger issue !

And comments are back !
Seems like this issue is resolved.

This post if just to know you all that I am facing this problem with my blog.
It is not i am not replying to comments on my blog, but there is some problem that whatever i reply is not appearing on my blog. When i post a reply, it looks like i posted, i can see them and in a moment they are all gone !
Even some of your comments i received in e-mail notification and they don't appear on my blog and some do ! So it might be appearing same when you post, that you see it's posted but i am letting you know this that when you visit again and look for a reply and can't even see your comment, it is not someone deleted it, but it is just because of this problem with blogger !

Even number of comment it shows on my Blogger Dashboard and Blog page are different as that on Dashboard are including those comments which are not visible on Blog Page and Blog page displays number of comments only which are visible !
Creepy !!!

I wrote to Google Helper and I am receiving comments from other users that they are also facing similar problem but no solution so far !
I hope there is a solution soon.
This is driving me crazy !
Did any of you ever faced similar problem? Please help if you know how to fix it or whom to contact !!

Put me a comment, it will be interesting to see who can post comment and whose comments disappears like mine !
And even if your comments don't appear on blog, don't worry i am getting those on my e-mail notifications, so i will be reading them!


Comment Notification :
Aledys, Lizzy, Invader_Stu... I read your comments on e-mail.... too bad none is appearing here !


Unknown said...

Yes, Lopa, this is happening I guess, to all of us. I managed to publish two comments on my last post, but when I replied to them, the comment was not published. If I try to publish comments from the link on the email notificaitons, I get the error message.
There's a compilation post on the Help Forum. Have you entered your info. there? I don't know if it's going to be any use, but ....

Lizzy said...

Weird...I posted a comment on your blog and saw that it wasn't there. I was starting to doubt if I was just remembering things that I didn't actually do hehe. I hope you can get it fixed soon!

Invader_Stu said...

That sucks. I know blogger has been having some issues for a while. I hope it gets sorted out soon for you.

Pres├ępio no Canal said...

My blog had problems too today, but now, I can publish the comments. However, there are problems with comments counter ...

~ Lopa said...

Seems like Blogger is back !

nameera said...


Alice in Wonderland said...

Thanks for dropping by!

Everyone seems to have had Blogger issues this week! I couldn't comment or leave a comment on any of the blogs, and it was after 4:00 a.m. this morning (my time) when I finally got my post to stay put!
I also checked out Blogger Status, and there was an apology there, and they just said that it would be rectified as soon as possible.
Hopefully things have now been "rectified"!
They must have known that there were problems going on.
Gremlins in the works, no doubt!
E-Mails were working fine, but today they are going a bit dodgy. Quite often today, I get those "Mailer Daemons" back, and it is really annoying after writing a long mail, for it to be returned!
Hope that you are well, and receive this comment!
(Fingers crossed!)

Alice in Wonderland said...

Oh, no! ..... you have no followers now!

GRRR! this is so frustrating!

Droomvla said...

This happened to me severals times when I posted comments on my friends' blogs. There are times when I am too upset to reconstruct what I wrote, and would just leave the sight.

I hope this one will appear on yours! LOL

Enjoy the weekend. :D

AmitL said...

Yep-I used to have this prob,too-don't remember how it got solved-the blogger guys did it,but,till then,I used to go the the posting section and read comments from there...as they say, u can't keep a blogger away from posts and their comments.:)(No-one says it,I just coined the phrase...LOL)

~ Lopa said...

Thanks everyone for commenting here, it was sure frustrating when comments didn't appear. So gland it's okay now, touch wood :)

Anita said...

It was a week when blogger was doing crazy. I guess it is fine now. Have a nice week !

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