Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Is killing a solution?

When something on my mind I got to get it out. I am too upset, too shocked to think about anything else right now.

Why do people kill someone really? What do they get by doing so? Is it worth it?
One might have lots of grudges against some one, one might be too angry to feel like killing someone, but aren't all those momentary things, can one really feel satisfaction of taking revenge by killing someone?
I guess those weak moments brings those sudden rush of killing someone or killing own self, but what after that moment is passed?

I just came to know about how a surgeon was stabbed to death in his own residence at the place I grew up. No I don't know him, but do we have to know someone to feel so?
I saw his pics just a few days back when my dad shared a few pics of places they visited during their training stay in other state.
It is more shocking to me as he lived at doctors' quarter where I grew up. We lived there till I was 16, for me that was the safest place on the earth.
Doctors are considered the most reputed people there, then hearing such news surely breaks all the faith we hold. Why would someone do that?

I don't know the intention of such deed, and how it's justified in eyes of one who did it or even that who did it!
But I know killing someone is never a solution for anything. No one deserves to die that way.
I am still in shock. May his soul rest in peace.

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Dhara said...

I can understand how u must be feeling right now,really disturbing news for u plus ghar thi dur hoiye tyare ava news vadhu asar kare. But bahu na vicharish. Uncle sathe vaat kari leje mode thi, so u will feel better.

Akum said...

So true, killing is never the solution to anything.

Nithya said...

Lopa this is indeed very disturbing. We can somehow bring ourselves to accept deaths caused due to accidents but such merciful acts shake our faith in today's times, system and above all people.
The value of human life for some means nothing...
You don't worry as dhara says talk to ur dad u will feel better..take care....
Hoping the system to revive its strong core values of humanity

Hetal said...

Rightly said lopa it is indeed a momentary thing and in that flash of wild moment this kind of henious act gets really disturb us killing is no where to be considered a solution for anything, by killing a person actual hatred in mind doesnt die, there is a need to kill the hatred within oneself not the person , it can be achieved by forgiving or forgetting....thats the solution

Alice in Wonderland said...

Hummm, Lopa, this certainly gave me something to think about. With this man being a Doctor, maybe it was someone who possibly wanted drugs.
We all have those moments when we say to ourselves "I could kill so-and-so!" but normal people don't actually go out and do it.
The society that we live in today really scares me at times.
Big, big hugs, sweetie!

Unknown said...

Oh this sounds horrible, indeed. I can imagine how it has upset you, having happened in a place where you used to live and the victim being a doctor like you father! It's very difficult to understand when something like this happens!

Maya said...

well some people like killing, what can we do abt it..

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