Thursday, September 2, 2010

Living a dream, Part-time !

As I kid I fancied a life, living out of suitcase, I always wanted to be that very busy corporate personality living with / around a traveling suitcase, collecting lots of air-miles, flashing 10 cards, and most of the all flying over all the gorgeous countries.

But as it turns out as we grow up, the reality hits. You work doesn't mean you have it all. Not everyone in the organization gets to travel. Not everyone who works lives out of the suitcase. Not everyone works for a multinational company. Not all organization has work all across the globe!

May be it was that child-hood dream which made me go for MBA, as I thought may be it will bring me more near to my dream, but it didn't. Years passed and I started feeling happily settled in life and almost forgot about it until now.

In my recent job, we are going for a new system which meant travel on & off to our HO at none other than Paris!
And that brought all the childhood fantasy back, well I might not have achieved even 10% of those fantasies, i might not be doing even a fraction if all what those dreams hold and this might not be a forever thing but this is enough to give a feeling of how it will be, a reality check on how would it have been if those dreams had come true.

Well I do enjoy what I do, I do love this experience and I do know how nice exposure it is for me personally and career wise but same time reality is also how it is not so much fun, being on your own in a new place where you don't know anyone. Spending evenings alone, and missing loved ones, worrying about him if he ate his dinner properly or not! (Knowing he cannot cook and he doesn't eat leftovers!) And he is also home, all alone trying to keep himself busy with work !

Everything has got some pros and cons I guess. But still it feels nice in a way at least I am living a part of a dream!

P.S. And that's the reason of my invisibility on blogosphere. Thanks to you friends for checking on me if everything alright. I am settling in a new system and hopefully will be back to new schedule soon.

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