Thursday, September 2, 2010

Living a dream, Part-time !

As I kid I fancied a life, living out of suitcase, I always wanted to be that very busy corporate personality living with / around a traveling suitcase, collecting lots of air-miles, flashing 10 cards, and most of the all flying over all the gorgeous countries.

But as it turns out as we grow up, the reality hits. You work doesn't mean you have it all. Not everyone in the organization gets to travel. Not everyone who works lives out of the suitcase. Not everyone works for a multinational company. Not all organization has work all across the globe!

May be it was that child-hood dream which made me go for MBA, as I thought may be it will bring me more near to my dream, but it didn't. Years passed and I started feeling happily settled in life and almost forgot about it until now.

In my recent job, we are going for a new system which meant travel on & off to our HO at none other than Paris!
And that brought all the childhood fantasy back, well I might not have achieved even 10% of those fantasies, i might not be doing even a fraction if all what those dreams hold and this might not be a forever thing but this is enough to give a feeling of how it will be, a reality check on how would it have been if those dreams had come true.

Well I do enjoy what I do, I do love this experience and I do know how nice exposure it is for me personally and career wise but same time reality is also how it is not so much fun, being on your own in a new place where you don't know anyone. Spending evenings alone, and missing loved ones, worrying about him if he ate his dinner properly or not! (Knowing he cannot cook and he doesn't eat leftovers!) And he is also home, all alone trying to keep himself busy with work !

Everything has got some pros and cons I guess. But still it feels nice in a way at least I am living a part of a dream!

P.S. And that's the reason of my invisibility on blogosphere. Thanks to you friends for checking on me if everything alright. I am settling in a new system and hopefully will be back to new schedule soon.

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Alice in Wonderland said...

I travelled a lot with my husbands job, but coming "Home" was always a big thing to me!
Yes, it was nice to travel, meet new people, trying new things and cultures, but it gets a bit like "Dorothy Syndrome" your heels and wishing you were home a lot of the time!

sagarika said...

Heyy finally ur back…gd to read ur blog again….ya was wondering what happened to didn’t blog for quite some time and nt active on twitter…but gd to hear ur fulfilling ur dream…even I have the same dream but yet to fulfill it :)….too bad my work doesn’t require me to travel….hey I wish that u b back with him soon …:) tc babe…Enjoy Paris

Efrutik said...

Now, I have just thought of you yesterday and how much I have been missing reading what you write! Glad you are oh so back, and with the new developments too. You know, I'm also thinking about similar things these days. I realize that life is as such that should be pursued. An open thought here however. Write whenever you get a chance, enjoy Paris and do not worry too much about your hubby, men are big babies, lol. I'm kidding of course!

P.s. if I am in Amsterdam this summer may we meet up?

Minal said...

Feels good & happy to know, u're following ur dream. Hope you will keep writing ur experience of Paris. Best of luck and enjoy!!! :)

Maya said...

hey congratulation but i think you will get bored after some time of the constant travelling..

Unknown said...

Lopa! I guess that for the time being you have to enjoy this, as you say, as a way to fullfill you childhood's dreams! TIme will tell if it's too much for you... Maybe next time you have to go to Paris you can let me know in advance and I'll come with you! :D But I warn you, I speak 4 languages, but none of them is French!!! :P

Anita said...

I didn't like to travel for work, and my next job has to be 100% travel free !

Unknown said...

Hi Lopa, Nice to read your blog..I always said u r a good writer. I feel that after marriage, ppl dont like to travel a lot and want to have nice eve with husband/wife. I dont understand that still why u want to travel. Its always good to go to new place, but surely not frequently and if it is with loved ones then it will be better.
And dont worry...ur husband will read your all online receipes and cook something..i guess....
Enjoy ur work....keep writing...

Anonymous said...

i agree what piyush has said,i m worried for both of u have to manage remaining alone which u r not used to since long,particularly ASHIT`S food.Anyway bot have taken joint decision,so we dont have to worry,enjoy.papa

AmitL said...

So's just a reminder that the grass just seems greener on the other side, Lopa.:)But then,everything in life has pluses and minuses- think over how many people get such chances in life?:)Good luck!:)(And,who better to talk @ this than me,who's been away from the family since y2k2..hehheh..simple thing I learnt- flow with the tide- don't resist- things keep falling into place, like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, and, in the way you want them to.

nameera said...

u are not into farms too :P
missing ur entries.
get back soon :)


it amuses me that you thought of being a professional flying across the globe while being a child. come to think of myself, all I wanted to become was an artist, a writer or something and imagined myself roaming around with a shabby shoulder-side bag and overgrown beard.. i still try to fulfil that, albeit in parts.. i still go for several days without shave, i still use a shoulder-side bag and i tend to be creative sometimes. :)

back to your dilemma, i guess life isn't always about picking one of the good and the bad.. in fact, it more often is like picking one from two bad choices.. take it that way, you gain some, you lose many :)

enjoy the land of Monalisa

My Unfinished Life said...

well, yeah i think each one of us try all our lives to make our dreams come true, childhood or otherwise!!......
congrats to you on the new set up!!

~ Lopa said...

@ Alice in Wonderland 

I know, it is so nice to be back home, finally not having life around a suitcase !
But i enjoy being there as well, meeting new people, working in a different culture ...lots of learning.

~ Lopa said...

@ sagarika 

I am back with him every weekend, and i am away only alternate week and that too only weekdays, my all weekends are with and around him ! So that's the good part :)

~ Lopa said...

@ Efrutik 

Sure babes, I was actually thinking if you come to Europe and we meet in Paris, i would love go shopping with you ! haha... I don't know why but i have a kind of intuition that we will be good there having blast together :)
And yes, if you are in AMS, you are not going back without meeting me !

~ Lopa said...

@ Minal 
Thanks Minal, yes i guess i will keep writing i will have more time in evenings there being on my own ! :)
Thanks a lot for your wishes.

~ Lopa said...

@ Uncommon Sense 

Yes, i know. But it is not that constant too and for time being i am enjoying it, and i think once i start getting bored it will be about end of this assignment and i will be back at home, all settled !

~ Lopa said...

@ Aledys Ver 

Aledys, seriously ! Can you do that?
I will be there On and OFF every other week, if really you can do that, let's do it, that will be so much fun having you around.
Only thing i will be working in day time, and French work longer hours than here what we do, but that can be worked out !

~ Lopa said...

@ Anita 

I wouldn't like to travel here if it's day to day travel, but i do like this... may be because it is Paris? Don't know !

~ Lopa said...

@ Piyush 

Thanks Piyush !
Well i have no reply to your question, i will just put it this way... Why are you sitting in Oman right now, Why don't you have a nice eve with wife and kid? Or why are you not there with your loved ones to make the stay better?
Career and work right? So for a change for girls also it can be same way some times? Can't it be?
And when you are at it, why not to enjoy what you are doing in stead of wishing things to be otherwise? So live at the fullest and enjoy what you have got, that's the motto i am living with !

Aaah i so so wish, that he does, follow and cook. Noone will be more happy than me then ! :)

~ Lopa said...

@ Anonymous

Yes Papa, it's just 7-8 days in a month of 30-31 days. So think not that difficult to manage, and he has lived years in this country before we were married, so he knows how to survive here better than me !
Don't worry, it's not for forever.

~ Lopa said...

@ AmitL 

Absolutely. You are the one i knew will understand what i mean !
There is nothing better than just going with the flow... no shikve, shikayat... enjoy the present !

~ Lopa said...

@ nameera 

Namz i blocked those applications month back, as they were time consuming and i wasn't getting much time to do other things. I guess that was even on my FaceBook status, which you disliked ! hehe

How is college and new country girl?

~ Lopa said...


Rajesh, actually there is a contrast.... I wanted to be that too and i wanted to be an artist too. I wanted (and still dream ) to be a well known painter, who will have special exhibition on her name in galleries but yes not with that artist look we know of, but in a chic fashionita look i would be showing around, explaining my work to people there. May be in a red or black chic cocktail dress with a glass of champagne in hand . LOL.... Aaaah contrasts within me !

Thanks, i like land of Monalisa :)

~ Lopa said...

@ shooting star 

Thanks a lot for your wishes !
Those who dare to dream are the one who can achieve something, so if nothing else we should atleast keep dreaming ! :o)

Anonymous said...

Hi, new to your blog. Looks like I am going to be a regular here :-)

Enjoy your stay in Paris.


Life Abroad said...

I too have the dream of traveling around the world for business one day. Although I do know the realities of such extensive travel, and it's hardly as glamorous as it has cracked up to be...unless of course it involves first-class travel and luxury hotels haha! Glad that you are experiencing part of your dream in Paris :)

Droomvla said...

I am soooo green with envy! LOL But hey, I'm happy for you, Lopa! Congratulations!

Hetal said...

I know I am pretty late to react :) but its always better late than never :)!! Live your dream to the fullest dear... I know many more wishes are going to come true in your way..just be happy and enjoy every bit of it... god bless you.. and yes take care of yourself...pass on some fashion tips from Land of Fashion :) :)!

Efrutik said...


I just saw your response. I am super flattered you would conciser going shopping with me of all places in Paris. Umm unfortunately I might be only able to afford an authentic French, and that is not even clothes!

I hope all is going well :)

P.s. AMS in winter maybe,I will keep you posted ;)

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