Friday, October 1, 2010

Life in Metro

All the luxuries in Netherlands, which comes with calling it home now, didn't provide me with many opportunities to live a life in-out metro, but now I do as Paris is not that kind to me.

Well actually metro life is quite interesting and with my part-time hobby of observing people it gets even more interesting. (Yes, I know may be Interesting only to me!)

So my people-observing skills made me do some statistical analysis on people travelling in the metro in peak hours ...

- 60% of them are reading something, it can be anything… book, newspaper or just something on their mobiles. Yes, even when there isn't enough space to stand or breathe properly, they are just reading.

- 29.99% of them are just staring in the blank with their earphones ON. Don't think they are looking at you, they are not. May be they are trying to recall visuals relative to what's ringing in their ears.

- 0.01% of them are noticing ... ok may be it's just me, noticing what they are upto!

Metros are so packed sometimes specially at office peak hours that there are people pressed against doors and...

- 95% of them looks like lost in the crowd.

- 4% of them are looking at themselves in the glass of doors and windows, just checking themselves out in general.

- 1% of them are checking themselves out in the glass thinking it’s a mirror and same time giving a nice smile to self. Yes, no kidding.

I actually checked out if they were giving smile to someone besides reflecting in mirror or some acquaintance but no, it was a nice, warm, constant smile to own-self. Well I thought it is good, isn't it? If no one else, atleast your own-self deserves a nice smile from your self!

Too much of statistics, which noone might be interested reading in, so may be I should scribble down something useful to others as well? As I am already writing about metros, obviously choice is something metro.

- First of all avoid pick hours if you are just there for tourist purpose, you can let those office travelers have a break from your ohh-wow-Paris-sooo-nice look.

- You can buy a day pass from air-port/ tourist info which allows you to travel unlimited using metro/tram/bus. When we visited Paris first time we had that, we bought that from airport ticket window. But I haven't seen that option at the Metro stations in the city, so it is advisable you buy it from there without thinking you can always buy that later if you feel a need for it.
I love the network connection in Paris, travelling is indeed very easy.

- If you haven't got those day passes, you can buy ballet of 10 / 20 tickets from any metro station to avoid standing every time in the queue for ticket.

I have noticed some problems with that though, sometimes when you have put tickets in your wallet or near phone or something, it doesn't work. Initially I used to throw away them getting irritated.
It is irritating that you have a ticket in hand, you try to enter the door and it gives you a beep with access denied! And then you have to search other ticket in you pocket while there are people pushing you from behind to move on.

So just from experience I keep two tickets in hand and in the case one doesn't work. This problem I only face when I have bought 10 tickets ballet never with individual tickets but then if you have a valid ticket and no access, you can always go and ask at ticket counter and they will check your ticket and let you enter or will just renew the time-stamp on your ticket if that's the issue. But is convenient in a way time-saver (of course not when it doesn’t work) and most of the time there is always a queue at ticket windows or machines.

Easy thing is to buy from some small metro station as it won’t be that crowded, smart huh? ;)

Ok enough metro. I am back to home over the weekend and time for some luxuries.

Have a nice weekend everyone.


Invader_Stu said...

I'm so happy that I don't have to travel by metro. The train is packed enough for me and I have to admit that I do the observing people thing too and have started to recognise a lot of people on my trip and given them names.

Nandini Chhatre said...

Reminds me of Mumbai train travel. Also beware of pickpockets...mine was stolen by some cute looking kiddies in the Paris trains

Life Begins said...

:) I do that alot of times too as i travel a lot everyday and have been doing the same for over 5 yrs now. Its quite interesting.

And good to knwo u r back home. Drop by for coffee or something!

PinayinDutchland said...

Oh Lopa, Im so happy for you discovering these new things and in Paris. So much chic-ness. Are you taking the same metro everyday? Then one month from now, you will be blogging about the familiar faces.

S.A.L. said...

Hey sissie, I love Statistics! Really great observations! By the way, do you act as if you were not staring if anybody catches you staring? :P

Arooj said...

''4% of them are looking at themselves in the glass of doors and windows, just checking themselves out in general''.

nice analysis

i opted this subject during my honors as it was compulsory to opt.i got D grade.:-)
but this analysis represented this subject in very interesting manner.

Unknown said...

Very funny observations! Last week I witnessed some hilarious moments on the bus. Even better because I can now understand what they were saying to each other. Some very filthy name-calling, a-social behavior, but nonetheless harmless [except to the ears, I suppose].

AmitL said...

hehe...u're more observant than even I am...I don't observe humanity as closely,though,it's enough to give me my laugh of the day,anytime.:)

John said...

metro-s are always exciting and create their own unique world under(or above!)ground.

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