Thursday, October 14, 2010

London Shower...

Wrote this post while was on summer vacation, sitting in London. Finally it is seeing the daylight today! :o)


Every country in Europe has its own stories about how imperfect weather can be.

When we started preparing for UK trip, I read the same, never trust the weather. Being used to hearing that about everyday I knew what it meant. (Or atleast I thought so!)

At London, we took the Thames cruise to enjoy the beauty of London from river of Thames.

It was really nice weather, almost perfect. Sun was shining in clear blue sky. After a while it started penetrating our skins as we were sitting on deck. Some more minutes and it started getting a bit too much and Ashu asked me if I wanted to move inside cruise as it was getting really warm. I replied I was liking it… sun, river and cruise.

While thinking the same those words that I read so many times rushed to my mind “Never trust the weather here”. I wondered if it was possible to experience that chill now while the sun shines. I smiled and settled my wondering mind over admiring tower of London and the bridge,

A moment passed and a cold breeze touched my cheeks. I actually liked it after this warm penetrating sun rays.

A few more moments and it was windy, getting chiller moment y moment forcing everyone to put on their jackets.

A few moments and came a drop on my forehead.

A few more moments and we were rushing downstairs towards downstairs on cruise. While hearing those last words of trip from tour guide, we were sitting in comfortable chairs enjoying view of London eye from behind the glass windows with heavy shower blocking the view!

So here I am, repeating the stereotype you might have heard hundred times:

“While in London, you never know what to expect, so always e ready to expect the unexpected.” :o)


Anita said...

Seems like Dutch weather for me. With well marked 4 seasons... in one day.

My Unfinished Life said...

well, this time delhi monsoons dragged on till September and behaved just like the london weather....sunny one moment and raining hard the next!!!!....
everyone was skeptic about Commonwealth being able to take plc , but one fine day all the clouds vanished and there was perfect weather!!!!

Invader_Stu said...

I was in London last week too and the weather was great most days. It did not feel like October at all. I was even walking around in a t-shirt one day. It was a shock to come back and find Holland in the full depths of winter.

Pesto Sauce said...

Never been to UK though do look to visit sometime. But have heard weather there is tricky

Romeo Das said...

London is really a beautiful place as almost every place in Europe. That was really an interesting read. Really want to visit this place after reading! Thanks for sharing!

Btw, hope you enjoy reading my post - When love calls

Take care and keep writing :)

Sourav said...

I so wish to see London! Btw, do you know there is a Delhi eye built in New Delhi too, almost as similar to the London Eye!

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