Tuesday, January 3, 2012

slow, fast, bye, welcome...

Some times we take things slow, not because we want to !
Some times we want to take things slow, not because we have to !

2012 is here and 2011 could not have been any faster, at least for us !
May be because it felt as if we were vacationing almost most of the time, may be because 2011 was par above expectations, May be as most of the wishes from 2011 got fulfilled even though it meant looking to fly from that cliff of bankruptcy ! Well in that case 2012 will be slow, not because we want to, but may be because falling from that cliff forces us to.

Good thing is the project which kept me very busy last year is finally done. So i am hoping from 2012 that this year will let me keep more account of my life expressing it in words and sharing, the way i liked it. Ofcourse conditions apply, which might be that our personal project doesn't keep us very busy.

But we will see.

For time being, all i have to say is...... 2012 bring it on, i cannot be more happy to embrace you :)

It might be late, but it is never too late and it is better to be late than never so here i am wishing you all a very happy and successful 2012. Have a good time, and you will if you truly follow what your hearts.

For now, bye till the next time.

Picture: Welcoming 2012 in Paris.
Yes, got it right.... that was me jumping on the car at midnight.


Akum said...

Happy New Year. Hell year, bring it on.

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