Sunday, April 15, 2012

Can Dreams be real? ( Part # 2)

After the negative test, somehow i could not accept that test result, though it was likely to be true. I checked the stick after 5 mins, 10 mins, 15 mins and then i threw it in dustbin.

At night after cleaning when i opened the dustbin to throw some more garbage, i saw a very light second line appearing on the pregnancy kit. I couldn't help checking it a few more times.

When we went to bed i could not fall asleep. To clear my mind I took my phone and started googling on accuracy of home pregnancy tests.
It read - good time for test is early morning with first urine. During the day time it is possible not to have accurate result. I decided to do the test again in the morning.

So far i hadn't told Ashu about the negative test or something. It wasn't that we were planning for sometime but still somehow i was so convinced that morning test will be positive and then i will tell him giving him a surprise. So now laying in bed my mind went journeying on how to tell him, what will he react? How shall i announce it to him? Finally i decided something and fall asleep.

In the morning i woke up early. Rushed to bathroom and took the test. I was so convinced already on the outcome, and it did come true to my expectations when i looked at the stick.

I ran upstairs to the study room.
Took a card paper (which i had bought thinking to create home-made cards, someday!), scribbled a few words with sketch pen.
Folded it and inside glued the stick with result. (Yes i did wash it before doing all this)
Then i took the paper, went to bedroom where Ashu's mobile was charging and placed it beneath his cell so he will read when he will go for his cell before leaving for office.

Then i continued with routine. Went for a shower. Ashu was in hurry to leave early for some morning meeting so we hardly talked.
I was upstairs ironing my dress when i heard him calling that he is leaving. I heard him going to charging point for cell.
Silence for a minute.

Then i heard him calling me... this true?

In two minutes he was upstairs in ironing room running with that hand-written paper in his hand.
He looked at me. smiled.


He couldn't stop repeating it for a minute and then he hugged me tight, we stood there like that and we danced for a minute with our eyes wet :)

So that was the day we knew, we had our little one coming.

I took doctor appointment for next week, and then the wait started.

That was 22nd September 2011.

PS. I did tell Suz about my doctor appointment, and she couldn't be any more excited. She called me especially in the evening for confirmation after i returned from doctor! After all she was the only one who knew even before we knew!


thamarai said...

Holly molly!!! :-)Only one thing I am confused - 22nd Sep 2012?

Well, if I get this right, then hearty congratulations my dear! :-) Wish you a very very delightful time ahead.

~ Lopa said...


Ohh, that would be thanks to my baby brain, good that you pointed...corrected the date :)

Thanks a lot for the wishes :)

Efrutik said...

Best, best, BEST wishes and congrats :)

~ Lopa said...


I have been thinking about you since some days back but somehow I don't have access to your blog anymore. So didn't know how to get in touch with you.
In the case you come back and read this, old enable me access or tell me away to stay in touch with you !

And thanks a lot for your wishes :)

vinod said...
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sagarika said...

OMG finally I hear the news..:)Congrats Lopa..Eventhough I didn't meet you its such a joy to hear this news.Hope you give birth to a healthy and cute baby :)Wish you and your husband all the happiness.

Btw I just love the way you surprised your husband.its so sweet.

See I saw your twitter msg but I didn't comment there. I did end up landing in your blog..:)..

~ Lopa said...


Thanks Saggi, It's true that we haven't met but whenever i talked with you i have never felt as if we haven't. And we will meet whenever we are in Singapore :)

You are so nice, i knew i can count on you to come here and post instead of there :D

Once again thanks a lot for your wishes :)

Efrutik said...

Hi Lopa!!! yes sorry for MIA I think at some point I made the blog private and since opened it up again. But I am going to shut it down soon for good. I do want to keep in touch though, since I am always reading blogs that I enjoy. Let's try to keep in touch, there is so much to tell you. Hmm what would be the best way to share my email account with you (we can gchat and email that way) ? Don't want to do it in the open since I'm a privacy freak, hihi. Please let me know :)

~ Lopa said...


Thanks for dropping by... but why why why you want to shut it down?

let's see what we can do :)

nameera said...

hahah!!How come I stoped reading ur blogs?? :O
Good one!

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