Thursday, June 7, 2012

And he is here...

 He is here, Finally !! 

After 3 sleepless days and nights, and too many paracetamols to help me catch up some sleep, it all failed.
We ended up in hospital being induced. 
Epidural didn't work first time, so after an hour it was removed to try it again second time but this time also it worked only on right side and not on left.

After painful hours of waiting, epidural wore off (which was not much effective anyway ), greenish amniotic fluid, not much progress even after IV, contractions one mins apart, it was decided to wait till midnight and make a decision based on progress as it was not advisable to go like that next day. 
At midnight doctor decided to go for a c-section looking at not much progress.

Our Little Bunny was here on 23rd May 2012, 1:30 am. 
Weighted 3.45 kgs, Length 50cms.

We stayed in hospital for 3 days, during which lil Bun met with his first accident when his changing table came off the wall while his papa was changing his diaper with nurse's assistance  Luckily lil Bun. fell off on his papa's legs and didn't have any injury but it was traumatic at first. (Almost all staff came and apologized , it was ok when he was not hurt but what if he was ! ). 

Anyway all those pains are left behind and we are home now. 
We are busy adjusting with new schedules and doing better day by day.

Thank you all for checking on us and sending wishes our ways. 

With this update, template of this Blog comes full circle. It's been a journey, and a journey i wouldn't want anything to change from it !

Little Bunny Welcome on our Blog.  Hope you will enjoy it as much as your mummy n papa do.


Nandini Chhatre said...

Many Congrats Lopa!!!!!

~ Lopa said...

Thanks Nandini :)

Rupali said...

Really enjoyed reading through this article Lopa...very vivid, lucid and well written. Keep up the good work. Lots of love for Evaan...

Efrutik said...

Lopa, Ev. is so precious. Many, many, many joyous moments to you and your family :)

Akum said...

congrats.... he is so cute. You are so lucky to have such an angel in your life. Would love to see more of his pics!!!

Anonymous said...

"The full circle" was very interesting to read !!

Though it was horrifying to read about the accident :O
but again ur Ev is blessed so he had to be safe :)

"It's been a journey, and a journey i wouldn't want anything to change from it !"
This says all .. Wow what a journey!!!

~ Lopa said...

@ Rupali
Thanks for reading and commenting Rupali.
I am trying to create memories over here which we will cherish in years to come :)

~ Lopa said...

@ Efrutik

Thanks a lot for your best wishes... Ev. sends hugs to you :)

~ Lopa said...

Thanks a lot for you wishes. Ev.'s mom loves to click, specially him so there might be more in future but depends on decision on how much to post in such open forum :)

~ Lopa said...


Thanks for dropping by, reading and commenting. :)

When one of the hospital staff (admin mgr) came to apologize, she said herself that we feel bad that from the moment you have come to hospital, everything has been going wrong with you (epidural failure-twice, induction failure, changing table fall etc. ) and we feel really terrible that what impression you are going to bring from us !

But yes we are blessed and happy that Ev is safe :)

Anonymous said...

@Lopa :) :)

sagarika said...

awww such a cute pic of Ev. God bless him.Well for now the blog template is completed :)..Enjoy your memorable days...

Swatantra said...

Congratulations!! He is quite a tall baby... and very cute hands and feet.

A Touch of Dutch blog said...

I'm so happy for you! Congratulations!

~ Lopa said...

Thanks a lot for your wonderful wishes, all of you.

Sorry once again for being so late in responding, never knew life can be this busy with a baby even while you were home full time !

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