Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Lost, Anyone found our Zebra?

Has anyone found our Zebra? 
Or seen it somewhere to make us at peace that it is fine? sigh. :-(

We lost our Zebra.
Yes you read it right, "our Zebra". His name was "Zeb".

Of all the animals that we have, we liked it the most. It was so nice.  
I had brought him home specially for lil Bun's first birthday. Along with  lots of other animals.
Yes, because lil Bun loves animals. 

How did it manage to escape? well, silly us. 

I was working in backyard, cleaning it for a change. 
It was a nice sunny day, and warm ofcourse. So we kept the backyard door opened to let some fresh air circulate.
Meanwhile dear hubby was working on clearing garbage and opened the front door to throw things out.
So that's when may be our dear Zeb also realized how nice it was outside.
Or may be Zeb was intrigued with the idea to explore outside, to taste the freedom. 
Or may be Zeb was too warm inside and just wanted some sun and fresh air !
Ofcourse we didn't realize what was going on in its mind. Unaware of all the things going around, we kept working.

And there was a sudden gush, of air, of Zeb running out of the door. Zeb dived, up above the canal, above the water and above the trees !
And went free up above the sky, in the clouds. Couldn't even take its last picture, couldn't even bid it proper good bye.
All we could do is to see him go, to let him go.

If you happen to meet him somewhere on the way, please pass on our love and that we miss him, Lil Bun will always cherish nice time he had with you. And his friends Lion, Tiger, Giraffe and Leopard are doing fine, but ofcourse misses him.

Here is a pic, that i managed to dig out from hard disk.

May you live happily wherever you are.


Anonymous said...


~ Lopa said...

:) :)

nameera said...

Cute Zebra... After seeing this I'm planning to get a dog/tiger for my niece. haha. U've learnt to tell nice stories, Mommyhood :D

Life Begins said...

You dear Zeb has reached us. We converted him into stuffed one now so he cant fly away. He is in the safe & caring hands of Prisha....Come over soon to meet him - He misses you all.

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