Monday, July 22, 2013

Can Dreams be Real ? Part # 3

Life is really expecting the unexpected. And full of Déjà vu moments.

Remember how i wrote about, "Can dreams be real?  Part # 1, Part #2 ".
I came face-to-face with similar dilemma recently.

Last week i had a dream, about a friend that she is expecting. Strangely this is the second time that i dreamed about her, first time was last year when it wasn't true and still i couldn't shrug off strong feeling of a need to talk to her even when we were scheduled to meet in two days, during the weekend. I felt even stranger because i have never dreamed about any of my other friends in a similar fashion. (My friend at work whom i mentioned in "Can dreams be real", she even asked me a few times if i had similar dreams about her as she had for me, and it was sad to deny every time !)

So you see it was unusually unusual situation for me. When i couldn't control my curiosity any longer and didn't see her online, i ended up texting her and when reply didn't come immediately, suddenly i was as sure as one ever could be that it is true. So second text sent "is it true?”
A bit heated reply came on the line of why couples who've turned parents take it up as their sole responsibility to get everyone to join their club.... a few more texts exchanged and left me feeling uneasy, even a bit guilty...more so because i consciously try never to ask anyone such question and more never to interfere in anyone's life. Their lives, their decisions. So i felt a bit of miserable seeing what i just did!

I also felt uncomfortable thinking we were meeting in two days and i hurt us, not a very nice situation when you were looking forward to catch up with good old friend.
Anyway 2 days passed and we stood at their door. I see her and first thing i think is she can totally be pregnant.
I kept mum not to hurt her feelings again. But i can't take my eyes off her; sure her belly looks different from under that top she is wearing, that cannot be just fat and even her breasts look full.
A feeling of embarrassed rushed to my mind that i couldn't stop noticing things. I again felt the urge to tell her but then i looked at mobile in my hand, remembered our last exchange and kept mum.

Now i know very well that how much this dear friend of mine loves drinks, especially when with friends and for the first time i see her opting for a cola while people around her were having Mojitos. We waited her to join us for cheers and she ran to toilet! Even when we shouted areeeee, wait... first come do cheers then go. But she didn't stop.
When she came back and joined us with her drink, i couldn't control any longer and i had to say it - Why are you drinking cola? 
And she went all on how she had a heavy lunch which is giving her troubles and she feels constipated and needs some relief.
I didn't believe it, but was there a point to keep asking same question again and again? You cannot force it on people, right?
So we talked about things in general and waited for our other friends to arrive and join us.

When our other friends arrived and we were standing in balcony talking, i see them. Both of them, couple, making eye contacts and talking in signs. Next moment they were gone, inside. Again what can you do than to ignore? So i decided to ignore. Again.

Next they appeared was with changed cloths. And before the guy finishes we have news to share, i was hugging her congratulating!

I felt funny that i was so confident that i congratulated even without them mentioning and without listening what were the good news while others were still struggling to find out what was it and what was written on their t-shirts!!!

What if i was wrong? 
That will be dying with an embarrassment.
But well, i didn't die. I am still alive.

It was only after almost 5-10 mins that everyone were done hugging everyone congratulating and the news was settled in minds that i noticed what their changed T-shirts read, "Mum to-be" and "Pa to-be" !

Congratulations my dear friends. Wish you a very Happy and Healthy pregnancy ahead and lovely parenthood in time to come.
God Bless.

P.S. I have intentionally kept away the identity/ names of my friends.
As much as we are excited for them, i cannot steal their happy moments to convey the news to the world. And they will as and when they are ready.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Lil Bun's Diary # 3, Small Wonders !

I keep trying to remember that i need to document small things that lil Bun surprises us with, but somehow time just runs short.  But here i am trying to do so once again.

Lil Bun has become so active now a days that keeps us on toes all the time.`
He wants to run all the time, as soon as we enter the house he runs towards us, holds our finger and pulls us outside door, yes it's time to go out. Wouldn't budge from his stand until we take him out. He loves to walk. We get tired but he keep going on.

Lil Bun surprised me the other day, he spotted a small piece of polythene, picked up the junk and before we wonder what he was upto and before i say don't try to put that in mouth he was standing there beside garbage bin, trying to open it so that he can throw it in that. Respect !!

He tries to mimic us. He sees me combing my hair, he takes comb from me and tries to comb his own hair. I brush his teeth, then he wants to brush mine. I feed him with spoon, he wants to feed me back. I dry his face with towel, then he smiles and takes towel from my hand to dry my face with it. It's like a game. Fun.

We didn't give him chocolates, sweets, cakes until he turned one, then we though he can taste it now. Initially he didn't like it that much, may be he didn't have a taste for it yet. And then to our surprise suddenly he loves it now!!!
He knows where the chocolates are, the other day he climbed the couch and reached it. Opened the wrapper (as good as he could ofcourse, half torn kind) and ate it. When I spotted him and went to him, before i ask what he was upto he bribed mom with a bite of chocolate. hmm. Trouble.

Last weekend we been to a birthday party in a park. It was so much fun. Open space, good weather...lots of kids around. Lil Bun had fun running around, playing with ball. He loves playing with ball, any kind football, volleyball, tennis ball...anything which rolls really. He automatically gets pulled towards them, and so proud his dad is seeing him playing with football. Ofcourse why wouldn't he be, his son living his dream !  
Lil Bun having fun.

So that's our is busy, and life is fun, that's life as it goes on...

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Weekend Getaway - Oostende, Belgium

When we moved to Europe some years back, weekend getaways used to be our favorite. Take a day or two free from work, combine it with a weekend and just drive or fly. 
After our lil Bun, we felt like we have grown out of it and needed to settle down, we started preferring those relaxing getaways where you need minimum a week and are not rushing everywhere. Now that our lil Bun is past one, and we see how much he loves outings, it seems like we are getting back at our search of weekend getaway places. 

Thing is how many times you want to go to the same place again and again? We have been longing for a change of scenery past weeks and looking at weather last weekend, that is nice and sunny, we decided it was time for much deserved break.
So there started again the same debate, where to?

Ostend Beach front
We were almost certain we will end up driving to our all time favorite Paris, but there that question - how many times do you want to go to same place again and again? Like we have been there million times, so there won't be much sight seeing that we would be very much interested in. And what more, even our lil Bun has been there.
Then suddenly i remembered a name of a place that i came across sometime back but had been waiting for warmer days. 
So that's where we went. To "Oostende" (or Ostend) in Belgium. 

Wapenplein, Ostende's main square
We drove off like we always do, without much of a plan and last minute decisions with a few things in bag and a camera.
What we didn't realize was that it was a nice sunny weekend after such a long time, so it was as if everyone on this side of world was out there, having some vitamin D. More to that school vacations in Belgium just started. And everything in Oostende and in peripheral of 40kms was fully booked !

Nevertheless, none of that dampened our spirits and we did end up having nice time anyway.

Bell Tower at Wapenplein, Ostende's main square.

We were amazed, there were so many babies and strollers all around and not to forget so many dogs ! No wonder lil Bun had gala time. He loved walking, running, shouting with excitement at other kids and dogs. At times he would just pull our hand and wouldn't budge because he wants to go behind that dog and not where we were heading to. 
He loved looking other kids, even kids-at-heart bigger kids playing at beach. 
There were many kids riding those cycles where you lie down on your back, don't know name of that one, but lil Bun loved to look at that and was excited seeing kids riding them. 
People partying on big cycles with music and beer. Total fun.

From there we went to Brugge, one of our all time favorite. It was nice to remember good old times that we had spent there,during our previous visit, and certainly how well we still remembered those streets. 

Museumschip on the backdrop.
So that was it. Our weekend refreshing get-away. 

However before we drove back, we did promise ourselves to be back there again some day, just to do nothing and lie down there at the beach. Bliss !

Monday, July 1, 2013

Promise to time of my Life.

What if i meet my life, like in a living person whom i can see, touch and talk with. How he or she would be? As charming as me or a total surprise proving me wrong?

Ohh don't get confused, i know life is within me and life is what i am. But since i finished reading "The Time of my Lifeby Cecelia Ahern a few days back it has been going on in my mind. What if?!?!

Now when you pick a chick-lit and it gives you this self-interrogation effect, it is something, isn't it?
I always thought that i read chick-lits for some mind-less fun, some head over the heels hopeless romance. But now this one as much as it was fun reading it still gave me enough to ponder upon.

What if "life" was really a person, and what if he/ she (your life*) comes to your door knocking to help you, to show you a direction when you start becoming a hope-less case without knowing about it. I am hooked to think endless (born defect), and now i have one more topic.

* Main character of this book "Lucy" was surprised to see her life was a "male" and i do not know what mine could be, so no taking chances here.

All life wants from us is to be happy, not for others but for ourselves. And many a times we don't even realize it - the impact we have on our lives, funny it sounds i know.
Even when we think we are doing everything right, have a job, have pets, have friends, have family and we are busy all the times and still it can be that we are unfair to life.
One cannot be fair to life without being fair to oneself.
It comes naturally to love and care around us, and at times it goes ignoring a few things you love for the people you love. It doesn't sound or feel too bad, but what if to your life it is unfair.

Let me make it a bit easy for you to get me, the book i am going on about is about Lucy Silchester. She receives an appointment card, an invitation to meet her life. She keeps ignoring it busying herself with work, helping friends, her cat (which she is not suppose to keep), family (she has problems with), car (which keeps giving up on her) and all the surrounding drama. So you got a gist but then comes a stage when she cannot miss this appointment anymore.
When she meets her life, she hates him at the first glance.... (Yes her life is a male, told you) what with badly dressed - soggy, grumpy, bad breathed little man.  She immediately feels the impulse to shut off on him, and tries to ignore him once again. But her life keeps up and decides to give her another chance and makes her see things that she could not. Over the course we see Lucy's life changed a lot throughout the story and that's because of Lucy, and how she treats her life and live it. But at the same time her life remained constant through out the story. He wanted what was best for her, and for her to be happy, not just from the outside what world could see but from within resulting her in overall a good person. 

That made me think, i was lucky enough to live my life the way i want... study whatever i wanted, fell in love and married love of my life who shared with me similar dreams and ambitions. Everything was perfect, we have been lucky to travel to places the way we dreamed, and live a life that we wanted. And now we have a beautiful piece of our hearts, living with us, amazing us everyday in a new way.
Now in all this, if my ambitions take a back-seat momentarily, will that be being unfair to my life?
If i do not have time for things I used to do or love or for my friends at times, will that be being unfair to my life?
If i let go of a few of my hobbies for time being to give more time to people i love, will that be being unfair to my life?
And in my laziness if i let go of my favorite meal so that we can have something we all love, will that be being unfair to my life?
When we do things with our own will, because at the time we think that is a right thing to do and that is the call of time, without anyone pointing us or asking from us, can we be still unfair to our lives?

So there i am, confused.
And one thing that makes me sure is to be grateful and promise to be always fair, to my life.

Dear Life, Thanks you for everything, thank you for choosing me and thank you for being with me.

I won't let you regret to have me to live forever with. I promise to do my best to be fair to you. 

Life as it goes on... | Desenvolvido por EMPORIUM DIGITAL