Monday, July 22, 2013

Can Dreams be Real ? Part # 3

Life is really expecting the unexpected. And full of Déjà vu moments.

Remember how i wrote about, "Can dreams be real?  Part # 1, Part #2 ".
I came face-to-face with similar dilemma recently.

Last week i had a dream, about a friend that she is expecting. Strangely this is the second time that i dreamed about her, first time was last year when it wasn't true and still i couldn't shrug off strong feeling of a need to talk to her even when we were scheduled to meet in two days, during the weekend. I felt even stranger because i have never dreamed about any of my other friends in a similar fashion. (My friend at work whom i mentioned in "Can dreams be real", she even asked me a few times if i had similar dreams about her as she had for me, and it was sad to deny every time !)

So you see it was unusually unusual situation for me. When i couldn't control my curiosity any longer and didn't see her online, i ended up texting her and when reply didn't come immediately, suddenly i was as sure as one ever could be that it is true. So second text sent "is it true?”
A bit heated reply came on the line of why couples who've turned parents take it up as their sole responsibility to get everyone to join their club.... a few more texts exchanged and left me feeling uneasy, even a bit guilty...more so because i consciously try never to ask anyone such question and more never to interfere in anyone's life. Their lives, their decisions. So i felt a bit of miserable seeing what i just did!

I also felt uncomfortable thinking we were meeting in two days and i hurt us, not a very nice situation when you were looking forward to catch up with good old friend.
Anyway 2 days passed and we stood at their door. I see her and first thing i think is she can totally be pregnant.
I kept mum not to hurt her feelings again. But i can't take my eyes off her; sure her belly looks different from under that top she is wearing, that cannot be just fat and even her breasts look full.
A feeling of embarrassed rushed to my mind that i couldn't stop noticing things. I again felt the urge to tell her but then i looked at mobile in my hand, remembered our last exchange and kept mum.

Now i know very well that how much this dear friend of mine loves drinks, especially when with friends and for the first time i see her opting for a cola while people around her were having Mojitos. We waited her to join us for cheers and she ran to toilet! Even when we shouted areeeee, wait... first come do cheers then go. But she didn't stop.
When she came back and joined us with her drink, i couldn't control any longer and i had to say it - Why are you drinking cola? 
And she went all on how she had a heavy lunch which is giving her troubles and she feels constipated and needs some relief.
I didn't believe it, but was there a point to keep asking same question again and again? You cannot force it on people, right?
So we talked about things in general and waited for our other friends to arrive and join us.

When our other friends arrived and we were standing in balcony talking, i see them. Both of them, couple, making eye contacts and talking in signs. Next moment they were gone, inside. Again what can you do than to ignore? So i decided to ignore. Again.

Next they appeared was with changed cloths. And before the guy finishes we have news to share, i was hugging her congratulating!

I felt funny that i was so confident that i congratulated even without them mentioning and without listening what were the good news while others were still struggling to find out what was it and what was written on their t-shirts!!!

What if i was wrong? 
That will be dying with an embarrassment.
But well, i didn't die. I am still alive.

It was only after almost 5-10 mins that everyone were done hugging everyone congratulating and the news was settled in minds that i noticed what their changed T-shirts read, "Mum to-be" and "Pa to-be" !

Congratulations my dear friends. Wish you a very Happy and Healthy pregnancy ahead and lovely parenthood in time to come.
God Bless.

P.S. I have intentionally kept away the identity/ names of my friends.
As much as we are excited for them, i cannot steal their happy moments to convey the news to the world. And they will as and when they are ready.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for being there for us. And thanks for all the good wishes. We tried all our best to keep it a secret, but your dream gave it away:). We feel lucky to have people around who think/have dreams about us. You dreamed a dream and the dream came true :)

Anonymous said...

I have a friend who is not just caring and dreams about me, but also goes ahead and captures me in her post so as to cherish memories we share together, am I lucky or am I lucky!? With the biggest smile on my face and a glint of tear in the eye, I am so glad to have you around me. Thanks so much for the sweet words. Feeling loved and blessed :)

Efrutik said...

dreams are very powerful. if nothing else they offer you a glimpse into something that is important going on. they might not be coming to reality as we see them, but they definitely offer an opportunity to be aware. They leave certain feeling in us that should not be ignored.

Prasanna Rao said...

Wow, that's really a gift you have there :) I only have dreams of snakes and God, I hope they never come true. Kidding :) But I did have a dream once that came true somewhat. I believe dreams are just a manifestation of what your sub-conscious mind is trying to tell you...

I HEARD YOU said...

Well,you can call them prophetic dreams, no?
But seriously, it takes so much patience to say what you have to say without hurting the other person! And pa-to-be! Who does that?? :D You really have an amazing bunch of friends :)

~ Lopa said...

My Dear Anonymous friends, The feeling is mutual. We are so happy and blessed to have you around. Lots of love and luck your way. Take care and stay healthy.

~ Lopa said...

@ Efrutik 

Yes. Sometimes i do feel that it is a parallel world where you can go and explore how things can be or might have been on some scenario. At times they also serve as a protection against taking bad calls in our lives and at times inspires us to go and get what our heart desires.

~ Lopa said...

@ Prasanna Rao 

Haha may be a strong subconscious mind or sixth sense as we call it. ;-)

I totally agree that most of the times it is our subconscious mind picking up small pieces without we knowing about it and then creating a picture connecting those missing links. And many times the end result leaves us feeling amazed !

~ Lopa said...


hahaha... prophetic dreams...hmmm i am special, ain't i? :D

I read it somewhere that one of the characteristics or qualities of Aries sunsign is, they kind of know what is coming next when they face a situation.
Like someone starts saying something and they can already picture where will it finish. Or like there is an announcement coming and they are the ones least surprised because in their mind they already expected that one as soon as the other person started speaking. When i read it, I was like...yeaah exactly. Not fishing for compliments or something but i do feel at times that I am a true Aries person that way ;-)

And yes, we are lucky to have a bunch of amazing friends around us. Not many, but enough. :-)

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