Thursday, August 1, 2013

August Blog Marathon - Day 1 : Top 3 Pet Peeves

I came across this August Blog Marathon list on Marathon Bloggers that i am member of. ( I know, i know... yes even when i have not managed to do marathon blogging. ! Pity. i know. )

Somehow i have always been an impulsive writer so i never thought to took up any blogging marathon or say marathon challenge . I normally try to share what i see, think, feel. Kind of locking on thoughts and memories. 
Now if there is a compulsion to jot down something everyday, i don't know if i can survive. But when i was nudged to join and i read the list of topics to help write, i saw it was actually quite good. And it was also on the same line of being able to write about things i see, think, feel but wouldn't write otherwise.
So i think i will give it a try.

May be i might miss a day or two here and there, but i think better to try whatever i can manage than to quit before starting. ( Don't tell anyone but i am not aiming too high here, My aim is to manage atleast 20 out of 30 and if i manage more, that will be a pat on my back :-P)

So here we go.

Day 1: Topic: Top 3 Pet Peeves.

My list might not be typical pet peeves but it's just 3 things which annoys me and often puts me off mood when have to deal with it for longer than my a few minutes threshold. Yeah yeah i am trying to improve, but i am still far away from that zen condition where i am peaceful with my inner-self without external factors affecting me ! But i am on it, watch out ;-)

1. People not giving due credits to others.

I have come across lots of people, who listens to the flying bees and then they are "the experts". Somehow i cannot stand "I know everything" attitude. Give the credits if someone told you so, give the credit if someone taught you so, give the credits if someone helped you to accomplish it., give the credits if you actually copied it from someone. It only makes you more of a humble person. No one is born all-rounder, we all adapt, learn and grow, there is no shame in accepting it.

2. Uncalled advises.

It is not that i hate advises, i actually look fwd to some sharing and learning time to time. But when someone who doesn't know what it is to be in that shoes,  and starts advising on the topic he or she had never had to deal with... it just doesn't sound right, atleast to me.
I try not to bring those topics up to people who i know might not have faced it and so will not know integrity of the subject or situation, but still you know people pick up on some things. Fortunately or unfortunately we live in a society where for some, providing an advise, is equivalent to being helpful or caring.

So while i appreciate the gesture, i appreciate one mentioning how someone else faced something similar and coped with it, I believe it should stop there. full stop. But often it gets a bit difficult to draw a line, and that is true for all of us. 

3. Exaggeration

Whether it is about knowledge, or about a situation, or anything xyz. I believe in facts and often find myself not very pleased with how a small detail or trait can take a massive form, well not literally but in someone's mind and words.

I know it was a bit serious, isn't it? 
So on a lighter note, how about this one?

1. A clown face, full of make-up
2. Noise of scratching things, anything.
3. Smell of old green colored Indian ST buses,(ya those which green seats as well)  which are about to become extinct, atleast in Gujarat !

Phewww... ok so i am done for day 1. Let's see what Blog Marathon Day 2 brings on  :-)


I HEARD YOU said...

This post was just a trailer of what is about to come, no?
I don't know why but I am rather more excited at the prospect getting to read more of your posts everyday :D :D

~ Lopa said...

hahaha, i think you will be the only one getting excited about me writing more ! :-D

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