Monday, November 18, 2013

Is it Good or Bad?

There are many moments in our lives which make us wonder how you should feel; happy, sad, ecstatic, bad, happy, confused?  
It's not as if i didn't notice them before but it comes more on face now that we have lil Bun in our lives.

Some 2-3 months back lil Bun suddenly started loving vacuuming. I don't remember if i already wrote it but he used to be not bothered by vacuum cleaners as a baby, then there came a phase when he started getting scared and at times angry on vacuum clear. We tried to soothe him by showing him it was okay and letting him touch it. We showed him how it works and nothing to be scared of, yeah only to face his addiction towards it. 
Now every evening he bangs doors of store room so that he can have vacuum cleaner. He starts cleaning, and when he is tired he wants us to clean. Now it's a good thing... right? to have a clean house? But wait did i tell you that you are not suppose to switch it off even when he moves on mopping from vacuuming. Also you are not allowed to stop vacuuming while he supervises you. Now repeat this 5 times a day. You got the picture.

This video was taken in his initial days, in the morning, still in his pyjamas,  now he is even better trained. Ohh god i need to make a latest video for memory.

I don't know from where he got this OCD, but now that's our boy ! We were so amazed when we saw him picking up any wrapper or piece of junk from the floor and heading straight to garbage bin. We were so proud. But soon he realized how proud we were so decided to out do himself by throwing away anything on the floor; things simply he didn't want that moment or things he thought suits more in dustbin ! You see?

Then there was one other day, which has nothing to do with Lil Bun (or may be he has) but i was just out of my gym, in my gym cloths and with a bag pack when two young handsome boys approaches me for some marketing. And they start with if i live alone or with my parents? What? Do i look like a, don't know what ! But may be i still look young (my optimism speaking). haha
On the serious note i blame that on difficulty in judging age of people from foreign origine, that makes more sense. 

There are so many such moments that come and go, adding spices in our lives. Now look at lots of my friends, and you (yes you) who read me ... follow my blog, or my recipes, or my paintings but i never come to know about it. Then suddenly one day one of you make my day dropping a line on how much you like what i do. That obviously makes my day. All you secret admirers (if any left there hidden) listening there?

You see.... life is full of those moment, you do not know whether it's good or bad, it's a complement or insult in disguise, to be happy or to be sad. So what do we do? Well, we pick up the brighter side, chose to smile, feel happy and make our day brighter, that's what we do.

Now tell me about your confusingly happy moment and make my day even more brighter, full of smiles ! :-)

Friday, November 8, 2013


We are surrounded by lots of "Why's ", at times we ignore it, at times we reason it out but then there comes a time when we just give up against why's. 
And then comes a cold death, Slowly and gradually those given up why's take us in grip and strip us down; bombing us with the dilemmas, confusion and head-banging moments.

Ok, i exaggerated. But you do agree that from time to time we do get some "why's" which surprises us and have no answers, right?!

Some time back we visited some of our friends in a  nice small gathering; we played a game where you are suppose to talk good things about your partners, offcourse it was a game and main purpose was to have fun and yet thought provoking it was ! 
It is amazing how granted we take our partners ! And it is amazing how words-bound we feel when we are not prepared for a question and we have to hit it on the spot. 

It made me think if it is really that we do not know or is it because of not being able to make up our mind on what can be shared, at what extend?

I have seen lots of people and even at times have been on a receiving end while sharing some things, sometimes on the name of not to look  like a show-off and at times on the name of not to put your good-will subject to evil-eyes and blessings of jealous souls. 
Do you think there is anything like jinx?
Can that be real, can anyone jinx something good?
Can anyone jinx your happiness?

There are so many things we don't know; we are not sure about and yet when we are not able to reason it out we just let it be and accept it as it is.

You got a beautiful baby; why putting so many pics online, not all are good people you see?
You made a luxury vacation? Why broadcasting on social media, not all are good people you see?
You bought a new house? You got a new high-profile job? Much deserving promotion? Got the latest hi-tech phone? A super sexy luxury car? A wonderful date? Visit to a posh restaurant? Won a lottery? No need to show off, not all are good people you see?

What is definition of good and not good people?
"Good" who feels happy for you and "Not good" who doesn't feel happy for you, is it?
Or just because someone can feel jealous, he is not good? But isn't jealousy a normal feeling, like happiness or sadness ? Is there anyone who never felt jealous of anyone for even once, for even a bit. Difference is some overcome that feeling and can talk their mind through it and some gets over possessed with the feeling and cannot overcome it that easily.

A strained relationship, whether to blame on involved individuals on how they handle it or on people who felt jealous or wished bad things for them seeing them happy together in past?
Isn't up and down part and parcel of life; of any relationship; why do we need reasons to blame it on? Why can't we just accept the fact and move on?
Why do you have to run away from being responsible, are we not strong enough to handle consequences of our own actions that we need reasons to blame it on someone else, something else?

Is it because we live under a social pressure to look perfect all the time?

Was it same if you had a fight with your friend in the school? Did you hide it from all? Then why do you have to hide it when you have a fight with your adult friend or your partner? When we don't judge our kids by the problems with their friends, why are we judged when we have problems with someone? Because we are all grown up and are supposed to handle our emotions in a better way? !
But is it even possible to suppress your emotions on the name of being in control of? Why can't we live in a moment, why can't we be like kids? Why can't we laugh forever on a silliest thing and why do we need reasons to be happy !  
Is it bad to be a kid, or have an innocence of a kid? No, right?
Then we are on the same page.

See, i told you so many Why's? There is no end but it is in our hands to make some why's work in our favour.
Why to wait then, why don't we get together and laugh till our stomach hurts? No reason, right?
So let's leave why's behind, let's just do it.

See you around, yes you. Thanks for being around.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Here i am, back.

After my big flop show on trying hands at blogging marathon, many times i sat down with mind full of thoughts to pen down....but as soon as i started writing i felt i need an explanation to all, a good enough one, for failing to write. So i thought and thought some more.

Home situation with no baby-sitter?
My Lil Bun's teething phase ?
Our summer vacation, which we finally managed, and visited my sister.

Ohh did i tell you about it and that how much Lil Bun loved it? He loved running in open back yard, he watered the herbs, he fed salad to chickens, he enjoyed the swings and loved the tree-house. It was so nice to see him happy and we were so happy to manage some family time together.

Only thing he didn't eat much... may be it was over-whelming everything new stage, his teething stage, or not having his dinner chair around...we could not figure it out. Then he fell sick the week following we were back and after that things have approved and he is working on getting his rosy cheeks back, almost there :-)

So you get the picture. And also last but not the laziness and guilt of quitting marathon so abruptly and then not being able to drop by to say how shameful i felt about it.
But finally i have braved and i am here, writing once again.

One more thing that i am trying to get back once again is painting, sorry not painting actually but sketching. I did a lot while in school and haven't much lately so i thought why not !
Also trying to get back to cooking and trying new things.
Now let's hope i don't fall of this bandwagon this time.

Wish me luck.

Ohh and yes, also my first Karwa Chauth this year. Not first after the marriage but first that i decided to celebrate.

Happy KarwaChauth all lovely people out there celebrating.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Highs and Lows of last year - Day 9

Trying to catch up with my Blog Marathon :-)

Topic for Day 9: Highs and Lows of last year.

This one is easier. Last year being 2012, one of the life changing ones for us.

Highs :

2012 January - My sister's marriage....happy for her dream to come true... international couple getting married in an Indian setting. Love without boundaries, beyond the countries, cultures, religions, and one of the most fun weddings i attended till date. 

2012 May - We got lil bun in our lives. First time we saw him, hold him and kissed his delicate cheeks. Lots of joys and different perspective to our lives that he brought. 

2012 May to August - I got to stay with my mum for almost 3 months continuously after more than 10 years ! Same with dad, 4 weeks together after 10 years !


2012 January - Spending 2 days in ICU during January'2012 while in india. Less than a week to go to my baby shower, less than two weeks before my sister's wedding. Worried faces all around. Not knowing what happened, waking up in hospital and worrying if this might have affected lil Bun inside me.

2012 August - When my parents left to go back home in August'12, i cried for 2-3 continuous days. 

2012 August - September - When i had to leave lil Bun in kindergarden and start back at work.

Quite an eventful year we had, 2012 we will never forget you :-)

By the way how was it for you?

Place I would really want to visit. - Day 8

I would like to, but don't know when will it be possible considering cold, lil Bun, holiday schedule, budget everything combined.

Monday, August 12, 2013

7 Me - Day 7

As you can see, i already faced some hindrance in my marathon blogging. 
But i told you in the start itself, not to have too high expectations from me... i know i can be lazy but this has more to do with my schedule now a days, packed. Let's see if i can catch up, atleast nothing wrong in trying, right? :-)

Day 7: 7 facts about me, 7 being my DOB.

This one was really difficult. I can't believe myself that i cannot think any 7 interesting things about me, may be because i have too many to write or may be i have written so much about "i, me, myself", there is hardly any fact remaining to share worth sharing ! :-P

Lets see if you think you knew this about me : 

1. I didn't have a single girlie thing in my wardrobe when i was a kid. My first dress, i begged and fought for. When i got it i wore it, i danced and i circled closing my eyes in happiness. I have a picture like that as well. Thanks for clicking and saving that wonderful memory maa-pa :)

2. I used to write a diary as a kid. It went on something like. 
I woke up at 7:00am, I was late for school. I came back home in afternoon at 12:30. I had lunch. I went out to play in the evening. I slept at 8:00 pm.
And then i wondered why do people say it is good to write diary, mine reads same everyday. I used to be happy when we go out as then i can write today we went out for dinner. Or we went to xyz's house. Something different, huh? I even thought it is good to write because may be when i grow up i would like to read exactly which day i woke up or slept at what time. Guess what, I was wrong !

3. You know those white spots we get on nails as some calcium/ zinc/ vitamin deficiency. As kids, we used to think number of those marks shows how many best friends we got, and we used to keep counting how many each of us got. Look at the irony, i got none of those now. Does that mean i have no friends left? Nah, don't believe you stupid tale.

4. I cannot stand dumb people and dumb questions. Not that i have some extra-ordinary ideas about myself and my IQ, but somehow dumbness always came as a big turn off for me. Lack of general knowledge, can do with world being so vast to know it all but lack of common sense ? Nah no.

5. I couldn't eat too much sweet, after a few bites i start feeling uneasy. But during my pregnancy i developed a sweet-itooth...specially chocolate cakes. No wonder lil Bun loves them as well. More than year's time and i still haven't managed to lose my sweet tooth :-P

6. When i was a kid, i always wanted to be an engineer. I did become one and look at the irony i work for one and still not work on that !

7. I wanted a little sister and asked for one. I got one, cloud 9 i was on. My sister wanted a little brother and asked for one, we got one and were on cloud 9. I know we have amazing parents, don't i keep telling you? So much pressure we put on them...hehe and they delivered :D

Phewww. So did you know this about me already? :-)

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Love to read - Day 6

I loved reading since i was a kid. I think i inherited from my parents, both of them loves reading.
I remember my summer vacation, we used to go stay at my grand parents. My grandpa not only loves reading but he had a small library setup in one cupboard. So it was a treat, i will forget to eat or drink and will be lost in my own world trying to finish as many books as i can.

Today's topic was "Favourite Books", i changed it as I don't have a favourite book ! I do have some authors that i like to read more may be. As a teenager i read anything i came across. I read those short storied which used to come in special editions of news paper on Wednesdays and Sundays.
Then i started reading Ashwini Bhatt, and i loved those novels. I even took my first library card so that i can read all of his novels and at the time it used to be difficult to get hold of them as they were that much in demand.
After that i was into Shree Kainyalal Munshi. They were so rich with history and royal characters that i remember being in love with those characters and i couldn't stop thinking about them for days after. I felt so sad when i finished them, i just wanted them to go and go. He is one genius that Gujarati shahitya was blessed with. I think i would still like to read them again. 

Then i moved to English ones and i will not bore with all the names but again it started as reading anything we get hold of...borrowing and sharing with friends. There have been phases of preferring one author over other and quite a few.
But in recent times one of my favourite authors is Dan Brown, i  liked his Deception Point and Da Vinci Code. I have read all of his books but i think the recent ones are not at par with those earlier ones. 
My current no-brain, light read chick lit favourite is Jill Mansell. Just because her characters are i can relate to, and they feed hopeless romantic inside me making me believe everything falls in place in the end. 

So that's me. 
How about you? :-)

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