Sunday, December 20, 2009

Time to keep words...

Okay so here goes the video as i had promised HERE, this much delay in posting it because it didn't turn out as good as we had expected, i was kind of avoiding to face it and so was waiting for your memories to vanish !!! hehehe I hoped that you forget that i was to post something, Aaaah but but but whom was i kidding !!! And anyway even if everyone forgets i was going to remember that I had promised right? So here it goes....

Now my work is done, and your work begins..... spot me in the video before you reach the end of the song ;o)

P.S. For those not from India, It is a song from Bollywood movie "Mission Kashmir"

P.S.S. If you face any problem watching this video, you can also watch it on youtube by clicking on this URL.


PULKIT said...

cute one:)
good performance :)

bhumika said...

It was awesome!
You r not just good in writing and planning, gud in almost all fields!
keep it up!

nameera said...

the orange one!tweet tweet i got it.. :P
Arey..i cudnt recognize u :P that guy ne last me intro dia tab pata chala..nahi toh..i had no idea!
nice performance :)

~ Lopa said...


Thanks for being polite...hehehe :)

@ Bhumika

No re, I am trying to be all rounder so that when we have a baby, he/she doesn't have to go outside to find an inspiration ;) Like Heer doesn't have to :)

~ Lopa said...

@ nameera

I knew it, that's why i had specified this // spot me in the video before you reach the end of the song ;o)
Abhi bold me karna padega, but tab bhi log cheating karege :D

Dhara said...

wah re lopa..V. Good, joke closeup ma nathi to bhi mane khaber padi gai ke tu kya che ane tu saheje hasti nathi ;)

~ Lopa said...

Tane to khabar pade j ne yaar... ;) but ya hu bov j hasti hati e to khali closeup ma nathi etle tane em lage che...hehehe

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