Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A date with my ex-bf :o)

This Sunday, i had a date with my ex-bf, who eventually turned into now hubby. Yes to celebrate the day, my last post was about.

I have been searching for some place different where we haven't already been and then it clicked me restaurant "De Bazar" !
I have been thinking to visit this restaurant for some time now.
When my sister visited us on her Christmas Break, she was actually surprised that we hadn't been there already. In her 9 days stay she visited it two times !
It is on lonely planet recommended list as well.

We loved the place, was thinking to share about it but busy schedule during week didn't gave me much time.
So without writing too much, i will just make you part of our evening taking you there with the pictures.
I loved the interior... very beautiful...lights.

It is a beautiful restaurant with middle-east setting in Rotterdam. There are North African, Turkish and Iranian items on menu.

They have wooden benches and candle stands made out of bottles !

Our starters...
Bon Appetite :o)
I love Olives, these were the yummiest of all i ever had until now. I simply loved marinated olives.

Diverse breads. I cannot just pick one as favourite...loved it all.

They have exceptional service too, after moving to Netherlands we are getting used to waiting time, but this place reminded me of service back home, fast, efficient and attentive.
Main Course...

I felt portion sizes were comparatively bigger than what i have seen here in Netherlands.
We were too full after starters itself, couldn't even do justice to main course and hence no dessert !

Hope you will like it as much as we did.
They also have a chain in Amsterdam. "Bazar Amsterdam".
Have a nice Friday, and weekend following it :o)


Presépio no Canal said...

Oh Dear!!!

Your photos,..oh my God!!!I m portuguese, Lopa! Don t do this very much!! We stay hours at the table....stay at the table eating and talking and talking and eating is very important in our culture ...only for kabelauw, we have more than a thousand different recipes...and our lunches even in workdays are at least one hour...don t be surprised, one day when you go to Lisbon...

Have mercy of my hearth! ;-) Strong emotions these kind of pics ;-)

Ok...then...we must go there! Of course! ;-)

Do you know Bazaar in Amsterdam ( Albert Cuypstraat)? Af en toe we go there ;) We liked very much...

Thanks for the tip!! ;-)

~ Lopa said...

Ohhh Sandra, your comment makes me smile :o)

We are also food lovers, and we love eating out.
But you can imagine our position after moving to Europe, as we are vegetarians ! So whenever we see a restaurant with good vegetarian options, we go crazy...hahaha

Thanks for mentioning Bazar Amsterdam, yes that is same chain, they have a restaurant in Rotterdam and in Amsterdam, I haven't visited one in Amsterdam yet though. How is it?

I included link of Amsterdam restaurant as well in the post.

Presépio no Canal said...

Beautiful, andnot expensive comparing to the usual in Amsterdam.
Go at 18h if you want diner, but it is best to do a reservation ;-)
We like one dishe that I do not remember the name, but it is big and it is a mix of various meat, more rice and vegetables...well, is theirs special Bazar, something like that, they have one with meat, and one with fish...heel goed ;-)

I like very much the zaal decorations. The tiles remember me some portuguese palaces with muslim influence...

We go often to muslim shops to get the meat that we like and other stuff (our culinary has a great muslim influence because they were there for centuries)...We have a dish... the name is Migas, very usual in the South, is baked bread met spices q.b. (not like here) and is so good mnhmnh it was our diner today...with a very good red wine...we are in Heaven...

Are you smiling again? I hope so! ;-)

I will tell to my husband to try this one in R' dam too.

sagarika said...

Nice pics lopa..How easy is it to get vegetarians places there?guess its hard....its so hard to be a vegetarian in spore.haha..

~ Lopa said...

@ Presépio no Canal 

Yeah, this one is same not expensive. We were surprised as if we went to Indian restaurant here somewhere we might would have paid double for the amount we had than we did here.
haha, here also i will recommend a reservation, weekdays you may try without reservation but weekends, hardly any chance.

I know which Dish you are talking about, it comes in a big bowl kind of plate. We loved looking at it, only if it was not with meat, hehe

And yes, i am smiling :o)

~ Lopa said...

@ sagarika 

Thanks Sagarika :o)
Areee very difficult, you can except them not to have anything on menu for vegetarian, and as a result asking for salad minus meat ! hehe
Some places they have one or two items vegetarian but how many times can one have same item for lunch or dinner !

Dhara said...

Hey Lopa, nice "foodie" post. But naam per thi to kai dish ma shu che (kaya ingredients) chhe e kai khabar nahi will google them! :D

AmitL said...

That looks like a beautiful place..incidentally, it's always visitors who discover the best places,I feel. When you stay in a city, you don't really go all out to find the best foodie joints,the best tourist spots,et al..:)

Pinay in Dutchland said...

Those chandeliers are really fascinating. There is also a Turk resto near my office with almost the same interior as these resto. Everytime I eat there, I want to take home one of those little lights. They can be expensive though. But how beautiful it would look in my house.

Wish you'll have more years to celebrate an anniversary.

~ Lopa said...

@ dhara 

Yes, HAgiri zindabad ;)
Yeah, i know. I am sorry was just lazy... characteristic of SAgiri you know ;)
But as i already told you, lakhya hot ingredients na naam to pan google to karvu j padat...hehe

~ Lopa said...

@ AmitL 
Yes, it indeed was beautiful :)
Very true, when we are travelling we do more research on best places to stay, to eat, to drink, to hang around...hehehe
When we are there, everything is as granted as we think we have got all the time to explore things around us and time just flies.

~ Lopa said...

@ Pinay in Dutchland 

Yeah i loved them too and hence ended up taking their photographs only...hehe

Thanks for the wishes, we have next anniversary celebration very soon, just 4 more days to go :o) This time wedding anniversary :o)

Lizzy said...

Oh cool, I've been wanting to go there too, but I guess I'll have to settle for the one in Amsterdam. Looks great and the food too! Glad you have a nice date :-)

bhumika said...

cnt u send some food in zip or rar....


sm said...

Beautiful photos
like the narration
just wanted to say which you deserve
HUM bhi bade dilwale

~ Lopa said...

@ Lizzy

Try it out, I have a feeling that you will like the place :)

~ Lopa said...

@ Bhumika

If that is a possibility, trust me you will end up sending me requested zip and rar attachments everyday ;)

~ Lopa said...

@ sm

Thanks sm :o)
Kitna bhi khao, yeh dil mange more...hehe :)

dev said...

Wow! This is one lovely place for a memorable date! :)

Orangesplaash said...

Lovely restaurant..we have been there.Have tried almost all places in Rotterdam where one can get spicy food :) I loved the ambience in there. Nice post..btw, you were in Rdam and didn't tell me :)
Wish you a great week end ahead!!

~ Lopa said...

@ dev

Thanks SweetHeart :)

~ Lopa said...

Hey Arwa,

Trust me everytime I am in Rotterdam i think about you, but normally we are there with some appointments and this time we were there on a date...haha
But soon, will be meeting you.
Rotterdam isn't that far from our place, just 20-25 mins drive. So see you soon :)

You too have a nice weekend ahead :)

Hetal said...

Lops fascinating place to be in for very special occasion... and all the dishes looks so yummyyyyyyyy :) Proud to have member like you in our HA club :)

~ Lopa said...

@ Hetal

hehehe, aree yaar "Once a HA, always a HA " that's our case ;o)
HAgiri Zindabad :o) :oP

Anita said...

I know the one in Amsterdam, I have been there years ago. I was then very impressed with the size and quantity of lamps. The sphere is great, everything Moroccan including furniture and accessories (napkin holders, etc.). But I think it is called Bazaar, with two "a"s. The food was yummy but not superb. Maybe in Rotterdam it is better ?

~ Lopa said...


I haven't been to Amsterdam so no idea about comparision. I like starters more than main course...hehehe

I also thought that it should be "Bazaar" as that makes more sense, but website and even hoarding for of the restaurant and their hotel chain is "Bazar" with signle "a"; you can see display in Rotterdam outside restaurant in the first pic of this post :)

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