Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter Weekend - Berlin

Berlin is such a beautiful city, it was on our list since long but couldn't manage until now.
Finally we decided to visit it on this Easter weekend with 4 days off at work.

But as if there is no hindrance there is no memorable trip, we came to know two days before we leave that we need Environmental Badge if we want to drive in Berlin.

We thought it not a problem with our latest found knowledge and went to one of the centre here in Netherlands from where it can be obtained. Ok, some more knowledge gain here, we have to apply for that badge 5 days in advance.

We didn't have 5 days left before hitting the roads so that's not the option. Ohhh wait, there is one more option, express option to be precise. ( express here means 24 hours ! )
They can deliver environment badge at hotel when we reach there, Yes workable.

Only thing is we didn't book hotel as this time we decided to be totally random, just drive and go wherever road takes us. So we keep driving, we stop wherever we feel like stopping, we eat at any place we come across when we are hungry and we stay at whatever appeals us on our venture!
On our this totally random trip planning, an address is too much to ask for. Sorry we don't have an address where they can deliver the badge.

A bit of consultation among us and we decide that we don't drive in city centre. We reach Berlin and once we are settled at any hotel then we park car there and then we use public transport for city centre. Yes that's good as anyway we don't want to spend time struck in traffic-jams or searching for parking place in the city center.

Ok so we are settled with this option for now. Bingo... then all set to hit the roads to Berlin now.
Off for this much needed break from routine.

Also happy that i will get to practice some photography, my search for photography lessons in English here in Zuid-Holland is in vain till now and my internet sting with online photography tips is also not working very well with my over-loaded schedule, guessing such opportunities for practicals will help a bit :)

See you all after this long weekend :)



cool. enjoy ur trip. the thing i liked the most in the blog was the reference to the link from where you got the picture.. cool..

Unknown said...

Great to know about the Environmental Badge! I didn't know about this. I look forward to seeing your photos! Enjoy your trip & happy Easter :-)

sagarika said...

too late to wish but hope you had a grt time in are having a long break..while I am back at work :(..haha..looks like you are finally getting free cya...

Swatantra said...

Cool..Wish you great time!!

AmitL said...

haha..Lopa,hope u had a grt trip..and,tks for the info on environmental badge-always useful to show off knowledge when there's a conversation going on, on places to visit in Europe..:)

sagarika said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
~ Lopa said...

Thanks a lot dear all, for all your wishes. Trip was great. Sorry for not been able to respond earlier.

Efrutik said...

Please tell us about your trip, I am glad it was great :)

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