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Some more on Berlin !

After the last post on Berlin, i realised there are some more things i would have like to share, so here we go with some more on Berlin...

Okay so as we all know, driving in Germany is fun, and same is with Berlin but it's not only driving, is it? If you drive, you need to park, and to park you need a Parking place. Simple !
Good thing is the way driving is fun, parking is also fun. It felt like you can park anywhere, beside the roads, in-between the opposite direction lanes where normally we see only light/ lamp posts ! And all for free !

When we reached our hotel at Berlin, hotel parking was full ( which was 12€ per day, still cheaper than most of the other places ). When advise receptionist advised us that we can just park across the road, just opposite the hotel. When we asked if that was safe and how much would it cost per day, there came a surprised look, yes it was safe and it was free ! We actually were wondering how come so many cars parked between two opposite lanes when we first drove in the city, then our amazement was answered.
We decided to move to hotel parking as soon as there is a place available but then we ended up parking there at the same spot all four days.
Over all parking is a lot cheaper than here in Netherlands. But like everywhere there are always pros and cons. Parking place which we used at Alexanderplatz, not sure how safe it was to park at roads, minimum charge was 1€, First time when we parked there we didn't have any problems so next day also we parked there while we roam around for about three hours which meant 3€. But when automatic machine didn't work and we called the guy using helpline, he charged us 7€ !

Same way at other parking place, it was written 1€/hr and still machine charged us 3€ for 50 mins. Now you can't fight with machines !

Whenever we visit a new city, we try to take atleast one guided tour and most of the times we end up taking hip-hop bus city tours, but this time at Berlin we took walking tour. And it wouldn't have any better. I will highly recommend it, these walk tours are more fun and more interactive. It is even recommended by lonely Planet.

I am sharing some more pictures of Berlin as a result of some suggestions on why didn't i share more photos !

This is a view from top of Berliner Dom. Really Beautiful !
Some more from Dom.

Well, after driving quite a lot, walking a bit you need some good places to dine, don't you? There are plenty of good restaurants in the Berlin. Here I am just listing a few where we dined during our stay.

There are plenty of Steak houses in Berlin. We tried dinner at Block house first night. We are vegetarian so didn't try steak in steak house (hehehe) so can't comment on how did we find it but it looked nice, and our friends who had it said it was nice.
Second day we day dinner at this Italian place, Pizza was average but Ravioli Ricotta and Spinach was nice. What is great about this place is their desert menu, great range of ice-creams, if you ever dreamt of spaghetti ice-cream in different flavours or ice-cream pizza, this place is perfect for you ;)

We had skipped desert as we were so full but while waiting for cheque we went through the ice-cream menu, no-one said anything at that point but as soon as we left the place we found ourselves in search of a good ice-cream place ! Wherever we went, we didn't find it at par with the benchmark pictures in our mind and that resulted us returned here after some hours to have ice-cream. And yes it was indeed great !

Next evening we had our famous mood-lifting dinner at that Indian Restaurant Bombay which i already mentioned in my last post. So you already know how much we loved it.

That's for now, we meet again over Berlin if still something else strikes me else we meet at some more random sharings or may be some new adventure ! See you till then.


A Touch of Dutch said...

Great photos & I loved reading more about the best of Berlin! We are certainly going this year sometime, so I will keep your suggestions in mind. That includes the walking tour, and I will remember to try spaghetti ice cream. Interesting! Have a great week :-)

Hetal said...

Awsome place to visit lopi...hope u have many more trips like this...go girl...


the best part was, 'you cant fight with machines'. loved it.. the tone, the satire and the mentality of a typical indian person.. :)

Bchai said...

Beautiful shots, Lopa! I love the shot of the view up from Berliner Dom. It's like you're up in the sky looking down.

I agree with you: driving in Germany is so fun! It's just parking's such a hassle sometimes, esp. in busy cities. Good thing there's parking around Berlin. ;)

Great post!

~ Lopa said...

@ A Touch of Dutch 
Thanks Isabella, yes do walking tour i am sure you are going to love it :-)

~ Lopa said...

@ Hetal

Thanks dear, me too wish to have many more trips like this :-)

~ Lopa said...


Hahaha, but can you?? hehe

Btw it looks like Indian but our discovery is that we often let go in so many things as we are used to let go things but that fighting spirits prevails more in Europeans they will fight till end for what they think is unfair and for what they think is their right.
I have actually started to respect them more, the more i know them.

~ Lopa said...

@ Bchai 

Thanks Bchai :)

Yes, we were just comparing Amsterdam and Berlin, when we are driving in Amsterdam... streets are so narrow, and most time consuming part is finding a right parking place, and still will do some mistake and will get a parking ticket hehehe and yeah not to forget how expensive it is to park in AMS.
With Berlin, parking is relatively easier and also cheaper.

But then if you can drive in Amsterdam, you can drive almost in any other European city.... oops may be not in Madrid ! hehe

A. K. said...

the pics are amazing... Thanks for sharing

Pres├ępio no Canal said...

Wow! I like your fotos very much!
And the restaurants...I m with water in my mouth!!!
I like to know the cities walking s very nice ;-)
and to stop af en toe and eating a nice sandwich ;-)

Sorcerer said...

hey!!long time ..I am back at your blog

nice pics and..yeah good narration

AmitL said...

Lovely pics,Lopa-the place gives a real feel of the ole world charm clubbed with new world,na?But,whew-the parking charges? 12 euros is just too much,even for hotel parking.

defining amy said...

oh my goodness. i love your blog. i'm obsessed with traveling so until my next adventure, i will live vicariously through you. pretty pictures!!

~ Lopa said...

@ A. K. 

Thanks A.K. for dropping by and commenting :o)
With more and more people commenting about pictures I think I am improving on photography with self-practising ... hehehe

~ Lopa said...

@ Pres├ępio no Canal 

Thanks Sandra, yes it is so much fun to just walk, have a sandwich in the hand and just keep walking seeing the places and stopping wherever you feel like :o)

~ Lopa said...

@ Sorcerer

Welcome back :o)
Thanks... i know i have a lot to catch up on your blog too, keeping quite busy but will try to as soon as possible.

~ Lopa said...

@ AmitL

Thanks Amit.
Yes it's perfect blend of old and new... though i felt it's more about they trying to make it appear old than what it really is, as most of the things not that old considering almost everything was destroyed in WWII. But it's a charming city for sure !

~ Lopa said...

@ defining amy 

Hey welcome to my blog :)
I am happy that you liked it.
It's not travelling that i always write about though, i write more about my feelings and less about actual travelling...hehehe
Thanks :o)

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