Saturday, April 7, 2012

Can Dreams be real? ( Part # 1)

It was month of September. I had been quite busy with a project at work past few months, doing overtime almost everyday. But it was about to get over as project Go-live date was approaching just in 2 weeks.

In laws had just gone back to India from a 10 weeks visit, it was just last 2 days or so i was not doing over-time and still i felt exhausted and tired. I thought it might be a break-down. My body has reached a point and cannot do anymore, this is what exhaustion is.

I was thinking this, sitting at my desk in the morning and a colleague came to me smiling. Let's call her Suz. She comes and tells me i had you in my dream yesterday.
Aaah, now that was a surprise.

So.... what was it about?
I had a dream that you are pregnant !
Yes, we were sitting here at my desk, you came there and were sitting in a chair next to me and then told me that you are pregnant. I was so happy, we hugged and i was telling you that i am so happy for you.
hehe that's funny :)
Is it true, are you?
No, i am not.
Ya it is weird that i had such a dream, else before this i never had a dream about you.
hmm ya, strange.

So we laughed a bit and got back to work.

In the evening, i was felling tired and could not take it anymore. So i informed in the office that i am leaving a bit early today.

Suz looked at me from behind her desktop and commented:
May be you are pregnant ! That's a sign. You feel tired when you are.

I laughed and left for home. While driving back home, i kept thinking whether it is possible.
I was late only by 2 days and that was normal considering all the stress at work. Whenever too stressed and exhausted i had been late even a week before. So there was nothing new in that.
But somehow i couldn't shrug the thoughts off.

I kept thinking if it was possible possible, to clear my mind i decided to take home pregnancy test.
I took the home pregnancy test as soon as i reached home and guess what?
It came Negative !!

So may be that was just a dream, and not all dreams are real !!

21st September 2011


Megan Adamson said...

Dreams are such strange things, our minds don't shut down when we are asleep.
It's normal for me to dream about being pregnant or having some small child to look over. I reckon that it is my inner self that I have to protect and I can't let it go.
These are usually anxiety dreams, but there is a saying that if you dream of a birth, there is a death of a close one near by. I've never experienced this though, so don't worry! ;)

thamarai said...

Lopaaaaa...where is part 2?? Tell us quickly :D

How are you doing? Hope the stress is less now!

~ Lopa said...

@ Megan Adamson

I have been having endless dreams recently, so i don't think they stand a chance to come all of them true... hehe :D

~ Lopa said...


Part 2 already there now ;)
I am doing better, and still can be better :D

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