Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Hi Five.

As you know (because i mentioned in my last post !?!?), we celebrated 5 years of marital bliss this weekend. God time flies and thing is that it doesn't look feels like it was just yesterday! It was funny to remember whole week what were we doing that time exactly 5 years back.
I could remember, aaah i was putting henna at this time and aah you were doing your last minute shopping for shoes! Good old memories.

What we wanted to do for celebrating 5 years was to get married again, with each other. But it didn't happen. So we live with our first marriage, with each other.

On a serious note, nothing much really as our lil Bun was sick last week. He was all good, playing happily when my sister was here. And same night that she went back he felt warm. I ignored it thinking it might be just a bit warm. Then as the day progressed i got a call at work that he is sick with high fevers. I went home, gave him paracetamol and came back to work thinking that should work. But it didn't. Another call and we were running home. We took him to hospital, which served as only to console ourselves.

Next day same, i left from work mid-day after a phone call on his condition and ended up staying home with him rest of the week. 

You can call it a coincidence and i think it as our anniversary gift that he didn't have fever that night and he managed to play whole day so we could go out for an anniversary dinner.

As we had been thinking about all the restaurants, our usual, and how boring it is becoming with lack of novelty; we decided to try a new restaurant. And it was a good change; only that their two vegetarian dishes named differently but ended up looking the same. On name of sautéed vegetables they had only choisam. So two plates full of them, (aaah that reminds me of writing a review for this restaurant before i forget about it) but thing is it actually tasted good. So no complains. Their starters were delicious and sauce accompanying was really spicy, yes spicy even for me who loves spicy food! We ended dinner selecting a surprise dessert, which was good as well. Some stuffed dumplings with rice flours, accompanied by coconut sauce and fresh fruits. 

There was one more thing on the menu that brought us smiles and cheered us up more. 
A cocktail.
And it was called "Hot Mama" ;-)
Certainly made this new mama feel hot ;-)

P.S. As some of you might be wondering about that cocktail, on menu it read "Mix van cachacha, limoen, verse gember en spaanse pepers voor een verassende bite." 
(Translation: Mix of cachacha, lime, fresh ginger and chilies for a surprising bite. However i think Cachacha should be "Cachaça" but whatever!)


Prasanna Rao said...

Wish u wonderful years ahead with your family and that cocktail does look yumm :) Hope your lil Bun is feeling better now.

I HEARD YOU said...

sorry to hear about lil bun.:( Do keep us posted about him

nameera said...

I want to try hot mama! ;)
Tc of little Bun.

Unknown said...

Congratulations Lopa on 5 beautiful years of being married :)

My Unfinished Life said...

5 years together is something!! (as I would know since I also completed the 5 year mark last November)

congrats to both of you..coming here after ages and i missed so much stuff!!

reading them all :)

Unknown said...

Love to follow your blog.have a wonderfull life ahead.keep following my blog too.

AmitL said...

Hello,there...good to see you're blogging again..will be back to read some more. Will blogroll your blog link on my blog, if I find that you're regular again..promise.:)

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