Thursday, February 28, 2013

Fine Nine.

We are past middle of the working week and i can see weekend already! Cannot wait, as we will be celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary this weekend. No big plans, nothing special, just some lovely family time.

We had my sister and her husband visiting us this past weekend, so home felt more like home with the buzz. Lil Bun had a good time with all the pampering and attention. I was keen to see whether he remembers her aunt from his India visit and how he reacts. He is a champ, didn't react any different or strange. He acted as if he knew her well and didn't feel stranger to her at all. However he tried all the tactics to gain his uncle's attention (as he saw and met him for the first time), from staring to smiling to shouting. And he even tried to get hold of his nose...huh huh!

While they were here we visited CentrO mall in Oberhausen, Germany together. It is advertised as the biggest mall of Europe but we didn't feel it upto the hype. And there is no way it can be the biggest. But what do i know.
I felt we have better malls in The Netherlands... aah and don't get me started on shopping malls in France! We normally like food in Germany, but food we got there in food court was pathetic, not many vegetarian options and what we got we couldn't even get started on it so forget finishing it !

Anyway now that we are done with disappointed part, i liked free parking, and enough of them. Ohh and i liked Gilly Hicks store. Very warm, cosy and summer feeling! Absolutely delight. Loved it.

Ok let me just google a picture for you... so here you go. Now you see what summer feeling was i talking about? It was fun to walk in all the rooms, and not to forget payment counter look and feel. 

Gilly Hicks at CentrO, Germany
Ohh and did i mention our lil Bun turned 9 months this weekend? So 3 quarters gone! It was a special week as we celebrated 9 years of knowing each other and being together and 9 months of having our lil Bun in our hands.
I baked a special pizza to celebrate it. Why pizza? Well because it has a special place in our hearts! ;-) Some good old memories!


Life Begins said...

Such a sweet little post. Love the little tit-bits from everyday life. Some smiles, some memories!
Congrats for spl Nr.9 and for coming spl day. Have fun.

I HEARD YOU said...

Wow, lots of celebrations(=cooking+cleaning,but why am i concerned...maybe I have a habit to rub my nose in other ppl's business..ha).Anyways the pizza looks delicious ...I want to order one! :P

Aparna said...

Happy Anniversary! What lovely memories, and a cute pizza celebration :)

nameera said...

Happy Anniversary.. U r so good at baking :(

Me! In words said...

Happy Anniversary.. cheers to many more to come

SohNi said...

Happy 5th anniversary....write another post on why pizza for celebration na...

~ Lopa said...

Thanks a lot all of you for your wishes :-)

~ Lopa said...

@nameera, if i tell you i started baking since last 4 years only, after we moved to Europe, will that make you feel : ) in stead if :( ?


~ Lopa said...

@SohNi, haha...may be i should, shouldn't i? ;-)

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