Monday, August 5, 2013

Biggest Regret of my life - Day 5

Only if you turned back your life, what will you change ?
There might be all, there might be none.
If i change back my life, how will i be sure, you will be still in my life?

So basically, i love my life and i do not have any big regrets. Small mistakes ofcourse, but i wouldn't have learnt and grown without them.

When i try hard, there is one thing i can remember though during my teenage years.
That was my board exam year, i wasn't worried about my results. Because i always thought i wanted to be an engineer and i knew i will score enough to be one.
So i hardly studied. When my classmates stayed awake whole night studying, i would happily go and sleep early in my over-confidence.

My dad might have thought he has such a brilliant kids, like all parents think. And looking at my past records he thought i will score enough to become a doctor. I kept saying him that i see the life you lead, odd  hours...any time emergency calls so i am not going to be one. He laughed it out and thought might be me joking. 
Year passed and when my result came, sure enough i scored enough to be an engineer. But i broke my dad's heart. 
Only thing he told me that day was, it was ok if you didn't want to be a doctor...i wouldn't have forced you but i am shocked to see you didn't try harder thinking you might be. (And i feel ashamed accepting, he was right ! ) If you had scored for it, then it would have been your choice that you could get in anything you wanted and then you selected something you always wanted to do. Now it is you have limited choices open. 
And that moment i knew, the mistake i made.
I broke his heart and his trust, someone who trusted me and still does as much as no one in this world ever did or does.

So my biggest regret of my life is i didn't work harder, i didn't try harder.
In the years that followed, i have never forgotten those words. That was the biggest lesson of my life, try and then if you do not wish to go ahead with what is in front of you..... you will always have a choice to make. If you do not try, there will be no cross-roads to select from, no choices to make.


Life Begins said...

I admire your positive attitude towards life and i feel it in every word you write or speak.
:) Be the same!

Anonymous said...

Lopa, Good one...
But its all our destiny which plays major role to control our mind in that perticular time... whatever we have done in past, may hurt somebody, but finally its ur destiny... May be if u score more, emotionally you need to go to medecine... :)

thamarai said...

Dearest Lopa! Long time! Great to see your marathon blogs! Is there a way I can join too?

Btw, just few days back I tried out a pumpkin soup from your recipe blog. Turned out pretty awesome! thanks!

I HEARD YOU said...

can there be any solace in this world? too dramatic? But reading this post of yours..sigh...hurt, very bad. Because someone has just realised this mistake!
And please once again, get over this comment verification thing! It freaks me out everytime! :P

Simran said...

Hi Lopa, I hopped over to your blog from the MB group. Am trying to be more regular with my "reading other blogs" part :) Great to see you join the August Marathon challenge. I started with the first one in Dec 2012 and boyt it was fun. Read your daily posts till today and looking forward to read more. Happy Blogging!!

sudhakar said...

Your study experience is intersting.
What I feel is that any profession one chooses, he/she must work happily.


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