Friday, August 2, 2013

My religion, my faith. - Day 2

Now this is a tricky subject, more because i am confused how religious i am ! 
I do have faith, yes on lots of things actually. And that might have to do more with people than religion.

I really like to follow some of the traditional rituals that i grew up with and the happiness which those traditions and some associate festivities bring. Happy faces around, lots of catching up, dressing up, good food, what more do we need for a perfect day? I love celebrations.

I think there has been strong reasons behind some traditions, and religious believes... but over the time some meanings evaporated and only stubbornness to follow them mindlessly remains. And then nothing stands right, religion and faith are gone. what remains is a herd. A herd of mindless faces. 

One of the things i believe is, it is faith that has kept this society in mankind, faith in humanity, faith in tomorrow, faith in each other and even faith in own self. 
If you deduct an element of faith from our lives i think this society will collapse... depressed and with no future to look fwd to. Life wouldn't be worth living. Faith stands as a strong base pushing up the optimism, making today and everyday worth living, worth fighting for. 

So yes may be i am religious, for my religion is faith. 
Faith in you and me, and a better tomorrow around us full of strikingly happy faces. 
Come, join me in the celebrations. We don't need reasons, for life is a reason.


I HEARD YOU said...

this was such a mindful post.Balanced too. The last line was the best,life itself is a reason. :-)

Ambika said...

What a lovely post. Agree one hundred percent!

Life Begins said...

How beautiful!
You indeed reflect positivity in every aspect...
Hugs for that!!

~ Lopa said...


Isn't it the truth? :-)

~ Lopa said...

Thanks Ambika, you are a sweet heart :-) :*

~ Lopa said...

@Life Begins...

Thanks Bharti, hugs back to you >:-)<

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