Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Drive-o-phobia !

I hate driving!

That's what my Monday's last tweet read, (ok, a part of that tweet) didn’t realize that in a few mins I would be face to face realising how much I do!

I usually don't drive until I have to, ( Many reasons... to sum up an accident while was in college, scared mom, resulting in a long gap that i was allowed to touch car again ) but then I realize I have to as I cannot just rely on others, and specially on those cold days when it is impossible to walk!

That day (Monday) I didn't feel like driving, but I had to as now my all time rescue Ashu cannot drop me anymore, Monday is a day he is attending lectures at the same time at a different location, yeah MBA classes Monday evenings!

I thought to call one of my classmates, who offer me a lift sometimes, but then I thought why? I should drive, right? (That doesn't make me love driving)

Ok so where were we... yeah I tweetted from iPhone while leaving home
"Time for Painting... I hate driving :( "

Apparently I hadn't been driving since last two weeks and there was a bit of snow fall in between.
Doors were jammed and it was -5 °C. I gave door a jerk and it opened.
I sat, tied my seat belt and ignited engine.
It gave me some weird noises...
Yeah alright, I get it, we haven't been using you much, sorry, can we go now?

Blip blip.... an indication that Door was open.
Thanks sweety, I stopped, opened the door and closed it again and started driving.
Again blip blip...what now?? All four doors are open !
What? How?
No way, I even didn't open others, just ignore.

Sometimes machines go wrong as well, after all it's just machine right?

I was near the high-way, I took a sharp turn and boooom... driver seat door stand there open, yeah fully open !
I couldn’t even reach handle to close it, that cold wind and cars behind me.... Arrrr did I tell you I hate driving? :o/

I slowed, looked in the mirror, no more cars behind, I was standing in between the road. Tried to close the door.
No still couldn’t.
Opened seat-belt, reached for it and close it. Checked in the front mirror, No car near-by, good. Could see a few cars in distance, getting closer very fast but I am already starting, no reason to stand here....

Ok, so can we go now? No still all four doors are open.
I open and close it again, and I press a button for centre-locking.
Ok we are good now.

I start driving again, and then I feel cold wind again, yes, my door was opening, again. I caught it with my left hand before it’s out of my reach and i have to stop in traffic !

Back to driving, with one hand holding door, one hand on steering, one eye on road, traffic and signals and one eye on other 3 doors !
What if that blinking signal is right, and they all are open as well. Arrr what will I do then? All those who know me know that I don't have four hands right?
Arr sorry five with one needed for steering and four for doors.
What do i do then? Am I supposed to use legs, like animals do with their legs ! ( Their legs are their hands right?)
Arrrr no no no, I cannot do it, no way.
And not to get in that position, I kept pressing center-locking and child-lock and whatever button i could see which meant "lock", whenever i could afford to free my hand from whatever it was busy holding !

Glad all the tricks remained in mind and planning or dreaming phase and I managed to reach for Painting. Parked the car in parking place.

What, you didn't think I will miss painting for stupid car, did you?

Anyway so i parked and clicked that button in my hand to lock it, nop doesn't work.
Lots of kicking on door, ok now it closes completely but still can't lock nop.
No way, it is not happening that I am already in the parking and I cannot go in!

Aaaah, I don't need to lock it using this stupid button right? I can use the key, yeah I can....oooops and it worked, no need to leave it open in the parking! Come on, who will want to take away a car which doesn't lock! Or will someone?

So are we good now?
Yeah, guess so, I am still alive!

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Unknown said...

Aarrrrg, what an experience you had! I'm glad everything worked out OK for you!

Alice in Wonderland said...

Pleased that everything was O.K.! Machinery is always going to go wrong sometime or other.

sagarika said...

Omg hope you r fine after the entire crazy adventure trip!

It reminds me of my experience as a driver.Me n my friends went to a theme park and wanted to try out go kart. We were given chance for 3 rounds and I gave up after the 1st round as I was hitting everyone along the way. I was even stuck at a slope :(

After that incident I told myself that I can never be a gd driver. To avoid embarrassing myself one more time I dropped the idea of taking up driving license . I don’t think I will take one in future. Haha.

Maybe you should use your car often so that it will recognize the owner :P

Hetal said...

A deadly driving :).... how could you bear that cold breeze :)....

bhumika said...

ha ha ha..
when i drove our first car first time, i wanted to be perfect! i tied seat belts, arranged position... tried to set mirror... n BINGO... i had set up mirror to be in my hand! that day onwards keyur never lets me be on drivers seat.. not at least for his CAR! OOPssss

Nithya said...

Now thats what I call experienced driver ;) Its not easy n u have done it.. Kudoooossss..
On a serious not I have been learning to drive since quite a good long time but still scared to take it out alone.. With traffic, snow n u being in a hurry..I can guess what it takes... Great going gal..

~ Lopa said...

@ A Touch of Dutch 

Ohh ya, I am glad too, it was a bit scary at that moment, but writing about it was great fun :o)
I think i need to drive more, That car misses running on road ! :o)

~ Lopa said...

@ Alice in Wonderland 

Yeah, agree.
But even our human mind is going to go wrong sometimes :o)
Also when we don't communicate much with our machine, mis-communication is going to happen ! hehe

~ Lopa said...

@ Sagarika

You know what? Almost same reason i don't go Go karting :oD

I had very bad headache and neck-ache ( if that's the term ) when last time i had gone, that is to say years back home in India, as i was struck in between all were heating me from all the directions and i had so many jerks that my neck had a problem resulting in headache. And when i complained about it, i was told that is what the fun with Go Karting is, More accidents you manage, more fun ! Argggg ! Didn't sound very good.

I think driving more often is a key :)
But after that scary experience we are planning to sell it and buy a smaller car for myself :P
And i want cabriolet, whatever brand, doesn't matter...hehe

~ Lopa said...

@ Hetal 

I am deadly, so obviously my driving is deadly...hehe
Cold breeze, Arggg there wasn't anyway out, if there was i wouldn't have :)

~ Lopa said...

@ Bhumika

hehehe, back home Ashu also never let me touch his car, you know Ahmedabad traffic, i used to fight with him on the same :o)

But here because of disciplined traffic and lane driving it is easier and as he has to travel a bit, he started allowing me to drive, and when he saw i can, now he lets me drive.

But incidents like this teaches me only knowing how to drive isn't enough... i also should be knowing more about this machine that we call car !

~ Lopa said...

@ Nithya

Yup, i was actually proud of myself that I managed. hehe

When I am driving i always pay full attention in driving, never even dare to talk on phone while driving, and before this incident I never knew i can drive with one hand as well ... hehe
It is rightly said "Experience is a best teacher" :o)

Start driving without thinking, it will help :o)

Efrutik said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Efrutik said...

Lopa, you spoke it right. I also am a complete novice at driving since I began at 21. I do not even venture on going to the highway unless I have someone with me in the car. I love my car but am absolutely terrifying of things happening, being lost in some place or just plainly being hit by someone. NEVER DRIVE WITHOUT A BLUETOOTH. It is the most distracting thing to do ever when people drive and have a phone in their hand! Glad you don't do it, but if you will be talking on the phone please use a hands free set of some sort.

It's ok, we can definitely overcome Drive-O-Phonbia one drive at a time :)

P.S. check out my blog I have a message for you there :)

nameera said...

Hey!how did the doors open baar baar?We hardly experience something like this in India..(I dont drive :P)
you keep a fevicol in ur car :P

~ Lopa said...


Yup, i drive only in my this little town on my own, else never alone. But then i feel someday i have to start doing it right ?

First thing that came across my mind after that ride was, i am scared about what if i will be hurt as a result of accident. I used to drive two wheeler back home all the time since i was 10 or 12. But that is easy because if i fell down, only i get hurt, if there is accident i wont be hurting anyone that badly but when i am in four wheeler, there are more chances that i can hurt anyone else without their fault !!!
Arggg, i gotta overcome that thought !

And yeah i hate it when people talk on phone while driving. Most of the times i have this argument with Ashu, don't answer calls while driving and when you know you have to then put your bluetooth ON.

yes, we will overcome Drive-O-Phobia with one drive at a time :o)

And i checked your blog... a big thanks for such nice words and award :o)

~ Lopa said...

@ nameera

If i knew why does open baar baar, it wouldn't have opened baar baar...hehehe
There is one more thing too that in India most of the cars are not Automatic, only a few are. And as it is easy i prefer automatic one...hehe

And yeah fevicol... thanks for mentioning it... why didn't that occur to me !!!
But Fevicol takes some time to glue and we have to hold it tight for that time until it's fixed otherwise if it opens before it was fixed it's whole exercise again, so i propose an alternative.... how about a FeviQuick ;) Then only thing i have to take care of is my fingers wile using it...hehe

nameera said...

Arey...u no..yeh morning morning post kia tha wrote fevicol..i had feviquick only in mind.

dipali said...

god u r safe.....what a horrible experince u had.but must appreciate u didnt panis,kept calm and did all the things you can with gud presence of mind......

~ Lopa said...

@ nameera 

Wow, you read my blog early in the morning, wooow :o) hehe
See I caught your right frequency, received your signal transmitted encoded/encrypted and decoded it correctly with what it might would have been ;)

~ Lopa said...

@ dipali 

No actually it was fun ;o) hehehe and narrating it here was a super duper fun ..hehe
Aree yeah, i feel proud of myself already, as before it happened i didn't know i am that capable ;o)

Maya said...

more technology, more trouble..

nameera said...

U've been an Elec and Comm'n student?

~ Lopa said...

@ Uncommon Sense

Agreed :o)
Technology is a root of half of the problems exisiting today ;o)


Nop ;o) :oP

Orangesplaash said...

Thats scary..glad that no cars were coming behind. I am looking forward to my driving classes next month, lets see how I fare :)

thamarai said...

Oh my god! that was really really scary!! I am not a big fan of driving as wel..thank God nothing happened..even though when you right it you describe it rather funnily, I can imagine how it would have been when you were there!! Take care girl!!

Unknown said...

Oh Lopa, what an experience! But were you driving a car, or the Star Trek Enterprise? Lol!! As I was reading I kept imagining you with all those strange controls on the space shuttle ;o)

~ Lopa said...

@ Orangesplaash

Only when i stopped for the first time there wasn't any car behind, then there were that is why i had to keep driving with my mind coming up with a lots of tricks about how to manage ;) hehe

All the best with your Driving lessons :)

~ Lopa said...

@ thamarai

Yes, true :)
But you know most of our memorable moments come from such incidents and sometimes something which made us as scared as feeling dead becomes most funny topic to have a good laugh :)
Human mind at it's best ;)

~ Lopa said...

@ Aledys Ver

At that time indeed it felt like it wasn't car but i was a part of Star Trek mission, hehehe

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