Saturday, February 6, 2010

First Expositie

I keep mentioning my love for Painting on this blog so those who have been reading it knows about my it and how i wanted to learn Oil painting !

Year 2010 started with a new joy as that meant we were going to have our first Oil painting lesion finally.
We started it in a traditional way, the way Oil paintings were done in 17th century.
Ok i didn't mind how and which way, as far as i was learning how to do it!

Two weeks and two lessons after we were ready with our canvas preparation, drawing of composition and base colours and it was the day we were going to put the Oils, finally.
So happy i was since morning ! Finally, yes finally we were there !

But alaaaas, Not yet.

Our instructor/ teacher Derek had something else in his mind. He informed us that he would like to put our half-done paintings on display in the coming Exposition. He had thought over it that it would be nice to display our work as well with others even though it was work -in progress.
So nice of him !
But wait, Doesn't that mean we have to start over again ! Ohh ya, it did.
Best thing that atleast our work got a place beside so many other nicely done works.

This Monday evening, during the Painting class a classmate, Ruud, was taking pictures of whole class. I thought he is taking the pictures just like that, as many times we take pictures to remember our compositions when we have to continue same in the next lesson.
But his e-mail arrived as a surprised as it contained the link of his website where he had uploaded them all along with pictures of our half-done paintings displayed in our institute's Exposition 2010.

I liked his idea and so though to share a link to his website.
If interested, you can check the photos of our "half -done" paintings displayed in Exposition and work-in-progress photos of class here.
CKC Expositie Schilderen 2010

Images in this post i have taken from the same website, courtsey: Ruud Zwijnenburg
Thanks Ruud for sharing this :o)


Pres├ępio no Canal said...

Ola :-) Lopa ;-)

I want to see this esposition. Where it takes place?

sagarika said...

omg lopa I correctly guessed which is ur painting (even before enlarging the pic)..My attention was totally on the 3rd painting :)...nice painting lopa...have a grt weekend ya!

~ Lopa said...

@ Pres├ępio no Canal

Awww Thanks Sandra :)

It is a small exhibitie at the place i am taking Painting les.
Here is a website of institute..

~ Lopa said...

@ sagarika

How, how, how? Because it is too dark? hehehe
Thanks re :o)
It's already Sunday :o(

Alice in Wonderland said...

I really enjoyed seeing these "works in progress".
I always think that it is strange how people can see things from a different point of view, and have different perspectives on inanimate objects! Loved this post and can't wait to see more!
Thank you for commenting on my blog, I'm now your newest follower!

Orangesplaash said... finally joined the oil painting class Lopa. Nice work..I have never been much of a painter myself, but would love to do a photography course sometimes!!

~ Lopa said...

@ Alice in Wonderland

Alice, You are such a sweet heart, Thanks :)
Learning Painting is also teaching me about how things can differ when looked from diff angle / perspective.
How painting will look in the end depends on from which angle one is painting and so same thing when painted by different people looks different on canvas.
Doesn't that same thing apply to life as well? Which side we are standing !

~ Lopa said...

@ Orangesplaash

Thanks Arwa.
This is same ongoing painting lessons which is for mix mediums and so now we have started with Oil medium.
Yes I am looking for Photography course as well, but haven't been able to find one in English so far. If you come across something, do let me know as well :)

thamarai said...

Hey checked out the site. Yours is the 3rd one on top right? I liked it a lot! Honest! Your signature is cool too...great going girl! :)

Lopa said...

@ thamarai

hehehe thanks Viji,
But do u know why? practise, My signature are more practised than even my paintings, hehehe i have been pracising them since was a kid hehehe :oD

sagarika said...

Haha I guessed it correctly because the painting was diff.I like the idea that you painted it dark. Hey even you like to learn photography. I tried and m still trying to find a gd place in Singapore for photography classes :(.You have your SLR camera so it’s time to take up the course n do justice to your camera :)

~ Lopa said...

@ sagarika

Ahhh you read my older posts :)
Yeah, i know i have to learn else i won't be using half of the features SLR has to offer ! :o/

So no new updates on your blog lately?

dipali said...

hey lops..gud work.....keep it up.....hope some day u can carry out your own exhibition ..Amen.....

~ Lopa said...

@ dipali

I wish ! That will be a dream come true.. !
Hehe, thanks dear :)

sagarika said...

hehe ya I read that post and liked it a lot. Was very busy with project submission and office work.Didn't had time to write. Done with the submission yday so will write up soon : )

Deepti said...

Really liked your work! Keep it up.

~ Lopa said...

@ sagarika

Thanks :o)
Look fwd to read more of you then :o)

~ Lopa said...

@ Deepti

Hey, so nice to see you here !
Thanks for visit, comment and more than that liking what i do... :oD

Hetal said...

Cant wait for completed painting of yours... publish it to this blog soon...All the best dear...

~ Lopa said...

@ Hetal

Next week :)
It's small though and still life, but every first thing has it's own charm, it will be my first Oil Painting so definitely special to me :)

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