Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Ok so i am back to office and still quite cant make my mind to work, and so i thought to drop off a few lines.
Slept at around 4:00am last night and so still feeling dizzy, but there was no way i can skip the office, i wish i didn't have to do it yesterday either but that's different as there was no choice.

You know this Volcano... we checked before driving to Edinburgh airport from Glasgow and it did show scheduled. We returned rented car and walked to airport and whoaaa... it's cancelled !
There were lots many people taking bus and ferries, but considering 22 hrs and 15 hrs respectively which it was going to take, we decided to drive to London and take a train for that. I think which was a good decision as it gave us an extra evening which made it possible to spend some time with very good friends from good old days Dipali & Nik. I think it was the first time after graduation that we were meeting, almost after 8 years !

Dipali was my class mate, bench-mate and part of many mischiefs together at the engineering day. Great thing was that gap of time didn't feel a bit that may be due the fact we talk almost everyday online haha.
We saw their son also for the first time, but as he was seeing us for the first time he was shying away and i am hoping a better time playing with him next time. He is such a cute boy !

So it was not that bad that trip was extended. And yeah London, this was the first time and i had totally different image of it than what i saw there... but we only spent half a day there and i have to go back there again.

And yeah that hi-speed train through tunnel, it only took 2 hours to reach Brussels, Belgium from London. This was our first time with this train and this route as well and it was a pleasant surprise ! It made me think we don't have to take flight everytime, train is more convenient and we don't have to worry about what's in our hand luggage, what's in our checked-in luggage and they wont allow my water or juice bottle in hand luggage...hehe

Ok, i better get back to work now, it's already piled up and i don't want to work over-time. I want to go home and sleep well.

Ohh yes, and one more thing, i have a realisation that when i started this blog it was more like sharing as i liked to talk and share and know some other like-minded people, it was never meant to be a bit formal like it was getting lately, and i think that's the reason of posting not so often as well as i am getting so freaked out about everything being so perfect, with pictures and all. But that's not stress-relieving as i wanted it to be, that's more work and more stress.
I want it to be what i intended it to be, my open diary where i write what i think, some expediences i feel like sharing and would like others to know about it or want other opinions.
What does it matter that it doesn't look like an expat blog, it never was and I am not a writer !

See you laterz then if you are still here :)


Nithya said...

Hey Lopa glad that you are back.. I can catch up with u on gtalk now... Well u r one of the talents with perfection and sooper writing skills.. been so envious of your energy n enthu to put up pics n blogs so perfectly.. n ya of course your patience... but what ruled ur blog was teh story.. the narration.. and it still rules well :) So see u soon on ur blog


I wonder if you holiday between work or its the other way round. Just few days back, I thought u were in Berlin and now.. The later part of the article seemed more like annoyance than ur reflection. seems like u had a sour comment or two regarding ur blogging. :)

keep sharing.. I wud simply say.


~ Lopa said...

@ Nithya
Thanks Nits, those are such an encouraging words :)
I still want to do all those pictures and all those but when i don't get time for all, it turns a bit frustrating... so i don't want it to be a compulsoriness on my mind, that's it.

~ Lopa said...

haha, actually after Berlin we were at Belgium - Gent & Brugge in between and then Scotland,hehe
Actually we don't have many public holidays, whatever we have that's just this month and also this is the month weather starts improving, a bit less cold and people feel like finally be out of home. Now after Wit Monday we will have directly Christmas. But yes, everyone goes to summer vacation in summer ;)
No re, it wasn't some comments, it's my frustration with not being able to manage everything, i don't feel good when i cant do something because of time ! And as i was just writing it, it also came to my mind how people put it on their blog asking to follow them ! Why?
Anyway may be i need some sleep, only had 3 hours sleep yesterday...may be that's the real reason...haha

Orangesplaash said...

Well, nice that you had a good time in Scotland. Though the volcano bit was really unexpected last week.
I can understand the last bit. I would only add that its alright and you should not worry much about the pics and write up being perfect. As it is, I love to hear what you have to share and that matters the most I guess :)

dipali said...

it was gr8 to catch up with u after long 8 years.....waiting to spend more time with u lot...and about ur blog i make it a must to read.i really enjoy the way u narrate and write...keep it up!!!!

A Touch of Dutch said...

No stress! It's always great to read what you have to share, when you wish, whether you share photos or not!

I'm happy for you to read you did get the chance to spend more time, and in addition a drive from Glasgow to London also doesn't sound so bad ;-) Welcome back!

thamarai said...

Hey Lopa! I had been to Prague last weekend, and was lucky to get back in the right shape...I am glad you are touring all these lovely places, I wait for your views on them..

I am also suffering from same "less time" syndrome yaar..and I completely understand how you feel, I also get frustrated similarly...I get conscious when I know people are reading my blog, and I worry that I shdnt post anything silly...:)

Was sort of nice to see ur similar opinion here..:) Such a great way to go!

EFRUTIK said...

Lopa! I love what you wrote at the end about what you wanted your blog to be and how to get back to that goal. I like your honesty with yourself first and foremost and ofcourse that you opened up to us (your readers) and shared your thoughts about the matter. I also felt at some point that my blog was becoming a bit fake and not too true to myself. I'm definitely am conscious now more about making MY blog MY own. If people read it it's great, if not well i won't despair. After all, it was supposed to be my relaxing space to share my thoughts.

As for London, what exactly were your impressions? I am thinking a lot of going there this summer and catching a train to other parts of Europe as well.

I'm glad you are back!

P.s. I am thinking of getting a voice recorder to record my thoughts as they come up throughout the day and then later on just type them up into my blog when I have time :) I'll let you know how that goes!

~ Lopa said...

@ Orangesplaash 
Yes, we were suppose to make this trip last month, but we re-scheduled it due to Volcano but seems like it was waiting for us to be there...hehehe and look at that, the day we were supposed to come back everything closed down and the day we reached here it was again all working ! haha

This is no nice, all of you comforting me like this... Thanks for this. So now i think by not posting the pics only thing i am missing is compliments about nice pics ;o) hehe

~ Lopa said...

@ dipali 

Yes Dips... and i am glad i found you same as the impression i had of yours in my mind intake, unchanged !
I know you are my friend and whenever you can take out time, you will read whatever crap i write hehe... but seriously... thanks for being there :o)

~ Lopa said...

@ A Touch of Dutch 
Yes, a drive from Glasgow to London was certainly nice, more 'coz it allowed me spend some time with friends :o)
Thanks a lot Isabella for such nice words :o)

~ Lopa said...

@ thamarai 

Woooow, you were at Prague? I love that place... did you have a stroll on Charles Bridge at night? Isn't it magical feeling? hehe

Exactly yaar, frustration and irritation with own self for not being able to manage everything, it shouldn't be like that right?
I wish things change soon, i feel exhausted !
Thanks for your words, It's nice to know I am not alone in this boat :o)

~ Lopa said...


Thanks for understanding exactly what i meant by it !

Hey, that idea of recording your thought sounds great. I was facing same problem, too many thoughts whole day and i keep thinking inside my mind that i gotta write about it but when i am at computer i feel blank.
So from last 2-3 months i started carrying a diary with me to note down whenever something crosses my mind. It helped for one post but then again same. I think i am just going to note it down in a moment - to - ohh i will write all together at the end of the day - to - more delays and resulting in not happening !

Wish i had super-brain and 10 hands to do all i want to ! haha

But surely let me know how your idea is going, i might adopt it too ;o)

AmitL said...

Hi,Lopa-that must've been quite exhausting at some time during the journey-the 'volcano effect',I mean..ah well,guess it had it's plus points-u realized that train travel is equally if not better.:)
re. the blog-yep-that's what I do- be informal and write when the mood beckons- after all,blogging's a way to destress,not further stress.:)And,of course,a way to spread some happiness around,when people enjoy what u wrote..am I right? Don't worry,u're doing fine on all counts.:)

krunalc said...

Now a days, I keep compalining about 24 Hrs not being enough to do justice with all the things we want to do. At times sparing time for blog is very difficult also. But one thing I try to keep in my mind is my blog is my diary first and then reading for other readers. I want to be my blog a memory bank for me. On top of that I write good, people visit it, comment on that, I will definitely like that.

So in short tention nahi lene ka. Keep writing :)

~ Lopa said...

@ AmitL 

yes, 2 hours from London to Brussels, can you imagine? Superb and very convenient !
Only thing is those are hi-speed trains and so not so cheap and there are so many low-cost carriers in Europe that if well-planned / booked in advance you can find air-tickets at half a rate than those train ticket ! :o)
Never thought that can be until now !

Yes thanks re... i am happy that realisation came before it was too late and i was dead in stress...haha
Thanks for being here :o)

~ Lopa said...

@ krunalc 

I know, everyday i feel like wish i had more time ! Specially when we want to do things and time doesn't allow, that's the most frustrating feeling !
When i started writing i had same thing in mind, as i used to write diary since i was in 5th standard and when i read them now when i am home, it's interesting to know how as a kid / teenage i was ! And i am sure as i will pass through these years it will be interesting to read my these experiences as well !
Thanks for being with me on my blog journey :o)

sewa mobil said...

love it!!! thanks

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