Wednesday, May 26, 2010

How did you start Blogging?

Normally I don't do all the tags I am tagged for, but sometimes some tags are interesting, they come along interesting questions providing an opportunity to share and also award ! Can't resist them !

Like this award Alice from Alice in the wonderland bestowed me with.

Actually she gave the option to pick any award from the two, but I am shamelessly picking up both... hehe

1. Say why you made your blog and if you expected it to be popular at all.

Main reason I started blogging was an urge to share. I was missing my friends and family and time difference didn't allow talking with them whenever I had an urge to, so I started blogging.

Second reason, not having many friends or any family in a new country makes life boring, and to fight that feeling and for some good time pass I felt blogging was a nice way and then I can always go back and read them, it's kind of documenting life as it goes on :o)

Also because i had some wrong prenotions like i can write or i can be funny, which were obviously base-less and good that i started blogging, now know exactly where i stand !

I am so happy that I started blogging; it has helped me to get in touch with so many nice people. It is always nice when you get to meet people with similar wavelength and all of these are so talented; there is always some or other thing to learn from them. It's a great medium for fun plus knowledge sharing!

I didn't expect it to be popular and it is not popular.... hahaha but yes I would have loved and I will love if it is popular as that means only that I have a bigger circle of friends !

2. State the exact date you started your blog

hmmm... I don't remember ... as first few posts I wrote, deleted then imported-exported... and what not. But if I take this blog as it is right now and look at the date of first post available here... it is 14th May 2009.

Ooops it’s one year of this blog already, what a nice way to celebrate this realization with an award....awwww Thanks Alice :o)

3. Nominate 5 loyal followers !

Now this is really very difficult to pick 5 from 59, and there are obviously more than 5 about whom I don’t know how they started blogging and would like to know how they started blogging!

So I am converting this in a meme, and you who is reading this, I would like to know how it all started in your life, will you please share that with me? Amit, Krunal, Anita, Sagarika, Arwa, Isabella,Path Untaken, EFRUTIK , Sandra, Tiffany, Angela... any of you would like to take it up, tell me how?

Ok rules…

1. Say why you made your blog and if you expected it to be popular at all.

2. State the exact date you started your blog.

3. Nominate 5 loyal followers!

Ohh yes and if you are doing this meme, You can select one award as it was originally meant to or you also can be like me, picking up both of them... :o)


Invader_Stu said...

I just remember I wanted to do something on the internet but I didn't know what. Then I discovered blogging through a friend. First it was just as a ready and then I realized I had a lot of bizarre stories I could tell about my life in Holland so I started writing myself.

Anonymous said...

Interesting tag to do n will definitely do it. I know my answers but the problem is when I will get a time to do this tag.


Very interesting blog indeed. Makes me help realize why I started blogging.

When I come to think of it, I was principally inspired by my icon, AB, who had started blogging just then. Secondly, I was inspired by an ex-colleague from Torrent named Dipta who always used to urge me to blog. She is a fantastic blogger herself.

I wrote my first blog on 22nd June 2009.

I am not sure if I have 5 followers. :) But if I go by the number of responses I get, I think Yourself, Nithya, Dharmendra, Pritesh and Hetal are the loyal followers that I have had so far.


sm said...

just remembered
how i started blogging , for my blogging there were many reasons
and one of the reason was urge to share

Anita said...

I was bored at work. That's why I started blogging !! Thanks for mentionning my name. I will be posting about it next week, cause this week YOU are the star !

Pres├ępio no Canal said...

Hallo Lopa :-)

Thank so much for your award ;-) I started blogging for the same reasons as you. No family or friends here...a great wish of sharing so many experiences and learnings. ;-)
This weekend I will do a post about your friendly award.:-)
Now, only to send you a quick (but very friendly) Ola ;-)

~ Lopa said...

@ Invader_Stu 

And since then you are doing an extra-ordinary job at Blogging. I love the "avatar" you have created for yourself and your gf, if i had come through your blog earlier i would have loved something like that for myself...hehe

~ Lopa said...

@ krunalc 

hehehe i totally understand, take your time..whenever you do, it will be interesting to read :o)

~ Lopa said...


Very honest !
So now i know how inspired you are over-all by AB, first the french-cut then the blogging ! hehe
Ok so we started Blogging almost around same time, a few days here and there :o) So congrats as yours will be completing one year too very soon :o)

~ Lopa said...

@ sm 

I think we all bloggers have that very same reasons, urge to share :o)
So what are the other reasons, if you would like to share, i would love to hear about it... it's interesting to know how different people end up doing similar thing with different reasoning behind it ! ;o)

~ Lopa said...

@ Anita 

hehe... well now that you say it i remember that's one of my reasons too... current busy schedule at work made me miss that one, but that doesn't mean i am not bored at work anymore... hehe
Yes I am so so looking fwd to your today's post...yeyyy :o)

~ Lopa said...

@ Pres├ępio no Canal 

Hey Sandra, It will be nice reading your take on the subject... we all have some similar reasons which led us to do something similar, to explore Blogosphere ! :o)
Ola & Beijinhos :o)

A Touch of Dutch said...

Thank you! And it's great learning more about you both here & also at Anita's blog today :-) I'll be doing my meme soon. I'll keep you posted!

EfruTik said...

Lopa, sweetie thank you so much for the award. I happilly accept it with honor. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! I am glad you started blogging at all, it's very interesting to read what you have to say :) Also, I will like Anita blog about your award next week as this week is all yours!!!!



P.s I have only 4 followers, hihihi, so I will definitely share this blog with people whose blogs I just read continuously anyways.

Life Begins said...

Very nice !!

Ya its so true - all of us have a reason behind entering blogosphere yet we end up doing the same :)
i really don't remember why i started bloggin - I have been writing diaries(paper notebook) for years..atleast for 10 yrs now. Blogging started around 6-7 yrs ago. But getting socially involved through blogging is not too old...perhaps 3-4 yrs only that too on a restricted and very irregular basis. So if we consider all this - I am a NEW blogger :)

Orangesplaash said...

Hey Lopa, Thats so sweet of you. Thanks so much for this and I will surely do my post sometimes next week.
For now, wish you a great week end ahead

~ Lopa said...

@ A Touch of Dutch 

Thanks Isabella,
I look fwd to read about your blog journey :o)

~ Lopa said...

@ EfruTik 

Thanks sweets :o)
By the way it's not about number of followers one have, it's about loyal followers. We might have 1000, but if most of them would be only in number wouldn't we wish there were few but ones we really connect with than mere a number ! :o)

~ Lopa said...

@ Life Begins 
Thanks Bharti,
It's nice to see you here.
It's same for me, i wrote diaries since i was a kid and when i stopped, soon i was here on blogs :o)

~ Lopa said...

@ Orangesplaash 

Thanks Arwa, i look fwd to read more from you :o)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Lopa! So sorry it took me so long to get to this! Just got caught up on all the blogs I was behind on. I'll do it once I'm done my Dutch Election series :)

A Touch of Dutch said...

Thank you so much :-) I appreciate what all you share on your blog as well, information and tips which are very helpful, and it's always great to read what you have to share! I posted my answers up on my blog today. I wish you a wonderful week!

~ Lopa said...

@ American Cloggie

And today is Dutch election.... looking fwd to read from you :o)

~ Lopa said...

@ A Touch of Dutch

That's so true....thanks for doing this...i will check it out right away :o)

Anonymous said...

I finally got the post up last night! Sheesh I'm really behind! Hoping to get to a "what happens now" post today... we'll see ;)

Hetal said...

Nice post lops...well who will know when i started my blogging better other than you :) part of my new year resolution I decided to pen down my travel experiences in form of blog., other than my new year resolution other motive was through writing I wanted to improve my writing skills in English language.. do you remember how i shared my first write up with you and how you motivated me to continue writing... it was Jnuary 24th , 2010 I published my first post.. :) always gave me construtive feedback...expecting same in future as well girl. Other than you Dhara, Rajesh, Uday, Tushar all these friends follow my blogs and motivate me to continue this blogging activity further... thanks to all of you guys n gals..

thamarai said...

woow! slow headed me..I am seeing this now..:) Thanks a ton Lopa! I boost for m to get up and blog more! :)

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