Thursday, May 27, 2010

My Interview by Anita from Greetings from Holland

Anita is one of those first NL bloggers i started reading after moving to NL. She is originally Brazilian but now settled here in Netherlands with Dutch husband and kids.
When she asked me to do an interview for her Blog, it was really a honour. Thank you so much for that Anita :o)

She told me i can write as much as i want and as many of you know me how bad i am at short post i did write as much as it came to my mind at that moment.
I had given her a free hand to edit / cut whatever she wants but appears she didn't, so now bear with it guys ... may be a longest post on her blog ! haha
But then that is how I am, ain't i? Non-stop and un-edited :o)

You can check it out HERE.

Thanks once again for the interview on your Blog Anita.


Anonymous said...

I think you hv done good job as interviewee. You should feel good for yourself as now ppl asking you for interviews. Definitely kind of achievement:)

Deepti said...

Nice one! liked specially your wedding & reception pics. All those places make me want to visit India as a tourist! :)

S.A.L. said...

Nice to know you more. Glad to see some of your wedding pics! :D

Life Begins said...

That was a very lovely post to read !
Nice to know more about u.. Hope to meet you sometime - which might have already unknowingly happened before :)

sagarika said...

heyyy nice interview lopa...Love the pics..u make a beautiful bride the mehindi u had...only gd thing about marriage is the celebrations...:)...btw thanks for the tag..shall do it soon.

sm said...

thanks for the link
now going to read the interview.

Hetal said...

Lops...nice post.. liked that mehndi photo :) sorry am not able to follow your blog regularly due to overload of work..but hope I will be regular soon :)...keep up good work...

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