Monday, February 11, 2013

Lil Bun's Diary # 2, Being Naughty !

There is no formula or date on how and when these little bunnies become little monkeys.

I had a surprise in store this weekend, a shock that this little man can think ahead and can infer the implications.

Our lil Bun has always been fond of greens, not to eat but to hold, break and play with. When he was a little baby, he will be fascinated with plants and leaves and will try to catch it every time we pass by with him in hand.

Now he runs in his walker and crawls on his legs/ feet, he got more freedom to explore so what else can he ask for!

Yesterday i was in the kitchen and as i needed to do something, i put him in his walker for those few minutes. Then suddenly i notice there is no running around, crashing in furniture sound. Everything went quiet (like in those suspense movies before a big wooooosh).

I called his name and no response. 
I walk out of kitchen looking for him and what do i see, he is hiding in a passage. As I walk further near to him I see he is actually eating a leave from the plant standing there quietly. 

Me: Hey what are you doing here??? 

He looks up at me, a naughty smile appears on his face and next moment he starts running... not towards me but in the opposite direction so that mummy can't catch him!

I was amazed, surprised, puzzled all at the same time! 

How did he know that he can hide and do things we say not to do?

When i approached he inferred that he needs to run away if he wanted to keep eating that leaf in his hand!

And he didn't forget to pass me on that heart-melting sweet naughty smile, after which mummy can only smile and can't be angry on lil Bun!

Ohh boy!

My lil Bun is growing and growing naughtier!

Lil Bun is now 8 and 1/2 months old.


Prasanna Rao said...

My Daughter is 10-months old and she's in a similar phase.. She has started teething and now stands without support. They grow up very fast, dont they ?

Unknown said...

When we there is immediate silence in the house, they must be doing something naughty.... :)

~ Lopa said...


They absolutely do. Good for us to lose that pregnancy weight ;)
Thanks for dropping by and commenting :)

~ Lopa said...

Yes figuring out that now, silence means lil guy is at his best and mummy have to start looking for him...hehe

sagarika said...

awww such a cute kid...lovely to read your stories Lopa..Would like to hear your experience during pregnancy.that will be interesting (might be useful for me in future hehe :)

Me! In words said...

that is so sweet... when my little one first learnt to walk she used to play hide and seek with us not knowing that it was the game she had in mind. One minute you see her and the next minute you don't. She would be standing ramrod straight behind the curtain or in some place you couldn't see her and would not budge even if we were screaming our lungs out.. I was even once on the verge of tears. But then like you said.. that heart warming smile comes through and for that moment all is forgotten.

~ Lopa said...

@ sagarika,

Aaah aaah, i smell something... so is there some news on the way covered up in future bracket ;-)

Pregnancy feels like ages ago with this kid in hand, lol
I did try to write a few posts but i think they were not exactly what you go through while pregnant kind of posts.
Let me see, if i can. Currently all on my mind is lil Bun and that reflects on my posts ! :-)

~ Lopa said...

@ Me! In words,

Het thanks for dropping by :-)

I think hide n sick, peekaboo are kid's fav. My lil one loves it.
When we went my parents, he was just 6 months old and still he will run his walker to nearest curtains and will hide himself and will expect us to look for him. At times he just plays peekaboo with himself, hiding then peeking and smiling / laughing at us.
It is great to be a kid, you don't need reason to be happy or to smile ! :-) Wish we all can be like that !

sagarika said...

haha no news hidden but of course the pressure to tell the news is from all directions :)..just want to hear the good and the hard side of pregnancy.Last yr was a dragon yr in Singapore so lot of pregnant ladies around. I still panic at the site of a pregnant lady walking.hats off she can walk with such huge stomach hehe..:)

Cuckoo said...

Ah! That silence :) my 4 yr old is just outgrowing that phase....waiting for my 3 month old to grow into it :)

Needless to say, pls keep dangerous plants out of LB's way. God bless!


~ Lopa said...


ha ha i know that pressure... until you get marry it is to get married and as soon as you are married it is to produce next generation... lol. That is how it works in Indian culture ;)

Ya i came to know that too about Dragon year, we didn't plan for it though...but when came to know about it later, thought well that's good

Don't worry about huge bellies, it doesn't happen over the night so you get time to get accustomed with the same ;)

~ Lopa said...


I have to be so careful with one, then i can imagine how much busy you must be managing your two Meera !
No poisonous, dangerous plants in house for sure !

Aparna said...

Ah that smile, believe me - it's going to get him out of even more naughty situations in the future ;)

~ Lopa said...


haha, think so... They are smart, aren't they! ;)

Thanks for dropping by :-)

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